The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 29

Chapter 29:《Count’s POV》And The Karma Will Come Back to You  3


“Nador-kun, you love our Sistana, don’t you?”

“That’s… Count Lyran… Yes, of course I love her! I’m ashamed to admit it myself but I, Nador, just by thinking how beautiful Sistana is, my chest will throb painfully, my heart will tremble and the moment my eyes catch onto the sight of her smiling face… It feels like I’m being embraced by a celestial maiden!”

Without ever mentioning the fact that he had a number of people he was intimate with in his favourite brothel, Nador moved his tongue, showcasing how fluent he was at spinning his tongue. 

To be fair, he did in fact, always treated Sistana with the utmost care. 

Although Sistana was a bit selfish and capricious, she was actually relatively simple and easy to control. Not to mention, even though Nador was only the second son of a viscount family, he already had the position as the『heir of a count family』prepared for him just by being Sistana’s fiancé. In addition, Sistana’s appearance was also “better than average”. Furthermore, she was able to use 【healing magic】, something that was only reserved for the noble as her advantageous selling point. 

Because of the close relationship between his grandfather and the previous Count Lyran, they made him become the fiancé of that seedy-looking woman. Though their relationship was only on paper… Nador… He considered that engagement as a stain on his life. 

 In actuality, it was not very commendable for a low-ranked noble son to swap his fiancée from the ‘older sister’ to the ‘little sister’ except under very unfortunate situations that both parties could do nothing about. For example if the ‘older sister’ passed away or… Like in this case, where the ‘older sister’ received a marriage proposal from a very high-ranked noble.

To ease the whole situation, he did his best to treat Sistana wholeheartedly. Although his words were coated with some greed and self-interest, the “love” part was not quite incorrect. 

“But… I don’t know why but for the past few days, Sistana has been secluding herself in her own room… I’ve never seen her face ever since. These past few days, where I couldn’t see Sistana… It makes me feel like I’m experiencing the end of the world, where the sun has withered away…”

“O-Oh… Y-Yes that’s right. We’re very grateful to you. Everyday without fail, you always bring gifts and letters to our Sistana yourself. I too, wish I can refer to you as my own son soon.”

“……..!! C-Count Lyran!”

Nador appeared to be pleased at Pavada’s words. 

“But… I don’t consider a man to be worthy for me to call him my own son unless he can eat a certain food.”

“W-what? …. Eat a certain food, you said?”

A little taken aback by the unexpected condition, Nador asked the count to repeat his words. Each noble family had certain values they stressed the most like ‘strength’ or ‘magic power’. 

For that very reason, there were many cases where a man from a low-ranked family was presented with some difficult challenges like… 『Go and defeat a monster called xxx』or… 『You need to be able to pour yyy amount of magic into this magic tool for us to recognize you』.

But…『You must eat zzz』was simply unheard of. Maybe the Count Lyran family valued digestibility the most? 

However, now that Nador thought about it, this challenge was indeed very favourable to him since he didn’t have any particular food he liked or disliked. It was not an exaggeration to say the level of monster subjugation challenge to be recognized by a count family was a life-threatening thing to accomplish. 

“But… If that’s the only way I can prove my love for Sistana then I will eat up everything without fail!”

“Ooh! Thank you, Nador-kun!”

For some reason, Pavada’s face brightened the moment Nador readily accepted the challenge. Before Nador could realise there was something strange with the count’s behaviour, Pavada promptly took Nador to Sistana’s room. 

“My lovely Sistana?!”

“Yes. Nador-kun, can you please sit over there?”

The count gestured toward a small table and chair, fitting for one person. 

What’s wrong with this place?!

All of the windows on the south side, which under normal circumstances would be bathed with a good amount of sunlight, were now completely covered with pitch black clothes. The juxtaposition between the room’s feminine decorations and the black windows were too striking. 

More importantly, this room stinks like hell!


T/N: Meanwhile Sistana right now…

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