The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~
The Fenrir’s Knight Unparalleled Fluffy Circumstances ~My New Boss is a Dog~ Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Sudden Marriage Proposal – Part 4 


Today, I only heard a brief explanation of the duty of the First Cavalry Unit and the countermeasures required to go against the Wolf Witch. When the sun was beginning to set, they told me that was the end of my working hour. 

“After this, you can spend the rest of your time as you please. I’ve also prepared an exclusive maid for you.”


When Dietrich-sama gave the signal, a beautiful brunette with her hair tied up in a neat dumpling knot came to us. She looked like she was in her mid 20s and gave off the impression of a cool beauty. 

“Melodia-sama, my name is Ruri. I will be at your service. Please treat me well.”


For a mere knight like me to have an exclusive maid, this kind of treatment was simply extraordinary. Having an exclusive maid was not necessary for me but somehow the situation I was in made me feel like I shouldn’t be holding back now. 

“Show Melodia to her room.”

“Understood. Melodia-sama, please come this way.”


Ruri-san walked briskly down the hallway and I trotted behind her. After walking through the soft carpeted hallway, we finally arrived at the gorgeous entrance hall. From there, I thought she’d lead me to the dormitory but I was led to the spiraling main staircase instead. We walked through another long hallway before Ruri-san stopped her track in front of a big double door. 

“Melodia-sama, this is the Master’s private room and the one next to it is Melodia-sama’s private room.”


Why is my room next to Dietrich-sama’s room?

“Are you sure you didn’t make any mistake? This is really my room?”

“Yes. I was told this is the only room available.”


It was impossible for such a big mansion to only have one vacant room. I’d be totally fine if they gave me the attic instead. 

The door was opened and Ruri-san prompted me to come in so I had no other choice but to go in. As I timidly stepped a foot into the room, I was dazzled by how gorgeous the interior of this room was. There was a sparkling chandelier, a carpet with delicate ivy design weaved into it, a beautiful and shiny round table and a couch that looked very soft. Then there was a luxurious bed with a lace canopy. 

“The adjoining room next to this is the private bathroom, the lavatory and the dressing room. The room across the hall is the library.”

“Erm… Haah….”

I was at a loss for words. This was definitely not the treatment you’d give to a mere knight like me. It was as if I had become Dietrich-sama’s fiancée for real. 

“No! It can’t be!”


I screamed out loud, being at my wits’ end. Ruri-san sent me a puzzled look but I brushed her off by saying it was nothing. 

“The bathroom is equipped with hot water. If you’d like, you can take a bath first. I can call a few maids to help if you need me to?”

“No, I don’t need it.”

I had to take a bath as soon as possible because I’d turn into a wolf at night. 

“Dinner will be brought to everyone’s room individually. I hope you will understand our circumstances.”

Was it because Dietrich-sama was a wolf? Well, I felt grateful for that though. 

“Ah, you don’t need to wait on me during dinner. I’d be happy if you’d just put the dinner on the table for me.”


I wanted to hide my wolf form from anyone as much as possible. It’d be hard to do so if Ruri-san kept sticking to me. For the time being, I decided to take a bath soon. I untied my hair and went to the bathroom next door.


The bathroom was decorated with red rose tiles. They used white marble for the flooring and there was a clawfoot tub. The hot water was white and there was this sweet fragrance coming from the water. This kind of treatment made me feel like a princess living in a castle. But, I didn’t have the luxury to get lost in trance. I had to take a bath soon before I changed into a wolf. 

I quickly washed my body and hair before I took some time to soak in the hot water. After I dried my hair, I could feel the impending usual seizures. The wolf transformation had begun. My breathing became labored and my consciousness became more hazy and hazy. I collapsed in the bathroom with a large towel wrapped around my body so I wouldn’t catch a cold. 

When I woke up, I was already in my usual wolf form. In the bathroom, there was a full-length mirror so I used it to check on my appearance.

A pair of taut ears, round green eyes, a long snout, sharp fangs and a long thick tail. Completed with the dark purple fur, I undoubtedly looked like a wolf. However, unlike a wild wolf, I didn’t look ferocious at all. I looked like a dog and an adorable one at that. I couldn’t really say it outright myself but now I could understand why Captain Millie had decided to protect me. 

In the bedroom slash living room, my dinner was already prepared. I had been smelling a nice smell since a while ago and it seemed there was no sign of anyone else inside so I went out of the bathroom. 

I didn’t close the door shut, I left it slightly ajar in case I turned into a wolf. I poked the door open with my snout and I saw the round table in my room was already covered with white tablecloth. I put my paws on the table and peered into the meal that had been prepared for me. 


The glass was filled with grape juice. The appetizers included mushroom terrine and fish pie. As for the main dish, there was roast duck, shellfish gratin and carrot salad that was adorned with heaps of cheese. For dessert, there was a raspberry tart and an assortment of fruits. The round table was filled with lines of scrumptious meals. 

 I gulped down my drool. Since these meals were especially prepared for me, there shouldn’t be any problem for me to eat them all, right? But… How was I supposed to eat it? I jumped up to the chair. There was a bowl of soup in front of me but I couldn’t hold a spoon with my paws. I had to gulp it down as it was. It was bad manners to eat like that but I had no other choice. 

I wanted to offer my gratitude to God for the meal but I could only produce a ‘woof woof’ sound. Even though Dietrich-sama could speak…. Maybe being cursed into a wolf and being a wolf beastman was completely different?

The food was delicious and though it was unexpected, I somehow was able to manage. An hour later, Ruri-san called from behind the door. 

“Melodia-sama, I’ve brought some hot milk for you.”


I couldn’t speak in my wolf form. Ruri-san called out to me again but still, I couldn’t answer with anything but ‘woof’. 

“…. Then I will count to 10. I will enter the room afterwards.”

What a very reliable person.

I thanked Ruri-san in my heart and jumped to the bed and hid under the bedcover while Ruri-san counted to 10. While trying to conceal my body from sight, I peeked through the crevice to stare into the room. 

“Excuse me.”

The door was opened and Ruri-san pushed a wagon inside. The sweet scent of hot milk and baked goods waffed to my nose. Even though I had just finished my dinner, my tail still subconsciously wagged from side to side. When I transformed into a wolf, my sense of smell became so much sharper. It was troublesome because I also became a glutton. 

“Melodia-sama, I see you’ve decided to rest for today.”

Ruri-san muttered to herself. She then quickly tidied the round table up. She placed a new tablecloth and placed the drink and sweets on top of it. 

“I will clear up the cup and the other tomorrow morning.”

With that being said, Ruri-san left the room. After confirming that Ruri-san’s footsteps had sounded distant enough, I crawled out of the bed. Then I enjoyed the hot milk and the sweets that had been prepared on the round table to my heart’s content. 

The baked sweets was an apple pie made from the apple that was currently in season. The surface was coated in a glistening crispy layer. When I put it into my mouth, I could taste the crispy texture and the sweetness of the pie crust. Then the crunchiness of the apple filling came next. The texture and the combination of the pie crust and the apple filling were incredibly delicious. 

This apple pie and the hot milk went amazingly well together. The hot milk they prepared reminded me of the one my mother used to make for me. When I drank it, I could feel my heart warmed up.

After I finished my apple pie and hot milk, I became sleepy. I crawled to the bed to sleep. The bed was soft and fluffy. There was this nice fragrant wrapped around me too because they had slipped medicinal herbs under the pillow. 

Many things happened today. I felt immense joy when I saw a dog that looked like Fulmoff, I got proposed and then I received such lavish treatment from the Fenrir family. The story about the Wolf Witch sent shivers up my spine though. If the message my late parents left to me was about Wolf Witch, then that meant this case was also related to me. 

What should I do from now on?

I kept on thinking about it but I couldn’t find the answer to it. 


I yawned one last time before I fell asleep.


T/N: So no one is going to question why the ‘Fenrir’ family name is ‘Fenrir’? Isn’t that the reason why they’re tied with the Wolf Witch case? 

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