The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 25

Chapter 25 : First Excursion


“This one tastes even better than before.”

“Yes! I added kelp root while making the stock for this bouillabaisse.”

I felt my heart become fraught with emotion when he praised my soup I was so proud of. In addition to shellfish, shrimp and the extract of the crab, I also added kelp while making the soup this time. The seaweed gave more depth and complexity into the stock.

It seemed like Maricle-sama was now able to create fish from the sea garden. I asked for a white fish and then a plump cod appeared from the garden. 

As I expected, the duke’s magic power was simply amazing. 

It made me happy to see people enjoying the meal I made, especially when they told me how delicious it was. When I saw Maricle-sama smiling gently at me, I couldn’t stop my facial muscles from becoming lax. 

But still… Maricle-sama is really so beautiful… It almost feels like a waste that he was born as a man… His skin is so smooth without any blemish, he has long eyelashes and his hair is glimmering so beautifully like a diamond. You could even see sparkling seven prismatic colour being reflected by his hair. He’s like the incarnation of the God of Beauty. 

….But… The very same Maricle-sama, when he’s surprised, his eyes would widen unintentionally, making him look a little bit younger than he actually is. I know it might be a discourteous thing to say to a man but this side of him… Rather than beautiful, the word ‘cute’ fits him better. 

I… I can feel my ears grow hotter from the mixture of both guilt and joy when I realise I was able to monopolise that moment all to myself…. I’m sure the colour red would be permanently plastered on my ears… 

“Which reminds me, Miltia. I’m going to visit a friend of mine tomorrow. Will you please accompany me?”

“Y-Yes… Huh?!”

I nodded without thinking but after I realised what he had asked, I immediately asked him to repeat it again. 

Maricle-sama wanted to visit one of the few friends he had. He said even after Maricle-sama’s appearance had changed because of the curse, they still often sent him letters and worried about him. 

“B-But… That… I… I never received any lady education… So I don’t know how to act like a lady in public…”

We couldn’t afford to act crude in front of such an important friend. 

“You are fine as you are.  Either way, that guy doesn’t possess the ability to care about delicate stuff.” 

Maricle-sama answered bluntly. He then turned his face away, a slight blush adorned his face. 

Since Maricle-sama himself said that, this meant the relationship between them was solid enough to not be damaged over some foul words. They must be close since they could act casually with each other. 

“Besides, I also need to take care of some things and I want to go meet with Bhadra too.”

“Meet with… Bhadra-sama?”

I tilted my head to the side and gazed at my right. On my right, there was Bhadra-sama, the automaton that had dutifully brought the food I had made for us. 

Her red eyes were flickering against her porcelain white skin. The flickering eyes gave me the impression of a mischievous kid. 

“Ahh… So Miltia doesn’t know, huh. Bhadra is the one who controls all automata here.”


I was sure that this automaton, the one who talked the most, was the head maid or something in here and since this automaton was a『doll with personality』, this particular automaton was then granted a name, which was Bhadra. But… I was actually wrong. 

『That’s true, Miltia-sama.』

Somehow when he said that, I could sense a little bit of sarcasm in his voice. 

I mean, no wonder this doll can act so human-like!

『Indeed. I’d love to meet with Miltia-sama face to face. I’d also like to add that there will be absolutely no problem if Miltia-sama comes along. This friend of Maricle-sama, he’s….. Rough. Or maybe I should say he’s very understanding. Besides, if master doesn’t bring his fiancé along, I’m sure master is going to receive a scolding later on.』


Uuuh….. I did sign the documents myself but…. Am I really the right person for this position? I’m happy but I also feel embarrassed since… The disparity between us is just too big. Maricle-sama is so beautiful, he’s good at anything and his magic is second to none.

“As for the clothes for our trip… My mother’s light pink dress will work just fine…  I think that dress is fine but shall we have new dresses prepared for you?”

“N-No?! T-that… You don’t need to bother! I’m fine! Besides, I’ve already received so many new clothes from Maricle-sama!”

“The clothes I gave you are for everyday use. They’re not meant for going out though?”

Indeed. The design of the clothes were more focused on wearability and ease of movement but still, the clothes were made from the finest fabric. I felt bad if I had to make Maricle-sama spend his money more than this on me. 

But as the fiancé of a duke, if I were to dress all shabby, I’d cause a rumour to circulate.

“Well… This time, we don’t have enough time to buy a new dress for you. Miltia, will you be willing to compromise by wearing my mother’s old dress?”


Calling it ‘compromise’ was simply preposterous. 

And so, I ended up accompanying Maricle-sama to visit his friend while wearing that light pink dress. 


T/N: Oh… So I guess Bhadra controls all automata but there’s one particular automaton that he focuses on? I guess? 

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  1. Sekstifire has spoken 2 years ago

    I could see the automata Miltia calls Bhadra San being sort of basic models and the one she calls Bhadra sama having modifications so that Bhadra can speak and emote through it.

    Depending on how they’re made and controlled it could be either wasteful to make it so all of them can talk or confusing to pick the correct one to connect to when you wanted to say something.

  2. SCARLETT has spoken 2 years ago

    I feel so much fluff reading this novel, thanks a lot Translator

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    Awww thanks for the update/translation again!!! And thanks for your hard work also! I really love this simple series-


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