The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke
The Girl Who Was Forced by Her Stepsister to Marry the Cursed Duke Chapter 62

Chapter 62:《Duke’s POV》And So, The Terminus of Causes and Effects




The moment I kissed Miltia’s lips, an otherworldly scream could be heard coming from these monstrous mother and daughter. 

So be it. My dearest, she probably didn’t know but… This pure, tender, warm and overflowing magic power was the light of the perfect 『purification』. From her petite body, which was filled with love, the power of purifications overflowed like a tsunami. 

Well… Of course I was the one who caused this but…Her moist, upturned eyes… Her petite and fragile-looking body trembling…

When I caught the sight of this lovely creature desperately clinging to me… Her lovely figure broke through the center of the world. She was the divine providence for the whole population of men. The truth of the world. No matter how great of a magician I might be, I was still simply no match against her lovely figure, which was on par with the whole creation itself. 

As a result of this purification magic, the cursed family that had been tormenting Miltia, they… Received direct hits from the purification power and groaned painfully while bearing resentment toward Miltia. 

They tried to move their body, trying to interfere with us who were standing on the opposite spectrum of them but instead of successfully moving their body… The evil deeds they had done to others… All the malice they accumulated… Everything was returning dozens fold of times to them, inflicting an unbearable amount of pain….

“E-Excuse me…. Maricle-sama… Those two… W-Will they be alright?”

Miltia, who had finally regained herself from the shock of the kiss, tilted her head slightly to the side and asked out of concern for that malicious mother and daughter pair.

My Miltia… She is truly too softhearted and too lovely. Ah… Pray tell, what should I do with her?

“There’s no problem. The power of purification is at work, thoroughly purifying everything here. If from the bottom of their hearts, they truly and sincerely feel remorse and are willing to atone for all the evil deeds they had done, they will return to their original form soon enough.”

That is… If they truly feel remorse and are willing to atone for their sins from the bottom of their heart….

“And for that to happen first, they need to know the pain they had inflicted to others…. They will have to go through excruciating pain until they feel remorseful but… They’re simply reaping what they’ve sowed.”

“I see… But if they can return back then….”

However, I don’t think these two will admit their wrong doing so easily. They might need to writhe in pain for ten… No, twenty years at least. But before that, those three souls that they killed while performing an external method need to forgive them first before they’re released from the pain. 

“That’s right…. Well… Space-Time Magic, 【Sense Compression for 100 years in 1 day】!”



Immediately, their scream turned into a high-pitched squeak as if you were listening to them in fast-forward. 

“Maricle-sama, this is…?”

“I want them to be able to feel remorse at least a little bit faster so I compressed their senses with space-time magic.”

With this, one day of suffering would feel like a hundred years of torture for them. In other words, they would feel 1000 years worth of intense pain in just 10 days and if their suffering lasted for more than 100 days, they would be suffering longer than the whole history of humankind. Perhaps, this sensory compression would make them realize their wrong doing a little bit faster. 

“….. Young master, what a cruel thing you’ve done….”

“What are you talking about? I’m just being considerate of them. All they need to do is to reflect on themselves and be willing to atone for their sins. After they finally return to their original form, we will begin to judge them lawfully.”

I simply had done nothing else but that. 

Of course after this they would be stripped of their nobility status and Miltia would inherit the Count Lyran family…. Then my second son with Miltia would inherit Lyran’s family name and the name would be passed along to his generation to come. 

“N-Nobles are scary….”

“They’re just reaping what they’ve sowed so there’s nothing we can do about it. Right, young master?”

Bhadra-sama was talking to a young servant about something. 

“Now then, shall we get going, Miltia?”


“Right now, I’m really yearning for your cooking.”

“Ah if that’s the case then I will get the acqua pazza ready!”

When Miltia smiled, the world began to shine vividly along with her smile. We were almost done checking the roster and so tomorrow we would be able to start her magic and duchess lesson in the earnest. 

As for magic, Miltia seemed eager to study about it herself so surely, the lesson bound to be enjoyable for her. 

“It’s going to be… So much fun.”

Miltia smiled.



T/N: We still have one more epilogue! I love how Maricle describe Miltia like she’s the be-all and end-all. 

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