The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The severe malnutrition lead to hypoglycemia

It was just after seven o’clock in the morning, Lin Ran woke up from his bed once again, his body covered in a cold sweat and he still felt unwell in his stomach.

He had woken up twice in the middle of the night last night, his stomach was extremely uncomfortable and his head was also dizzy. He had thrown up several times before he finally made it through the morning.

Lin Ran rubbed his own stomach with both of his hands, inclined to one side as he lay curled up for a while on the bed, it would make him more comfortable to be like this.

Only until the churning sensation in his stomach had subsided did Lin Ran sit up from the bed.

Although Song Zhi Xu had told him that the villa only needed to be cleaned once a week, he was still in the habit of getting up early to work.

In those past years, if he was still sleeping when his nanny aunt already got up, he was not allowed to have breakfast in the morning.

Right now, at this moment, Lin Ran still couldn’t completely separate himself from his previous life. He woke up at dawn and he had to work obediently, so that he could have something to eat.

Lin Ran washed his face with cold water, dressed himself and came out of his room. He went to the bathroom to find a wiping cloth, moved a bench and stood by the french window and raised his arm to start cleaning the window glass.

This villa was much bigger than the one he had lived in before, so there were many french windows and Lin Ran had to wipe them all clean.

He still felt a bit unwell, plus his arm would get tired after lifting it up, so he would take a break for a while before he continued to wipe.

Last night, Song Zhi Xu stayed up late until the early hours of the morning dealing with the company’s business, so when he woke up in the morning, it was almost eight o’clock.

The dazzling morning sun was already shining on his window, as the curtains were left open, so the sunlight came in and left a bright patch of light on his blanket.

Song Zhi Xu opened his eyes and lay in bed for a few more minutes before getting up to wash up.

He didn’t have the habit to laze around in bed and would get up as soon as he woke up, not to waste time lying in bed.

After tidying up, he came downstairs in a comfortable casual cloth. Just as he reached the staircase, he saw a small figure stepping on a stool against the light, trying to raise his hand to clean the window glass.

Probably because he heard the footsteps, Lin Ran’s movements paused slightly and he slowly turned his head back.

Because the light was too bright, Song Zhi Xu could not see the expression on Lin Ran’s face, but only heard him call out in a clear and sweet voice: “Song Zhi Xu.”

The voice was not loud and every single word pronounced by him had a soft accent that inexplicably made people able to hear his happiness.

“Didn’t I say that there’s no need to rush to do it?” Song Zhi Xu said with a slight frown as he walked down from the stairs.

There was no need for Lin Ran to work in his home in the first place, let alone for him to get up early in the morning to clean the window glass.

“Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran …have to work. By working then I can eat.” Lin Ran had been standing by the window for so long that a fine bead of sweat had formed on his forehead, right before his eyes it was suddenly becoming dark.

He had some difficulty seeing Song Zhi Xu’s face, so he subconsciously wanted to go to Song Zhi Xu’s side, but forgot that he was still standing on the stool.

Lin Ran took a step forward, he made a misstep so he suddenly fell down.

He cried out in shock, closed his eyes tightly in fear, waiting for himself to fall and hit the floor, but before he even hit the ground he was grabbed on the wrist, being pulled over and held in his embrace.

Song Zhi Xu let out a sigh of relief, fortunately he had just moved towards Lin Ran’s side and was able to pull him over in time so that he didn’t fall to the floor.

Lin Ran shrank back in fear and it took a moment for him to open his eyes, he then looked up and met with Song Zhi Xu’s eyes.

He drew back the corner of his lips and smiled at Song Zhi Xu.

“Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran didn’t fall.”

Song Zhi Xu showed some helplessness, the little fool was still smiling at him at this time, he really didn’t know how dangerous it was just now.

He picked the person up in a princess carry and walked over to the sofa, deliberately using some force to throw him on the sofa, his voice was deep as he said,

“Are you standing on that high, looking for falling?”

“Ng…” Lin Ran’s body was already uncomfortable, although being thrown from not high at all onto the couch by Song Zhi Xu still made him dizzy for a moment.

The churning sensation in his stomach rose again so he leaned on the couch for a moment before quickly getting up and trotting into the bathroom. It didn’t take long for the sound of vomiting to come from inside.

Song Zhi Xu was stunned and quickly followed him.

Lin Ran had vomited several times last night and his stomach had long been empty. This time he could only vomit out some yellow gastric fluid so even after vomiting for a while, his mouth was bitter and tears flowed down from his eyes uncontrollably.

“Ran Ran?” Song Zhi Xu walked into the bathroom and saw Lin Ran sitting on the floor, his face pale and bloodless.

The already skinny little fool was like a tattered rag doll.

After wiping his mouth with a tissue and letting him rinse his mouth, Song Zhi Xu bent down, picked him up from the floor and went straight upstairs.

Lin Ran had very little flesh on his body and his height was just around Song Zhi Xu’s shoulders, so Song Zhi Xu slightly bent one arm and let him sit firmly on it, leaving one hand free to open the door to Mu Qingting’s room.

Mu Qingting was still asleep on the bed. The blanket was lifted off from his body and when he opened his eyes, he saw Song Zhi Xu standing beside the bed with a gloomy face with Lin Ran in his arms who seemed to be listless.

Mu Qingting was used to sleeping naked. He didn’t wear pajamas.This time he was wearing a close-fitting of boxer briefs. He was startled and immediately pulled the blanket over to cover himself up.

“You … What are you two doing? Why are you still looking around casually?” Mu Qingting pouted his lips and was a little dissatisfied. He was still asleep in the morning yet the quilt had been lifted up.

He had irritability in the morning and if it weren’t for Song Zhi Xu who was the one standing next to the bed so he wouldn’t dare to offend him, he would already swear or curse at people.

Song Zhi Xu was not in the mood to chat with him, so he put the person in his arms on the bed and said in a deep voice,

“Let him check, he threw up early in the morning.” After thinking about it he added, “He also almost fell off the stool just now, was he frightened because of this?”

“How can he throw up just because he was surprised?” Mu Qingting also saw that something was wrong with Lin Ran, came closer as he looked at him and asked, “What did you throw up to? Is it just this once?”

Lin Ran was not feeling well and his body was still sweating. He shook his head slightly as he leaned against Song Zhi Xu and said in a small voice,

“I threw up last night too, my head is dizzy… but Ran Ran will be fine after eating and rubbing my stomach.”

Mu Qingting thought for a moment and took out a piece of large white rabbit milk candy from his own pocket and gave it to Lin Ran before he said,

“He has vomited it all, just go to the hospital ba, put the intravenous drip on him and it will help him get better even faster.”

Song Zhi Xu carried Lin Ran away from there and went to the garage to drive, while turning to Mu Qingting and said, “You have three minutes, I will wait for you downstairs.”

Mu Qingting waited for them to leave, then hurriedly got up from the bed, randomly found some clothes and put them on, hurriedly washed his face and ran downstairs.

Just in time, Song Zhi Xu drove the car from the garage, Lin Ran was curled up into a ball on the front passenger seat.

After Mu Qingting got into the car, the three of them went to the hospital together.

Mu Qingting worked at the hospital, so he didn’t need to find anyone else as he took Lin Ran directly to the examination. After running through the examination, Mu Qingting said.

“Severe malnutrition leads to hypoglycemia, coupled with him being unaccustomed to the environment and climate of a new place so he becomes like this. You carry him to the ward, I’ll get his medicine and the hang glucose.”

Hearing Mu Qingting’s words, Lin Ran lifted his head from Song Zhi Xu’s embrace and swallowed his saliva.

The taste of ‘the big white rabbit milk candy’ just now still linger and hadn’t completely dissipated in his mouth.

So would he give him that candy again later?

Translator’s Note:

大白兔奶糖 or ‘the big white rabbit milk candy’ is quite popular, if you know it.

Here’s the pic of it:


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