The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 13

Chapter 13: 《Bhadra’s POV》A Girl Named Miltia 2


When this girl was reading through the letter, she had a complicated expression on her face. As if she didn’t know if she should be feeling happy about it or hated her family for it. 

『You don’t need to follow the content of this letter. 』

“Huh? B-But, is it alright for me to ignore it…?”

『Yes. Even if you don’t follow this letter, you can still pull off a surprise! …. That’s right. Follow me. 』

The main point was the dress. As long as I had the dress in hand, it was easy for me to coax her in. Even if she didn’t return to her family house, there were plenty of dresses in the young master’s house. 

I led her to the closet of the now-deceased young master’s mother. 

『Now, choose any of the colour you like from here. 』

“Huh?! Th-these dresses are…”

『It’s alright. All of these belong to the duchal… It belongs to the young master’s mother.』

“I-I-I-I-I-I-Impossible!! I… Those dresses definitely won’t look good on me!!! T-that… There are various reasons… The size… It won’t fit me…!”

『Fret not. These dresses were made using magic silk. The size will be automatically adjusted to fit the wearer.』

In any case, we didn’t have anyone to wear these dresses anyway. Rather than leaving these dresses to rot, I’d rather dress her all pretty and cute and then charm our young master while she at it. 

Sure. Her body looked sickly thin and her short hair made her look like a boy but… She actually had a good base. A woman like her would definitely shine when we polished her a little. 

『First, try this on.』

I pulled out a rather simple light pink dress. Rather than a dress that emphasized the chest and buttocks part, I think she’d look better in a casual dress like this. 

“Huh?! S-such a beautiful dress like this…”

She had green hair and eyes. Her skin was relatively pale too. Hence why I feel like she’d give a cold impression if I gave her a blue dress. Between all of the dresses here, I think something in the shade of pink would suit her. This light pink dress looked pretty bright so I think this dress would give her a more cheerful impression. 

….. It’s definitely not because I’m an old man with an old-fashioned way of thinking. I’m definitely not thinking “if it’s a girl, a cute pinky dress is always the right choice  ♥!”.

“Come on. Hurry up and change your dress.”


Using the automaton I controlled, I pushed her into the fitting room. While she was getting dressed, I went to fetch the young master, who was probably secluding himself in his bedroom.

“Bhadra. Just what the heck is going on?”

『A change of pace and a surprise for you, young master.』

“How many times have I told you to stop calling me ‘young master’…”

『(Sshhh! Young master! Just shut up and stand over there!!)』


Lost to the intensity of my pressure, the young master only gave me a sidelong glance while standing there obediently. I then called out to Miltia in a soft, coaxing voice. 

『Miltia-sama, are you ready yet?』

“Umm… Bhadra-sama… T-this dress… Am I wearing it correctly?”

Slowly, the curtain opened, revealing the girl hidden behind it. My breath was taken away the moment I saw her figure. 

Shining after… Being polished… That’s not the right word for her. She literally shapeshifted…

While it was true this dress was made from magic silk and magic silk had the magic properties of changing according to the magic of its wearer. 

But!! I never knew it could change this much…!

There were five sakura flowers blooming on her light pink dress. The petals were short, as if it was corresponding with her short hair. In addition, there were sakura petals raining on her dress, the petals were glowing faintly while fluttering down slowly. All of these…. Could magic silk be the cause of all of these effects?

The only thing stood out like a sore thumb was that boorish necklace of hers. But even without that thing standing in our way, I still couldn’t help but to freeze and stare in shock at this girl, who had become the incarnation of sakura spirit herself. 

 “….. Beautiful….”

I finally came to my senses when I heard a sound coming from the young master’s mouth.

“Huh?! Ma-Maricle-sama?! M-my apologies!!”

“N-…No. I don’t mind. Rather, the dress looks really good on you…”

“That… I-I will take it off now….!!”

Stuck in a state of panic, the girl suddenly began to take off her dress right here and there. Realizing what she was trying to do, I immediately stopped her with what little reasoning I had left. 

『Miltia-sama… If you want to change your dress… Please do it over there…』

Or rather… Hey, young master? Don’t just turn your eyes away. I know you’re embarrassed but can’t you at least try to stop her? Huh? What? Could it be… You actually want to see her change her clothes in front of you? Hm??? 

Even when he was stuck in that appearance because of that curse, the colour of skin still changed into a slightly pinkish colour when he was feeling shy…. 

Young master….

It took me every last bit of my willpower to stop myself from teasing my young master.

『Since her clothes are too shabby, I was thinking of giving her a dress made from magic silk since then I won’t need to waste more labour in resizing it but… I guess it’ll be better if we buy new casual clothes for her to wear on a daily basis.』

“H-Huh…? Oh… Yeah.”

『Because of that, I hope you won’t mind if I make another budget proposal for it? …. Hey! Young master!』

“W-wha-… Ye-Oh-Yes. Yeah… I-I don’t mind at all.”

At last, the young master’s voice finally returned to normal. I then returned to my daily job nonchalantly.


T/N: You will notice Miltia changes the honorifics when calling Bhadra. When referring to Bhadra (man), she will use Bhadra-sama. But when it’s Bhadra (automaton) she will use Bhadra-san. Or so I guess. I’m not really sure either since the author never really explicitly explained it. 

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