The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs
The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs Chapter 5.4

Xia Fan also brought back surprising news, the one who entrusted Wang Rui with the investigation of Li Hai’s love affair was actually Liao Xiaoyu.

Xia Fan checked Liao Xiaoyu’s account and found that she had transferred money to an account for three months in a row, the same account that Wang Rui used to blackmail Li Hai to demand money.

The mistress investigating her golden master’s affair? This is really unusual.

Han Zecheng fell into deep thought, he looked through the records to have a look and found that Liao Xiaoyu investigated Li Hai two years ago. It was around the same time Dr. Cheng said that Liao Xiaoqing told her about falling in love, and that is when Dr. Cheng asked Liao Xiaoyu if she knew that her sister had a boyfriend.

So Liao Xiaoyu sought a private detective to investigate Li Hai and her own sister. A well-known entrepreneur not only cheating on his wife, but also fooling around with his mistress’s sister.

This is indeed quite the scandal.

If Wang Rui’s investigation also included some indecent photos, it would be even more explosive.

“I think the sister is more suspicious.”

Xia Fan shared her opinion.

“Liao Xiaoqing killed Wang Rui, so one is dead while the other is put in jail, that’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

“I think the sister is more suspicious.”

Wang Rui was blackmailing Li Hai and Liao Xiaoyu was ruining her relationship with Li Hai and was even dreaming of marrying him.

Liao Xiaoqing feared that he will breakup with her and if their affair is exposed she was also afraid that she would not be able to stop him from getting together with Liao Xiaoyu.

These were her reasons for making her own sister kill Wang Rui.

So then she really chose to use hypnosis on her defenseless sister!

But Liao Xiaoyu only has a high school degree; hypnosis should be too difficult for her. Is it possible that that Dr. Cheng is really her accomplice?

On this speculation, Li Hong will and Mo Yun had to disagree, they feel that Li Hai is more capable of committing such a crime, to put Wang Rui down, and to find someone to hypnotize Liao Xiaoyu, that person’s control ability should be first-class.

The three of them discussed with great enthusiasm, while Han Zecheng sat by the side of the computer without making a sound, before suddenly saying:

“I was thinking we have two sisters wanting the same man, there is a black market private detective blackmailing the man for money, plus the original wife can also be involved. Now we can that there is actually three women, yet we don’t know around which one Li Hai was most comfortable, who did he really like? It really is not simple.”

Everyone was stunned, Han Zecheng tapped on the computer screen, the web page showed Li Hai and Yang Shufang interviewed photos, he said:

“Three women leading the same drama, let’s help them set up the stage and see what Li Hai has to say.”

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