The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Last Battle Part 6


The morning of the expedition to defeat the Wolf Witch would begin tomorrow. The only women who were participating in this expedition were me and Captain Millie. We had been ordered by Dietrich-sama to always mobilize together at all times. Of course I’d be sharing the tent with Captain Millie at night too. 

This morning, I was awakened by the sound of the curtain opening courtesy of Ruri-san. 

“Good morning. 

“Good morning, Melodia-sama.”

As usual, she offered me a strong cup of black tea. My eyes were completely awakened thanks to that tea. After that, she helped me in getting ready for the day but today, instead of wearing a dress, I was donned in Fenrir Knight’s uniform. 

The uniform consisted of white stand-up collar jacket and skirt that reached to my ankle. On my chest, there was the embroidery of the Fenrir family’s crest. The uniform was already prepared beforehand for me but I never got the chance to actually wear it. Then there was a white mantle draped over my shoulder with an amulet forged in the shape of a holy mark on the left and right side of the mantle. Ruri-san put on make-up on me and pulled my hair in a high ponytail. With this, I was all set up for the expedition.

“Ruri-san, thank you.”

“It is nothing to be thankful about.”

This was also part of our usual conversation. I hoped today wouldn’t be our last. But… No one knew what the future held so that was why I thanked her.

“Umm… Ruri-san, thank you for all your help until today. For giving me tea every morning, for your good sense of fashion as you dressed me and…. For washing my body and… Combed me.”

“May I ask why you said this all of a sudden?”

“I’m going to the Man-Eating Forest today so I just want to thank you in advance.”

Today too, Ruri-san’s expression didn’t falter even for a twitch. I thought we were going to say our goodbye just like this but apparently I was wrong. Ruri-san pulled something out of the pocket of her livery. It was a green velvet ribbon.

“Melodia-sama, here.”

“Are you giving this to me?”

“Yes. I made this using green cloth with the same hue as your green eyes.”

“It’s handmade! Wow, amazing!”

The ribbon I received felt good to touch and it looked like it was intricately made. The quality of this ribbon was not inferior to those ribbons that people sold.

“Is it really alright for me to receive this?”

“Yes. I made it while praying for Melodia-sama’s safety.”

“Thank you.”

How curious. I always thought Ruri-san was the type that wouldn’t be bothered by anything that was unrelated to her and that she would continue her job nonchalantly without having emotional attachment. I couldn’t believe she’d be so worried about me and made this ribbon while thinking of me…

“I’m so happy.”

I tried to tie the ribbon onto my hair myself but I wasn’t very good at it. In the end, Ruri-san tied it up cutely for me. I went to the full-length mirror and checked the ribbon that was tied behind me. 

“Does it suit your taste?”

The green ribbon was swaying in my high ponytail.

“So cute. Ah, I mean the ribbon.”

Flustered, I immediately corrected my statement. Looking at me acting like that, I could see Ruri-san pursing her lips. Could it be, she was holding herself back from laughing? 

“Ruri-san, after I return from the expedition, let’s go to the city for a tea. There’s a place I’m interested in.”

“Me and Melodia-sama?”


Ruri-san looked puzzled but after I repeated my request once again, she smiled. Up until now, I never really went out in the city for leisure before but I was sure I’d be able to find more spare time after all of this. 

“Well then, I’ll be looking forward to it!”

“Yes, me too.”

I had something to look forward to when I returned. 

The people from the Royal Knight were gathering in the Fenrir family’s reception hall. There must be about a hundred knights gathered here. Dietrich-sama had said that we’d need at least 50 people but he was worried we wouldn’t be able to gather that much but it turned out, we were able to gather a lot more than just 50 knights. 

The number was narrowed down to only 100 knights. Only the elite of the elite in the knight squad was picked. Up until today, every knight had been training diligently from morning to evening. 

On the chest of the knight that joined this ‘Operation: Exterminate the Wolf Witch’ there was an amulet forged in the shape of the holy mark. This amulet didn’t only serve as protection against the curse but also as proof of our unity. 

Dietrich-sama finally arrived at the hall. He was clad in silver armor and a fluttering blue mantle in the same hue as the clear blue sky. With his sword affixed on his hip, he looked like the holy knight from a fairytale. 

He drew his sword out, about to start his speech for the knight. 

“To all of the brave knights here, I thank you and I wish for all of you to lend me your strength in ending this one thousand years war.”

In response to Dietrich-sama’s words, the knight put their hand on their chest. The expedition to the Man-Eating Forest was starting now.

Dietrich-sama was leading us while straddling on his mare. The sight of a knight clad in white armor riding a white horse was really picturesque. I lent Crow to Gilbert-sama and he really didn’t just run wildly on his own. Crow was properly matching his pace with everyone else. As for me, I was riding on the carriage and guarding our luggage. Captain Millie and my former coworker were following us from behind the carriage. 

“Everyone ready? Let’s go!”

The servants of the Fenrir family and other people related to the Royal Knight saw us off as we departed. 

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