The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Sudden Marriage Proposal – Part 1 


When I was about to be transferred, I received a parting gift from Captain Millie. It was Crow, the war horse that the knight had trouble taking care of. 

“I received such an incredible parting gift…”

Crow gave me a sidelong glance and let out a short ‘hiin’. The training I had done with him had made him somewhat ride-able but still, it was only limited if I was the one who mounted him. Because of that, Crow became my exclusive horse. 

“Well, I never thought I’d be able to have a horse of my own in this lifetime so I guess I’m lucky to gain an asset like him.”


I straddled Crow and went to the First Cavalry Division barrack, the place where Fenrir Knight was stationed. My new place,the knight’s station, was located in the suburbs, about one hour from the royal capital. It seemed the knight’s station was located at the same ground as Duke Fenrir’s residence. 

To my surprise, the knight’s dormitory was also located at the same ground and I’d be living there from now on. I already sent my belongings ahead of time there so I didn’t need to bring anything but myself and Crow there. 

But still, I was feeling terribly nervous. I had heard that the First Cavalry Division of Fenrir Knight was an elite squad. I felt especially honored since apparently I was the first knight transferred from the Royal Knight to Fenrir Knight. I had to act carefully so I wouldn’t make any blunder. 

I ran through the forest while riding on Crow. He was running a little recklessly but aside from adjusting his running speed, Crow actually listened to me well. The weather had been fine and the sky was clear but gradually, my surroundings started becoming foggy. I wondered if I was going in the right direction or not. The anxiety started creeping up my spine a little bit. The fog was so thick that I lost my sense of direction.

While still running with Crow, I took out my compass and used it as I continued my journey. 


Suddenly, the fog cleared. I was welcomed by the sight of a clear blue sky. Gradually, a big silhouette was coming into my sight. It was a beautiful white mansion with two spires. The building was so beautiful that anyone could easily mistook it as a castle. The mansion was also surrounded by high walls. I was told it’d take one hour to go to the Duke Fenrir’s residence by carriage but I only needed half an hour to reach here with Crow. It must be due to Crow running wildly at full speed that I was able to arrive ahead of time.

In front of the wrought iron gate that was equipped with sharp tips that resembled a spear, there stood a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper stood there without moving even an inch. His posture was so immaculate that one would mistook him as a statue. 

I got down from Crow and cautiously approached the gatekeeper and showed him the document of transfer. After he confirmed the content of the document, he quickly opened the gate for me. The iron gate must be very well maintained because I didn’t hear a single sound coming from it.

The gatekeeper said he’d take care of Crow for me and I immediately became worried when I heard it but then the gatekeeper held out sugar cubes in front of Crow. Crow then happily went along with the gatekeeper. I finally felt relieved in that instant. 

Passing through the gate, I saw a red brick lodge that the gatekeeper used as his resting place. Beyond that point, a beautiful garden could be seen before me. The first thing that caught my eyes was the rose garden. The deep fragrance of the roses quickly encapsulated me.  The big roses were in full bloom, just looking at them made me feel more graceful. 

Beside the rose garden, there was a greenhouse made from glass, a water fountain in the plaza and arrays of seasonal flowers. No matter which way I looked, this scenery before me couldn’t be described as anything but beautiful. 


I spotted my parents’ favorite flower, daffodil, and quickly rushed to it. It was not daffodil season yet so they were not in bloom. While I was enraptured by the daffodil, I then spotted something white and fluffy in the peripheral of my vision. 


I stood up to check but I didn’t see the fluffy thing anywhere. I was really sure I saw something white and fluffy but maybe I was mistaken.

I turned on my heels but I was still feeling curious so I looked back again and there, I saw a white afterimage jumping, hiding behind a tree. 

I knew it, there’s something here. 

Pretending to remain oblivious, I turned on my heels again and began walking. As I focused my senses and hearing, I realized something was following me from behind. When I quickened or slowed my pace, that white thing also did the same. 

But still, just what is the thing that has been following me?

I knew it wasn’t a monster or anything bearing malice towards me though. Gradually, the distance between us became shorter and so I decided to look back again. Then, I saw a big, pure white dog before me. 


Those adorable ears, that long snout, slanted blue eyes, fluffy white fur and most of all… That lovely figure. This dog looked exactly like my old dog, Fulmoff. 


It had been a long time since I last called out his name outright. I quickly ran to him. He looked a bit bigger than I expected but I didn’t care. I hugged him tight and buried myself between his fluffy fur. That small and trembling Fulmoff had grown this big. The feeling of pure happiness welled up in me. 

“Fulmoff! Fulmoff! I- I will never leave your side anymore!”

Fulmoff remained still as I hugged him. I knew it, this was Fulmoff, I wasn’t mistaken. 

“My Fulmoff! I’ve missed you so much!”

“Oh? This is the first time I ever received such a passionate greeting.”


Hearing the voice of a man, I quickly separated myself from Fulmoff and looked at my surroundings but I didn’t see anyone else. Only Fulmoff and I were here. As if trying to escape from reality, I stroked Fulmoff’s head. Fulmoff then squinted his eyes, it looked like he was feeling so good. His soft and voluminous tail was also wagging from side to side. 

“I must be hearing things.”

“What do you mean?”

When I was speaking to myself, I heard someone answering. The one speaking must be Fulmoff. It was hard to believe but I just couldn’t stop myself from stroking Fulmoff. Really, stroking Fulmoff was an escape mechanism from reality for me. 

“Don’t you feel afraid of me?”


“A dog that’s 1,8 meter long is not normal, right?”

“No, I’m not afraid of you at all.”

I didn’t feel any fear because I thought he was Fulmoff but if he was just some strange, unknown dog, I wouldn’t have approached him. 

“Umm… So… You’re not Fulmoff, are you?”

“If you want to call me Fulmoff, you may do so as you please.”


Which meant, he was not Fulmoff. Although the resemblance was uncanny, he was someone else’s dog. I timidly stared at his blue eyes. Certainly, I could see he was a being with intelligence, not just an ordinary dog.  He must be a beastman, just like me. Just to be sure, I confirmed that fact to him. 

“Umm… Since you can speak, that means you’re a beastman, right?”

“That’s right.”

In that instant, I could feel my face grow hotter. I… Toward a stranger and a male one on top of that, I had hugged him the moment I saw him. 

“I-I’m so sorry! I-”

“Fu~ What an interesting girl.”

Of course. A woman who suddenly hugged you out of the blue must be a strange one. Even if he said I was ‘interesting’, I could do nothing but accept it. However… His following words after that… I definitely couldn’t accept that. 

“ I will take you as my bride.”


T/N: The first person to ever show any interest in her is a dog… Why is she so relatable? I only have my dogs as well (ಥ_ʖಥ)

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