The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 3 Part 2

Chapter 3: I Never Heard Anything About Being Wolf Beastman! Part 2


Captain Millie owned a one-story house in the middle of the Royal Capital’s residential area. There were lovely flowers planted in the garden and the foyer was decorated with flower-patterned carpet. She lived in an adorable and sweet house that didn’t match her dignified impression. 

“I’m going to wipe your feet first.”

Captain Millie said that to me before she tenderly wiped my muddy feet.

“Your body is not that dirty, huh.”

I had fallen asleep on top of my knight’s uniform. Maybe that was why my body was not covered in mud. 

Captain Millie turned on the light. The tablecloth in the living room was in a flower pattern too. There were some flowers in a vase and some bread in a basket. 

“I thought you were a black dog but turns out you’re a dog with purple fur.”


I usually had light purple hair colour but when I became a dog, it seemed my fur became deep purple instead. 

“I’m going to cook some meat for you. Wait for it, okay?”


I barked excitedly and in return, Captain Millie showed me a smile so beautiful that reminded me of a blooming flower. I was certain Captain Millie was an animal lover. Maybe that was why she reached her hand out to Crow as well. 

I followed Captain Millie to the kitchen and waited for her to cook the meat with my tail still wagging excitedly along the way. 

“You look clean and you smell good too. You must’ve belonged to a noble family.”


No,no. You’re wrong. I’m sure a noble’s dog actually has a better life than me. Ah, thinking about that kind of stuff makes me sad. 

However, my depressed feeling didn’t last long. All of the negative emotions in me got blown away along with Captain Millie’s next words. 

“Here, your meat is done.”


The meat placed on the plate was cooked perfectly. The burnt colour was just right. Just by looking at it, everyone could know she used good quality meat. 

This morning, Captain Millie did say she was going to treat me to some meat. Who would’ve thought that offer would come true when I was in this form. I stared at the meat with drools hanging from the corner of my mouth. 

“Go ahead, dig it up.”

I took up her offer gratefully and bit into the meat with all my might. 

“No need to rush. The meat won’t run away. Be careful so you won’t choke.”


The meat was so tender and juicy. Captain Millie didn’t put any seasoning but it tasted incredibly good. I huffed and puffed because of how hot the meat was. I didn’t bother to wait until the meat cooled down before I munched into it after all. 


When I heard Captain Millie’s laugh, I immediately returned to my senses. Before I realized it, I had already licked the plate clean. My action was simply too much, I felt ashamed for myself. 

Feeling embarrassed, I tried to hide under a chair but failed miserably because of my size. It seemed I was a large-breed dog.

Just how come I end up like this?!

I screamed in my heart. 

After that, Captain Millie played fetch with me in her garden at night. She even apologized to me for not being able to take me for a walk because she didn’t have any leash for me. 

“Woof, woof.”

I was stuck in a trance. Whenever Captain Millie threw the ball, I’d immediately run after it. 

Playing fetch is so much fun!

I never had this much fun when I played with a ball before. It seemed I had completely turned into a dog, both physically and mentally. 

After playing fetch, Captain Millie went on and gave me a bath. She even washed me with a soap that smelled so good. The scent of the rose slowly permeated in the air. Could this be the rose scented soap that was popular amongst the noblewoman? 

The scent of the rose seeped into my body, making me feel so good. Captain Millie then thoroughly wiped me dry and to top it all off, she even brushed my fur. Her treatment left nothing to be desired. 

“Okay, let’s go to sleep.”

Captain Millie said that and brought me to the bedroom. I was about to curl up on the floor but she beckoned for me to come to her instead. 

“The floor is cold. You can sleep with me, I don’t mind.”


Once again, I took advantage of Captain Millie’s good will. I jumped onto her bed and slept beside her. Captain Millie’s bed felt warm. It was the warmth of another human’s contact that I hadn’t felt for a good amount of time. 

Why did I become a dog? The anxiety, akin to a black mud, began to spread through my heart. Flowing like mud. Has my life as a human come to an end today? 

I was about to be drowning in anxiety when Captain Millie suddenly stroked my head and said. 

“Don’t worry. If we can’t find your owner, I will take you in.”


The moment I heard those words, the depressing, gloomy feeling in my heart faded away. It was as if a single ray of sunshine was shining through the cloudy sky. That was the kind of feeling I was experiencing right now. 

“You better get some rest now.”


From now on, I’m going to become Captain Millie’s dog. 

With that kind of thinking in my mind, I fell asleep. I fell into slumber, surrounded by the warmth of other people, something that I hadn’t felt for a long time already. Whatever was going to happen tomorrow, I’d just think about it tomorrow. For now, I will just go to sleep peacefully. 


  1. Sekstifire has spoken 1 year ago

    This feels like the start of a Yuri novel 😅

  2. gluttonidiot has spoken 2 years ago

    no i can not bear the embarrassment

    • luukia has spoken 2 years ago

      The way our MC so ready to accept her fate as a dog is also so… (ಥ﹏ಥ)


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