The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 11

Chapter 11: 《Count’s POV 》Bavalein’s Plan


“Fufufu~ With this, we’ve secured our next loan.”

Countess Lyran, Bavalein, snickered as she held the contract the two soldiers had brought to her. As long as she had this contract, the 『engagement』itself was practically official. Now it wouldn’t matter whatever happened to the daughter of the count’s ex-wife.

That good-for-nothing daughter, whether she’s expelled or killed by the cursed duke,none of it will pose any problem to our family. 

Rather, if she were to die in an accident or something, we could paint ourselves as 『a victim whose precious daughter was killed』. As the duke’s fiancée… No. As the future wife of the duke, she should be able to receive half of the duke’s assets as consolation money or compensation fee. 

Since they don’t have any heir yet, the distribution of the property should be split in half. Of course, that good-for-nothing daughter’s share would roll into our pocket. 

……..With that kind of thinking in her mind, this woman foolishly believed that half of the duke’s assets already belonged to her. Even though the duke was cursed, Duke Lönnrot was still the renowned 『The Patriotic Great Mage』. Excluding the king, everyone knew that the duke’s assets far towered any other family in this country. 

“With this, I can get the full set of the recommended items from my usual jeweler.”

That deep blue dragon gemstone I saw before…. 

The gemstone, which was overflowing with magical power, fascinated her almost immediately but the price of that gemstone deterred her from buying it. In the end, the stone had been brought by another noble but still…. There were still other gemstones in stock.

While Bavalein was busy counting her chickens even before they hatched with her abacus, her daughter, Sistana, came to inquire about something. 

“You know, mother. Didn’t you say you’re going to buy me a new dress after my big sister gets engaged?”

“Oh my, Sistana.”

“And so, I want to attend the dance party hosted by the marquis next week with Nador-sama!”

“Next week? I see. Then you can order whatever you want this time.”

“Whoa! Really?! Thank you, mother!”

With a spring in her steps, Sistana ran out of the room. 

“I have to hurry up and get a tailor for my dress!”

The cost of one brand new dress is still within acceptable expenses. It is my adorable daughter’s long-awaited big moment and it’s an event hosted by a high-ranking marquis family after all. There’s no need to stop her from participating. 

In the meantime, she can keep Nador as her fiancé but his womanizer nature is not a good catch. 

Nador wasn’t foolish enough to mess with a daughter from a count family but…. Countess Lyran knew there were at least… Two brothels Nador frequented.

As I thought, Sistana doesn’t know about it but it wouldn’t be bad if she can fetch a better man in that party. She’s charming and she can be both sexy and cute at times. In addition, Sistana is also good at magic. That sole fact is more than enough to give her the seat of a marquess. 

Considering all of that, the cost of my daughter’s new dress is not a wasteful expense at all. It’s an investment for a better future. 

“With this, the sooner we can get that good-for-nothing girl to die, the better…”

Bavalein muttered her real thoughts that she couldn’t bear to let anyone else know about. Suddenly, at that moment, she felt something whispering into her ear. 

“……… Yes, that’s right! If I use that girl’s necklace…. I can write her a letter to tell her to return to her parent’s house in secret…. And then that necklace will….”

Running away from the duchal household without permission = ruining our family’s reputation. With this, the curse will be activated….! 

Bavalein’s thin lips curled upward, forming into the shape of a crescent moon at the thought. She then picked up her quill pen, which she rarely used under normal circumstances.


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      IKR 😭😭 Not only they are poor, they’re also stupid…. oh wait… maybe that’s why they’re poor in the first place….


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