The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Ran Ran sleeps very obediently

“Ah, why are you eating it now? It’s not even weighed yet.”

The attendant immediately came over and stopped him.

Lin Ran showed him the radish in his hand, before then said in a low voice, “It’s not tasty, you lie.”

The attendant clearly said that it was crunchy and sweet, but now it was spicy.

“Ah …This…” The attendant was momentarily speechless, met with Lin Ran’s accusation.

That was how she supposedly recommended the radish yet she couldn’t guarantee that every single one of them was crunchy and sweet, not to mention he was chewing on the skin.

This was the first time she had ever encountered one who really tried it on the spot.

Song Zhi Xu was standing not far away, heard the movement so he turned his head back and came over.

Lin Ran showed Song Zhi Xu his bitter face as he took a bite of the radish and put it back on the shelf.

“It’s not delicious. Ran Ran doesn’t want it anymore.”

“That won’t do, you can’t put it back, although you’ve only bitten it a little.”

The attendant was a little surprised.Song Zhi Xu took the radish that he had put back in the rack and took it back again into the trolley and said to the attendant, “Sorry.”

The attendant shot a few glances at Lin Ran, nodded and left.

“Song Zhi Xu, it’s not delicious.”

Lin Ran frowned, not wanting Song Zhi Xu to have it because it was clearly not delicious.

“It’s okay, I like to eat it.”

Song Zhi Xu raised his hand somewhat helplessly and used the center of his thumb to gently wipe off the bit of mud left on Lin Ran’s lips from nibbling on the muddy radish.

Lin Ran was not afraid of Song Zhi Xu touching him and even slowly raised his face to meet Song Zhi Xu’s hand when he reached over.

Hearing that Song Zhi Xu liked it, Lin Ran picked up another radish with one hand before leaving.

Both of them paid for it before they left.After driving back to the villa, Song Zhi Xu called Lin Ran into the kitchen.

Although he did not expect Lin Ran to learn how to cook by himself, at least he had to learn how to heat the food, otherwise if he did not come back in the future, Lin Ran would have to eat cold food.

Lin Ran watched Song Zhi Xu teach him how to use the microwave (oven), still a little afraid, his hands trembling as he shrank into Song Zhi Xu’s embrace.

“Song Zhi Xu, auntie… auntie said it would blow up and that Ran Ran wasn’t allowed to touch it.”

Lin Ran pressed closely to Song Zhi Xu’s embrace.The memory from those previous years was already ingrained in his head.

“It won’t blow up, I’m here, Ran Ran, don’t be afraid!”

Song Zhi Xu held his hand as he comforted him.The previous person had not allowed Lin Ran to use these things in the kitchen, probably just because they were afraid that they would not be able to control Lin Ran after he had learned to cook his own food, therefore they did not allow him to touch it.

That way, if Lin Ran didn’t behave obediently, the other party wouldn’t cook for him, then Lin Ran could only go hungry.

Lin Ran looked at Song Zhi Xu and finally nodded his head and made up his mind to press the switch.

He waited for a moment, but nothing happened.

A minute later, the hot milk inside was ready.

Song Zhi Xu carried it out, told Lin Ran to hold it and drink it slowly, while telling him,”Next time, you can heat up the food here, but still try to eat as much as you can. You mustn’t force yourself to eat too much. You can’t eat leftover food too much either. You have to drink milk every morning and every night. Do you remember?”

Lin Ran had some hesitation in his mind that the food should not be left over, therefore he should eat a lot each time, otherwise what if there was nothing to eat next time.

But after thinking about it for a while, Song Zhi Xu never starved him, so he nodded his head and agreed.With hot milk in his hand, Lin Ran was pushed out of the kitchen by Song Zhi Xu and was put outside to watch TV while Song Zhi Xu quickly finished cooking for dinner.

After finishing the meal, under Lin Ran’s anxious and unwilling gaze, Song Zhi Xu mercilessly took the leftovers to the rubbish bin.But he knew that two people couldn’t eat much, moreover the amount of food Song Zhi Xu cooked wasn’t very much, so the both of them finished most of it and there wasn’t much left either.

“You won’t be hungry, there will still be food to eat in the morning.”

Song Zhi Xu saw Lin Ran’s appearance and still explained to him anyway.Lin Ran nodded obediently.

After thinking about it, he ran to his room, took out the mobile phone that had been bought a long time ago but hadn’t switched on yet and handed it to Song Zhi Xu.

“Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran doesn’t know how to use it.”

Song Zhi Xu took it and only then did he realize that he hadn’t given Lin Ran a phone card yet.

He could only switch it on and then simply taught Lin Ran how to use the applications on the phone.

Although Lin Ran was silly, he was a fast learner.

He could read and write, therefore Song Zhi Xu taught him once and he was able to learn quickly.

After only one night, he was able to figure out things on his own.

Song Zhi Xu gave him his phone number and put it in his phone book and downloaded WeChat for him and added him to his friends.

“Allright, when you buy a phone card tomorrow you’ll be able to make calls and you won’t need a home phone from now on.”

Lin Ran nodded happily and took the phone for himself and tapped it a few times before he thought of something and looked up again to ask Song Zhi Xu.

“Then can Ran Ran call Gege in the future?”

Lin Ran had his brother’s business card and a phone number on it, but previously he didn’t have a mobile phone, so he actually had never called his brother before, it was only occasionally that his brother called that Auntie Nanny where she would let him answer.

But ever since he had been handed over to Song Zhi Xu and brought here by his brother, he had never heard his brother’s voice again, except for the last time he had secretly heard him talking to Song Zhi Xu on the phone.

“Yes, you can call your Gege when the phone card is installed tomorrow.”

Song Zhi Xu nodded his head.It was only when Lin Mu was mentioned that he suddenly realized that he hadn’t thought about Lin Mu for a long time since that phone call.

Before, he knew that Lin’s current situation wasn’t good and he didn’t know if that person had helped him.

Although Song Zhi Xu and Lin Mu didn’t contact each other often and didn’t see each other often, before that Song Zhi Xu would still subconsciously pay more attention to Lin Mu’s news.

After all, Lin Mu was someone he really took into his heart and even after Lin Mu returned to Haicheng, he would occasionally inquire about Lin Mu’s news.

But these days, probably because he had Lin Ran by his side, constantly clinging to him, he hadn’t thought of Lin Mu for some time, and even when he did, all he could think about was, when Lin Mu would pick Lin Ran up?

Song Zhi Xu looked sideways at Lin Ran beside him and suddenly said after thinking about it.

“Do you miss your brother? Do you want me to send you back?”

Upon hearing that he was going to be sent back, Lin Ran subconsciously grabbed Song Zhi Xu’s sleeves with both hands.

“Ran Ran likes Gege and also likes Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran…”

Lin Ran didn’t know how to say it, he subconsciously and unexpectedly didn’t want to go back.

Song Zhi Xu was just saying it casually, not expecting to wait for Lin Ran’s answer, so he reached out and touched Lin Ran’s head.

“Alright, it’s getting late, go back to sleep!”

Lin Ran agreed to it, before then both went upstairs, but Lin Ran kept following behind Song Zhi Xu until he reached the door of Song Zhi Xu’s room, only then he said in a low voice,”Can Ran Ran sleep with Song Zhi Xu? Ran Ran sleep very obedient.”

His eyes were filled with earnest hope and indescribably, Song Zhi Xu nodded his head.

So the two slept together tonight.When he woke up the next day, Song Zhi Xu took Lin Ran to buy a phone card and as soon as the card was installed, Lin Ran immediately called Song Zhi Xu.

The phone rang once and was answered by Song Zhi Xu. Lin Ran’s eyes lit up as he talked into the phone.

“Can Song Zhi Xu hear me? It’s Ran Ran, Ran Ran is calling Song Zhi Xu.”

Song Zhi Xu standing right beside him, was amused by him and unhurriedly replied to him, “I can hear you.”


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