The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 22

Chapter 22: How can you seduce people like this?

Song Zhi Xu lowered his head and took a look at the person on his lap.It was clear that his little head was too sleepy to hang in there, but his eyes were still trying to finish watching the cartoon on the TV.

Song Zhi Xu raised his eyes to look at the yellow sponge running all over the place on the TV and frowned slightly.

He really found nothing attractive from it that could make Lin Ran unwilling to sleep.

In the end, when he saw that Lin Ran could not hold it any longer, Song Zhi Xu found it funny as he reached out and pinched the flesh on his cheeks which had recently been cultivated and said,”Ran Ran, you slept late last night, now you go back to your room and sleep! You can watch TV again after you wake up.”

“Umm… Ran Ran hasn’t finished watching yet.”

Lin Ran braced himself a little and shook his head, turning his eyes to the TV screen again, but not for long before his eyes were already half-closed.

Song Zhi Xu was somehow helpless, but he could only let Lin Ran continue watching.He thought that it would be the same if he carried Lin Ran back to his room later when he had fallen asleep.

So Song Zhi Xu picked up the newspaper again and looked at it carefully, but not long after that, his face changed, his hands slightly clenched the newspaper in his hands, crumpling the paper.

He tried to move his body back a little but behind him was the back of the sofa therefore he could not retreat.

Lin Ran on his lap who was originally watching TV, but he was too sleepy, closed his eyes and fell asleep in the position pillowing on Song Zhi Xu’s thigh.

It was probably because the way he rested his head on was uncomfortable that Lin Ran unconsciously rolled over after he fell asleep.

His head that was originally resting on Song Zhi Xu’s thighs was pressed even further into his body, and his warm breath burned Song Zhi Xu’s skin through the thin fabric.

Lin Ran was lying in an extremely sensitive position and it wasn’t long before Song Zhi Xu couldn’t take it anymore.

He was afraid of waking up Lin Ran on his lap, so he hurriedly held his head and then he slowly moved aside, maintaining the expression on his face as he picked Lin Ran up and took him back to his room.

Putting Lin Ran back on his bed, Song Zhi Xu didn’t dare to stay even for a moment. He turned around and immediately went back to his own room, until he closed the door of his room and looked down, he breathed a loud and heavy sigh.”He is obviously just a little fool who doesn’t understand anything, how can he seduce (hook) people like this?”

He pulled the dryness and heat from his entire body, obviously the other party was still asleep, smashing his lips.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t know what expression he should show for a moment, he felt that if he continued like this, keep holding back, he would break down.

As he was thinking about it, a familiar stream of heat came out from under his nose. Song Zhi Xu touched it and sure enough, there was another bright red.

After thinking about it, Song Zhi Xu lifted his feet and went into the bathroom.After stopping the nosebleed and dealing with it himself, he walked out with a plain white bath towel around his waist while his upper body naked, with a head full of wet hair.

Standing on the balcony, Song Zhi Xu took his mobile phone and called Mu Qingting.

The person on the other side seemed to be busy, the phone rang for a while before it was picked up, the other side spoke straight away and asked,”What is it? Hurry up and say it! I have another operation after this. I have to go to the operating room, the patient is still in pain.”

Seemingly in line with Mu Qingting’s words, a man’s scream came fiercely from beside him, a scream so miserable that Song Zhi Xu shuddered, despite hearing it from the phone.

Song Zhi Xu pursed his lips and was silent for two seconds before he asked, “When you are free, send me some medicine to relieve the internal heat, I’ve been a bit ‘hot’ lately.”

“Relieve the internal heat?”

Mu Qingting asked in confusion as he subconsciously said, “Relieve the above one or the below one?”

Song Zhi Xu gritted his teeth and said in a gloomy voice, “I’ve been having nosebleeds lately. What do you say?”

“Nose…nosebleed.” Mu Qingting coughed lightly as he found it embarrassing.

To sum up, Song Zhi Xu went to the point of having the internal heat, he inexplicably thought of other places, if it was the heat below, then he really ‘couldn’t relieve it’.

“You just wait, I’ll send you some medicine in a couple of days when I’m free, but the matter of a nosebleed, it can be big or small. I still suggest you come to the hospital for a medical checkup … Oh yeah, when was your last medical checkup?”

The doctor’s habit of nagging came back to haunt him. Mu Qingting ignored the screams of the man beside him and urged Song Zhi Xu again.

Song Zhi Xu still knew him very well, he knew that he would not finish talking a lot of nonsense, so for his own sake and for the sake of the patient beside Mu Qingting, he hung up the phone.

A few busy tones came from the phone and it automatically left the call page. It took Mu Qingting a moment to react before he took the phone away from his ear.

He frowned and a few moments of discontent showed on his face.

“Impolite dog man, only call me when you need me and throw it away when you’re done. Just see, if I still care about you in the future.”

Just as he finished speaking, he felt a tug on his shirt, looked sideways to see the man on the hospital bed beside him, that man’s face was pale as he was in pain , bending one of his legs.

His eyes brimming with tears as he pulled the pockets of his shirt.Seeing him finally willing to spare his gaze onto himself, that man’s face showed a bit of aggravation.

“Doctor, after you’re done with the call, can you look at my leg first? It really hurts.”


Only then did Mu Qingting come back to his senses, patting his hand and soothing him before he asked, “What’s your condition here again?”

“Car accident, just now you said my leg is broken and you need to do the surgery. I… like this, does it need to be amputated? I’m in so much pain that I can’t move anymore.”

That man’s body was still trembling as he grabbed Mu Qingting, like grabbing the last straw that could save his life.”Umm… No need, you trust me.”

It took a lot of effort for Mu Qingting to finally pull his hands away from his clothes, lest he tear the pockets out of his white coat.He took a few steps back to the side and said to the nurse next to him.

“Arrange him to immediately enter the operating room, his leg needs to be reattached.”


The nurse agreed. Several nurses immediately went to prepare, while the nurse’s aide also pushed the man on the hospital bed to the operating room.Mu Qingting quickly went to wear his sterile uniform, putting Song Zhi Xu’s matter aside for now.

****Because Lin Ran had slept late last night and woke up very early in the morning, so after being sent back to his room by Song Zhi Xu, he slept until 1 p.m.Sitting up on his bed, he had forgotten about the cartoon he hadn’t finished watching on the sofa before he fell asleep, only quickly dragging on his slippers to look for Song Zhi Xu.

After he leaned over, took a glance downstairs and didn’t catch sight of Song Zhi Xu at all.

This time, Lin Ran knew that he needed to go to the study room first.As soon as he pushed open the door to the study room, he saw Song Zhi Xu sitting behind his desk, looking at his computer screen.

A smile appeared on Lin Ran’s face as he walked in and called out in a soft voice, “Song Zhi Xu?”

Song Zhi Xu looked up at him and replied indifferently, “You’re awake, are you hungry?”

Lin Ran had only eaten breakfast today, and it was already 1 p.m, so it was about time for him to be hungry.Lin Ran shook his head slightly and obediently walked over to stand next to Song Zhi Xu.

“Ran Ran is not hungry, Song Zhi Xu is busy.”

“Okay, I have a little more (work to do), then I’ll be done with it. You wait for me for a while.”

Song Zhi Xu looked down at his computer screen again.Lin Ran stood by the desk for a while, then went to sit on the sofa next to it, wiggling his two small white thin legs and waiting for Song Zhi Xu.


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