The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 55

Chapter 55: 《Duke’s POV》Miltia’s Letter


『Dear Maricle-sama,

The spring’s flower has bloomed, filling the season with its illuminating light. How are you in this beautiful season? As for me,the people in my parents’ house, the Count Lyran family, or to be precise, my step-mother, step-sister and step-father, are now entering the period of transforming into a monster with great vigour.

It seems there is a rotting squid monster, actively growing and threatening the life of a very young girl everyday. Therefore, in order to save this young girl’s life, I, Miltia, have decided to return to my parents’  house at once. 

I was told that if I return to my parents’ house, the young girl, who was taken as a hostage, will be saved from her predicament. After all, she’s in a life-threatening situation, to say the least.

Just to be safe, I’ve brought a lot of limestone powder with me since apparently the limestone powder works wonders to “sterilize” the squid monster.

I need to quickly go get myself kidnapped as soon as possible and for that, I truly apologize for any inconvenience and trouble I’ve caused to Maricle-sama.

In addition, I’ve put tonight’s dinner in the『space-time storage box』that I’ve always used.  I’ve made acqua pazza and added a lot of our seasonal shellfish in it. I hope you will be able to enjoy the dinner I’ve made together with Bhadra-sama. 

Yours faithfully, 

Miltia 』


After I finished reading the letter from Miltia, I unconsciously screamed her name loudly, causing Bhadra, Sheila and even Ars to start reading her letter out of curiosity. 


And then, both Bhadra and Sheila screamed her name in unison too. 

“No, I mean? I… I should say something too right?  But I don’t know what to say….”

Looking a little confused, Ars smiled and asked me that but…Could you not ask me that?? 

“MILTIA-SAMA!!!! Why did you add 『season’s greeting』in a letter you intended for your fiancé, who you literally see and talk to everyday?! BESIDES!! What’s with this 『entering the period of transforming into a monster with great vigour』?! I know you’re trying to use indirect expressions but this is NOT IT!! In the first place, 『I need to quickly go get myself kidnapped』?!?!?! Like what?!?!?! THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO BE WORRYING ABOUT OUR DINNER!!!!! Besides???? It’s not 『yours faithfully』but 『yours sincerely』!!!”

Ah, yes. Bhadra had shouted about half of the things I wanted to say. 

“YOUNG MASTER!! After this, I will need to properly teach her HOW TO WRITE A LETTER!!”

“BHADRA-SAMA! Putting aside how Miltia-sama wrote the letter, aren’t there much more urgent problems we need to address first?!”

True. Putting together the conversation I had with Soncho, who had rushed to this castle with that letter in hand, apparently Miltia had decided to return to her parents’ house and for some reason, her family were in the middle of turning into a monster? So to protect a young girl, she was now on her way to her family’s house? 

Certainly, I did see her younger sister wearing the cursed necklace with the curse I had been under when I came to Count Lyran’s house before. I thought it’d be better if I kept this gruelsome fact away from Miltia but as it turned out, my decision had backfired. 

Transforming into a monster… Miltia must be talking about the necklace. 

However, according to Bhadra, the people in Count Lyran’s family didn’t have any interest in Miltia. Their only objective was to be able to refer to themselves as the 『family of a duke’s fiancée』. In addition Bhadra had found evidence of her family trying to get rid of her several times already. 

Of course I already had a hunch about it and I held no different opinion from Bhadra. But still, it was way too dangerous to jump into a dangerous situation like that all by herself. 

Just in case, I had ordered the engagement ring to be made urgently. We were accidentally able to use a trinity rose, a gemstone with the highest defensive characteristic and so it was safe to say her magic defence was pretty much flawless. 

But on the other hand, that ring didn’t possess a good physical defence characteristic. 

 If her opponent tried to harm her using magic, her opponent wouldn’t be able to scratch her in the slightest but.. If they came charging to Miltia with a knife on hand… Miltia was as good as butter. 

Her physical ability was about the level of an ordinary woman… No,most probably, she might be weaker than an ordinary woman because of how slender and petite she was. 

It would be an easy feat for a grown man to restrain her by force… In fact, if there were several men… It’d be easy for them to assault her….


I roughly shoved the desk I had been working on and began to walk away. 

“Maricle? Where are you going?”

“Do you even need to ask? To where Miltia is of course!!”


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