The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 17

Chapter 17 : In Pursuit of The Wolf Witch Part 7


“Umm… I’m sure Dietrich-sama will look good with a prettier woman.”

“I don’t want to marry anyone else but Melodia.”


Does this fluffy thing doesn’t know any other woman but me? And why would he declare such a thing in front of His Majesty?

“Umm… Dietrich-sama, why do you say that only me… Umm… How should I say it….”

I tried to find the right words but it just felt weird to say it myself. 

“Melodia, what is it?”

“No, I mean…..”

“You want to know why Dietrich is so fixated on you, right?”

His Majesty took the words out of my mouth. I had been wondering why he was so fixated on me but I couldn’t ask him that myself because it was too embarrassing for me to do.

“Dietrich, was it love at first sight?”

“No! It wasn’t love at first sight!”

“Huh? Dietrich-sama, I thought you said you wanted to marry me because I said something interesting?”

“That’s not true either!”

This fluffy thing. Just what part of me that made him fall in love with me? What a mystery. 

However, I knew I was the one who brought this topic up but I wished they’d stop talking about it. This topic made me feel so embarrassed. Though, contrary to my wish, His Majesty seemed so enthusiastic about this topic. He kept on pursuing this subject. 

“So when did you fall in love with Melodia-sama?”

“We met when we were children. Melodia was the one who proposed to me at that time.”


I’ve met with Dietrich-sama before? Maybe it was when I was still too young to remember?

“Di-Did I really say something like that?”

“You did. It was a very passionate proposal.”


Unbelievable. I can’t believe I’d say something like that. Besides, I have absolutely no recollection about it. 

“If you can’t remember then it’s fine.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

He gave up on pursuing the subject even further. I was glad for that but at the same time, I could feel this slight tinge of pain in my chest. But this was the right thing to do. It’d be better if the two of us went our separate ways. But of course, Dietrich-sama then said something unexpected. 

“I only need to make sure Melodia will fall madly in love with me from now on.”

“Ooh, Dietrich! Good! You need to keep on going strong!”


I really couldn’t understand how he could steer the wheel so abruptly into that direction. Also, His Majesty was supporting Dietrich-sama too….

How did things end up in this way?

I thought to myself. I was really at my wits’ end. 

“Somehow, I’m feeling relieved about a lot of things. Melodia-sama, I’ll be leaving Dietrich in your care from now on.”

“No, it’s impossi-……..”

When I was about to refuse, His Majesty’s eyes suddenly lit up as he glared at me. This must be the infamous glare that earned him the nickname ‘Freezing King’. 

“I mean, I understand.”

After our conversation reached its end, the tea party hosted by His Majesty also came to an end. We took the carriage again to return home. 

“Melodia, I’m sorry about today.”

“What are you apologizing for, Dietrich-sama?”

“For telling my uncle about a lot of things…”

“I don’t mind though.”

More than that, I was more surprised that the infamously ruthless ‘Freezing King’ was actually really open-minded and tended to do as he pleased. I really could see the blood connection between His Majesty and Dietrich-sama. 

“It was fun and cheery. I also got to hear the truth about my parents’ incident.”

“I… See…”

“When we returned to Fenrir’s residence, would you like to check on my late parents’ belongings?”

“Is it really alright? They’re the memento of your late parents, right?”


“Then, please and thank you.”

By the time we came home, the sun was already setting down. I took Dietrich-sama to my room and showed him my parents’ belongings. 

“These are-”

I was about to open the bags when my vision suddenly went fuzzy. I rubbed my eyes, trying to clear my vision but I felt suffocated instead. 

“Melodia, what’s wrong?”

This… Was the usual seizure. I had completely forgotten about it. I tried to scream but I couldn’t let any sound out, I was suffocating. 

“HAH…. HAH…. HAH…!”

The bag I had been holding on dropped to the floor. I fell on my knees on the floor, trying to bear the pain. 

“Melodia! I will call the doctor! Wait here-”

“Dietrich-sama… Do-Don’t…..”

“What do you mean don’t?! I will get a doctor for you right away!”

“Stay… With me… Please….”

Now, I was starting to lose my consciousness. My transformation into a wolf was about to start. 


These were my memories as a child. 

── Father, mother, please tell me a story before I go to sleep!

──Melodia, what kind of story do you want to hear today?

──The story about the big wolf!

──Melodia, you really like that story, huh. 

My parents would tell me bedtime stories. 

A long, long time ago. There was a village of wolves. There were many wolves living there. The big white wolf ruled this wolf village. The white wolf didn’t only rule the village but he also protected the village from the attack of the wicked evil witch. One day, the evil witch came to kidnap the villager. The white wolf then used a miraculous light magic to drive the witch away. The witch perished and the wolf village was peaceful again. It was a happy, happy ending──



I saw my parents in my dream. I was surrounded with love, tucked in my warm bed while my parents told me bedtime stories as they stayed beside me.

Feeling the same warmth I used to feel back then, I slowly opened my eyes. Before my eyes, there was a pure white bed. The sheet felt nice to touch and so, I snuggled into it. As I snuggled even deeper into the bed, I heard a voice from somewhere. 


And then, my consciousness instantly cleared up. My sleepiness completely flew away. 


The thing I saw, it wasn’t a bed. It was Dietrich-sama. 


I couldn’t speak when I was in my wolf form. Even though I was feeling confused, I couldn’t let any words out. 

“Melodia, calm down.”


Why is Dietrich-sama so calm?? I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. 

“I had completely forgotten about the things my father had told me before but now I remember, ten years ago, my father had told me something about Lou Garou.”


“When my father would often meet up with the Lou Garou couple, the couple would tell us about their cute little daughter.”

Apparently, I had met with Dietrich-sama’s father before. I didn’t remember anything about it all. 

“You must be hungry, right? Do you want to have dinner?”

It turned out a meal had already been prepared for me. Dietrich-sama bit the cloth in his mouth and pulled them away, revealing a basket filled with sandwiches and skewered meat to me. But my heart already felt so full and I felt like I couldn’t eat anything for now. I shook my head, refusing to eat. 

“I see…. Then you can eat them when you feel like it. You must be feeling very tired right now after all those things that have happened today. Let’s get some rest now. We will talk tomorrow.”

With that being said, Dietrich-sama left the room. 

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