The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 39

Chapter 39: A Peaceful Dinner 


“Ahahahaha! Were you surprised when you knew that I’m actually an old man?”

“W-Well… At first… I was a little bit… Surprised….. I was sure you were a woman after all…”

But, this Bhadra-san who had a carefree smile on his face, didn’t appear to be over 70s. 

Miltia internally apologized for her crude language but she was reminded of what the old female diver back in Lyran Countdom used to say.

When those old ladies were talking about 『a slightly bad and cool old man』, they must be talking about someone like Bhadra-san…. 

“But still… I did see it from the automaton’s eyes that I controlled but… Those things are really the demons that originated from our young master’s body….. Right?”

Bhadra-sama’s face looked a little bit stiff as he timidly poked at the boiled octopus with a fork. These small octopuses were called webfoot octopuses. They looked like ordinary octopus but unlike ordinary octopus, webfoot octopus’ whole body was small enough for you to eat it whole in a single bite. 

Perhaps amused at the sight of a dandy-looking uncle with unshaven stubbles poking and staring at his food curiously, Maricle-sama smiled. His eyes were sparkling so sweetly like a child. 

His expression reminded me of a young child bragging to his parents that he could now eat bitter gourd.

…. How adorable…

“You know Bhadra, That small octopu they’re one of the seafoods that you could harvest from the fish pond in the garden.”

Maricle-sama said as he stabbed one of the webfoot octopus with his work and nonchalantly brought it into his mouth. While Bhadra-sama on the other hand, he was still hesitating whether he should eat the webfoot octopus or not. 

“Fufufu~ …. Hmm… This octopus is so full of flavour and delicious.”

“A-amazing… Even our notoriously picky eater young master is….”

On a normal occasion, a butler and his master would never sat down together and ate at the same table but we were here dining together in order to celebrate 『Maricle-sama be freed from the curse』and 『Bhadra-sama’s return』oh and also for 『Miltia’s welcome party』.

Maricle-sama as well, it had been a long time since he last sat together with Bhadra-san, whom he considered as his family already, like this. Seeing them looking so happy and enjoying their family reunion made me so delighted.

“Excuse me Bhadra-sama, would you like to try some of this soup?”

This poor man’s soup that I had made before… Even though the stock for this soup in front of me was made from plenty of seafood, the soup was filled with nothing but common vegetables, making it the perfect food for people who were not used to eating seafood. 

“Whoa?! This is…. So good!! Young master, I’m so glad. You’ve found yourself a great wife.”

“Yes, of course.”

W-When Bhadra-sama calls me Maricle-sama’s wife…. Somehow… My chest? My back? The middle part of my body somehow feels strangely itchy. What a bizarre feeling. And yet…. This strange itch… I don’t hate it at all. 

“Ah… Umm… I-I…. That… Maricle-sama is also…”

Uuuh… I really wish I could say it more clearly while staring at his face but as I thought… My gaze still ended up locking with the floor…

I… My whole self… My magic… My manner as a lady… And everything else that I’m still lacking…. Everything… I wish I could learn everything and become a woman who can stand by Maricle-sama while looking ahead confidently! No, I WILL! Yes, just like that powerful saint! She’s so strong, always ready to uphold justice and a proud warrior to boot! 

“………. I will try my best to become someone like Sheila-sama!!”

Without a second thought, I stood from my seat and declared my resolution. 

“Huh? Miltia you mean you’re going to try your best…. So I can become a saint with brute strength like Sheila…?”

“Huh?! What?! N-No! You’re wrong! Just now I… That… I forgot to say the preceding and the foregoing sentences!!”

At my sudden declaration, Maricle-sama looked visibly surprised. 

“Pfft….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man, I knew I was right about her. Right, young master?”

The next morning after our dinner party, both Maricle-sama and Bhadra-sama said they had some paperwork waiting for them in the royal palace. 

Slowly and ever so tenderly, Maricle-sama hugged me. 

“Well, I’ll be going now, Miltia… You can do whatever you want in this estate but please don’t push yourself too hard, okay? Remember to always wear the amulet I gave you, okay? Most of the chores in here are handled by the automata but since our estate is a little bit far from the royal palace, it’s going to be a little difficult for me to talk with you through the doll.”

Maricle-sama softly whispered into my ears. 


I could feel my ears growing hot!! It felt like steam was puffing out from how hot my ears were!!

“Y-Yes! I’ll be alright!”

“I’ll be back in time before dinner, alright?”

“……….Yes! Maricle-sama too, take care!”


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