The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 32

Chapter 32 :Ran Ran is looking for Song Zhi Xu. 

When he heard that Lin Ran was missing, Song Zhi Xu’s heart tightened violently. He immediately glanced at his mobile phone again to make sure there were no messages or calls from Lin Ran on it.

Song Zhi Xu stood up, walked outside as he asked, “I’m at the company now. I’ll be back to the villa immediately. When did Lin Ran leave?”

“When I came back at noon Ran Ran was still there, but at night after work he disappeared. He never runs outside before, I felt something was wrong so I searched his room and found his backpack was gone. I… I’m also not sure. I’m now in the surveillance room watching the community surveillance.” Lin Mu explained somewhat anxiously.

If Lin Ran had left after Lin Mu did, it had now been half a day. They also didn’t know where the person was. Originally, Lin Ran had never left the house, so how could this not make him worry?

“Have you called him?” Song Zhi Xu asked as he went downstairs.

“I called. The phone is off.” As soon as Lin Mu saw that Lin Ran was not there, he immediately called Lin Ran, but the phone was switched off. As he said this, he suddenly thought, “Ran Ran’s mobile phone is not at home, so he should have taken it out.”

He knew that Lin Ran did not like to carry his mobile phone with him, so he should have purposely taken it with him. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll go back immediately. You can watch the surveillance first.” Song Zhi Xu got into the car and drove out from the parking area. 

“Hn, Zhi Xu, sorry for troubling you.” Lin Mu said gratefully.

After all, Lin Ran had already been taken home, he still had to trouble Song Zhi Xu to rush back to the villa to see, all because he hadn’t kept an eye on him.

Lin Mu’s heart was full of self-blame.

Song Zhi Xu just said indifferently, “It’s okay.”

The two hung up the phone. Song Zhi Xu drove seriously while Lin Mu was still watching the surveillance screen in the security room.

Song Zhi Xu drove all the way back to the villa, once he reached the door he immediately knew that Lin Ran had not come over, because Lin Ran did not have the key to the villa, even if he had come over he would have had to wait at the gate, but there was no one at the entrance.

Song Zhi Xu parked the car at the villa entrance and after a while opened the door, got out of the car and walked into the villa. After searching around carefully to make sure Lin Ran was not there, only then, he was ready to call Lin Mu.

But before the phone could be called, Lin Mu had already called, Song Zhi Xu picked it up. Lin Mu over there, immediately said again, 

“Zhi Xu, there is a camera here that caught Ran Ran leaving with his bag right after I left. He took a taxi to the airport. I just called the airport to check and Ran Ran got on a flight to the capital.”

Lin Mu used the fastest speed to find out Lin Ran’s whereabouts, but Lin Ran was already on the plane to the capital and his phone was switched off, so there was nothing he could do, even if he rushed there now, it was too late.

Song Zhi Xu pursed his lips and said again, “Lin Mu, send me the flight information first. I’ll rush to the airport now and try to get him. You don’t need to worry if I’m here.”

“Okay, I will send it to you now. Zhi Xu, you must find Ran Ran. He…he’s never been out on his own before, he doesn’t know what to do.”

“Okay.” Song Zhi Xu promised, hanging up the phone, immediately going out to drive the car again.

Just as he got in the car, he received the flight information from Lin Mu, Song Zhi Xu looked at it and his brow furrowed.

The plane Lin Ran was on would land in half an hour and it would take him forty minutes to get to the airport at the fastest speed, not to mention that it was late afternoon, after work time and traffic was terrible outside.

But Song Zhi Xu only took a glance and still immediately started the car to get to the airport as soon as possible.


At the airport, Lin Ran followed the crowd out with his backpack clutched tightly in his arms.

He flustered as he looked around, the strangers coming and going all around him made him uneasy. His eyes were red with fear but all he could do was whisper ‘Song Zhi Xu’ and tremble as he walked forward.

He hadn’t seen Song Zhi Xu for a long time and missed him, so after a few days in his room he sneakily ran out.

Luckily he had a mobile phone, he didn’t dare to tell his brother anything, so he looked up on his phone how to find Song Zhi Xu by plane, plus he had been to the airport several times and had learned how to buy a ticket.

Lin Ran looked at the phone in his hand, but still didn’t dare to turn it on. He was afraid that he would be caught back before he could see Song Zhi Xu, so he turned it off.

He had cash in his hand, all from the lunar new year’s money his brother had saved for him earlier, he didn’t know how to spend it, so there was a lot of it. This time, he took it all out.

Lin Ran continued to walk forward, somewhat baffled and at a complete loss, probably because a passerby had noticed him, moreover, it was a kindly older man who came over and asked him. 

“Little friend, are you alone? No family comes to pick you up?”

Lin Ran’s body trembled in fear when he heard someone talking to him, but after biting his lip he still said in a small voice, “Ran Ran can’t find Song Zhi Xu.”

“Huh?” The uncle froze. He thought that he couldn’t find the person who had come to pick him up, and after some thought pointed to the exit next to him, “It’s okay, there are taxis over there. Get yourself a taxi and go back! Your family might be busy and unable to come.”

Lin Ran took a look, nodded seriously and said, “Thank you.”

The older man looked at him again and finally said, “Forget it, I’ll go with you to get a taxi. I happen to go there too.”

Lin Ran didn’t know what to do, he had someone to help him, so he followed him obediently.

When the two got to the taxi, the Uncle found him a car to get in and asked Lin Ran afterwards, 

“Where does your family live?”

Lin Ran shook his head and just said in a small voice, “Ran Ran is looking for Song Zhi Xu.”

“This…” The uncle was also a bit helpless. The driver was still waiting, he could only ask patiently again, “Then do you know where it is, or what’s around it? I’ll think of something for you.”

Lin Ran thought for a while and finally took out his own mobile phone, turned it on, found a photo and showed it to him. 

This was a picture he had taken of at the entrance to the villa area before he left, so he could look at it when he missed it. 

The uncle looked at it for a while and revealed some surprise.

“This is the Emerald Garden Residence, ah! The first class villa area in the capital.” He shot a glance at Lin Ran before returning his phone to him and telling the address to the driver again.

Lin Ran sat in the car and was driven away by the driver, still holding his bag tightly in his hand, shrinking his body uneasily beside the car door as he looked out carefully.

He had left the Lin family’s old residence at noon, asked for a ride all the way to the airport on his own, then bought a ticket and waited another hour before boarding the plane. Now, it was starting to get dark outside as he got off the plane.

The strange people and the unfamiliar environment around him made him a little scared.

On the other side. 

Not surprisingly, Song Zhi Xu was stuck in traffic for half an hour and by the time he arrived at the airport, the plane Lin Ran was on had already landed quite a long time ago. 

The sky outside was already dark and only the lights inside the airport were on.

He stood in the lobby and looked around with his eyes, but did not see Lin Ran and then ran in big steps towards the airport’s supervisory control room. 

But he was not a relative so he still needed to call Lin Mu again before he was allowed to view the surveillance.

Luckily, there were no dead spots in the airport surveillance, after knowing the landing time of the plane, it didn’t take long to find Lin Ran’s figure, but seeing him standing in the lobby blankly for a long time before he was finally taken away by a middle-aged man, Song Zhi Xu’s heart still tightened.

He continued to follow the surveillance and found that Lin Ran had gotten into a taxi. He was just about to call the taxi company when Song Zhi Xu’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

He picked it up and looked at it, it was an unfamiliar number, but he still immediately picked it up and put it to his ear.

“Who is it?” Song Zhi Xu’s voice was somewhat cold. Considerably, he was not in a good mood right now.

“Mr. Song, hello, this is the security office of Emerald Garden. This… a little friend was sent here and said he was looking for you. He didn’t know the house number and didn’t have a key. He just called your name, so we wanted to ask you and confirm it with you.”

The villa area security guard looked at the youngster who was shrinking into a ball in the corner as he looked eagerly at him, and finally was hesitant to add, 

“The child doesn’t look like a bad person either.”

Song Zhi Xu’s heart was relieved a lot and only after a moment did he say, “It’s looking for me. Can you put him on the phone?”

“Okay, you wait.” The guard handed  over the phone to Lin Ran.

Lin Ran took a step forward, took the phone and immediately put it to his ear. His voice was tinged with a few sobbing tones as he called out, “Song Zhi Xu?”

“Hn, it’s me.” Song Zhi Xu sighed in relief, hearing Lin Ran’s crying sound, his voice unconsciously softened a little, “Ran Ran, wait for me there. I’ll be back in a moment, don’t be afraid.”

“Hm, Rang Ran wait for Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran didn’t cry even though he was scared all the way and he even gathered the courage to ask for directions, but the moment he heard Song Zhi Xu’s voice, his tears finally couldn’t help but fall down.

“Don’t cry, be good and wait for me.”

Song Zhi Xu comforted him a few times, after they hung up the phone, he ran out of the airport and drove his car back again.

Lin Ran returned the phone to the security guard, held his bag and went out to wait for Song Zhi Xu.

Although the weather was not too cold now, it was already dark and the night in the north was still a bit cool. The security guard advised him to wait inside, but Lin Ran refused it. 

Lin Ran shook his head, somewhat stubborn as he stood at the villa area’s entrance. 

A small figure, almost hidden in the night.

He was wearing thin clothes because he had just come from Haicheng, soon he had already been blown by the slightly cool night breeze.

But he still stood there stubbornly and waited for almost an hour. By the time Song Zhi Xu’s car stopped at the entrance, Lin Ran’s face was already pale from the cold. When he saw Song Zhi Xu, he immediately tried to run over to him, but his legs were numb from standing for too long that he failed to take a step and fell to the ground. He let out a small grunt of pain, but immediately looked up at Song Zhi Xu.

“Ran Ran.” Song Zhi Xu immediately opened the car door, took a big step as he came over and helped the person on the ground to stand up. 

“Huu~, Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran’s tears flowed out again, not caring about the pain on his body, he hugged Song Zhi Xu’s neck tightly, rubbing his tears all over his neck, while crying, “Ran Ran… Ran Ran misses Song Zhi Xu.”

“It’s okay, I’m here, I’m here.” Song Zhi Xu hugged him and gently patted his back.

After crying for a while, the sobs in Song Zhi Xu’s ears suddenly stopped and Lin Ran’s body leaned to the other side a little, without strength.

Song Zhi Xu immediately pushed him away, only to find that Lin Ran’s face was deathly pale. He already closed his eyes and passed out…


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