The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 27

Chapter 27 : The Friendly Prince


“Ars, don’t intimidate my fiancé too much.”

Looking slightly displeased, Maricle-sama adjusted his glasses before he went to stand between me and Ars-sama. But, Ars-sama’s 100 watt smiles didn’t even falter for a bit. 

“Intimidate?! How outrageous! You’re so amazing. You’re able to break the curse that even Sheila, the saint, couldn’t do!”

“N-No… I mean… That’s… It was thanks to Maricle-sama’s help… If it were me alone… I… I couldn’t achieve such a feat all by myself…”

“Hahahahahaha! You don’t have to be so tense. But still, I’m really glad…!”

Gassshiiiii!! Gyuuuuuuuu!!!

Overwhelmed with emotions, Ars-sama hugged Maricle-sama tightly. Ars-sama’s voice even creaked a little. 

Maricle-sama’s hair was glimmering like a jewel so in my eyes it looked like the face on money was hugging a diamond….. It felt like my wallet was being blessed just by witnessing this scene unfolding before me…

“Wai- Ars… You’re strangling me! YOU’RE STRANGLING ME!!!”

“I mean… At that time, you got hit by that curse because you were shielding me from it, right? Because of that… I’ve been doing my own research on curses… So I could help you in one way or another…”

“I appreciate the thought. In the first place, a simple and straightforward person like you is simply unsuitable to break the『curse』.”

“Yeah… You’re right… Yeah, that’s right! This is so you! You’ve finally completely, wholly, perfectly, returned! I’m so glad! I’m so glad!!”

With an audible pat, Ars-sama repeatedly patted Maricle-sama’s face, trying to check on Maricle-sama.

I had heard about their relationship beforehand back in the carriage, Maricle-sama said that the person we were about to meet was 『my best friend that I’ve known since I was little that I can’t get rid of』but I never would’ve guessed Maricle-sama’s childhood friend would be renowned the face on money himself…! 

Moreover, with a slightly annoyed look on his face, Maricle-sama was trying to struggle free from Ars-sama’s excessive skinship. Ars-sama turned out to be a very high-spirited person. 

….. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about stuff like this but…. When I look at them acting like this, somehow I’m reminded of that middle-aged fisherman and a cat who’s already used to humans. An image of that uncle petting a very annoyed looking cat flashed through my mind…

Nevertheless, I guess Ars-sama and Maricle-sama must be very close. As soon as we entered the room, Maricle-sama immediately relaxed his posture. Without any hesitation, Maricle-sama sat down on the sofa like he was in the comfort of his own house. They then started to converse with each other while laughing merrily. 

“Now then, Miltia… Come sit next to me.”


“…. Fufufu~ The two of you are so close. It makes me happy to see how close you two are.”

Uuuh….. S-So embarrassing… Do I look that excited just by sitting next to Maricle-sama?”

“Ars, stop teasing us.”

“Sorry, sorry. But… Maricle, how did you break that infuriating curse?”

“Yes, yes. I know you’re curious about it. Actually….”

And then, Maricle-sama told Ars-sama the matter about that curse and the way to break it. 

…… Hm… B-But….That… Things like “an angel has descended upon me” and “the incarnation of Goddess of Wisdom, who bears the idea of reversal” and “a strong and tenacious person who defeats the sea demon like they’re nothing” and “the owner of God’s hand, who created a dish to break the curse” and so on… Those things… C-Could it be all those things are referring to me?!

I-Isn’t Maricle-sama is exaggerting all those parts a little bit too much?! 

And why is Maricle-sama talking about that poor man’s soup he likes the best, the one made from the shell of shrimp and crabs, like they’re some sort of『elixir』, the legendary panacea?! 

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh….. I’m sure my face must be burning from embarrassment!!!

“….. And that’s how it went.”

“I see! …. That’s why no matter how hard she tried, Sheila still couldn’t break it even though she’s a 『saint』…. “

Ars-sama said while scratching his head, looking a little bashful. 


T/N: Maricle in this chapter

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