The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 56

Chapter 56 : Song Zhi Xu will get nosebleeds. 

Lin Ran slowly walked over to the bed and saw that Song Zhi Xu was still asleep before he reached out to pull Song Zhi Xu’s quilt. After pulling Song Zhi Xu’s blanket away from the bed, Lin Ran slowly got in and ran his hands over Song Zhi Xu’s body.

After searching for a while, he couldn’t find anything either. Could it be that Song Zhi Xu did not bring it with him today?

On the bed, the person he had put his hands on already opened his eyes, so when he looked down at his body, he saw a bulging ball under the quilt.

Song Zhi Xu barely thought of anyone else who could sneak into his room in the middle of the night, except for Lin Ran, there could not be anyone else. As he was thinking about it, Lin Ran’s hand suddenly touched a place that he shouldn’t have touched. Song Zhi Xu’s body tightened, and a muffled grunt escaped from his throat uncontrollably.

He pulled the quilt away a little and spoke in a deep voice to the person under the covers, “Lin Ran, come out.”

Lin Ran’s movements stopped as he heard the displeasure in Song Zhi Xu’s voice. He immediately took his head out from under the quilt and stood on the bedside with his head bowed like a child waiting for a parent to reprimand him for something he had done wrong.

“What are you doing?” Song Zhi Xu’s sleep was disturbed and he was touched for some while in the middle of the night, so he wasn’t really in a good mood.

“Sorry, Ran Ran wanted to apologize to Song Zhi Xu’s treasured baby.” It was the first time Song Zhi Xu spoke to Lin Ran in such a harsh tone. Lin Ran felt some hard feelings and some grievances in his heart, so his voice unconsciously took on a crying tone. He had come to apologise but it seemed that he had made Song Zhi Xu even angrier. He felt that he was really too stupid.

“What treasured baby?” Song Zhi Xu was confused, probably because he hadn’t woken up and couldn’t remember what kind of treasured baby he had, “It’s the treasure that Song Zhi Xu hid when he was sleeping. Ran Ran had touched it before.” Lin Ran felt even unhappy in his heart, he had found it yet Song Zhi Xu still refused to admit it.

Song Zhi Xu didn’t know what expression he should make at the moment, thinking about the day he ‘touched’ it, he still felt some pain.

When he came back to his senses, Lin Ran was already shrugging his shoulders and crying. Song Zhi Xu sighed, still couldn’t bear to let Lin Ran look like this. Finally, Song Zhi Xu lifted his quilt and said to Lin Ran, “Come in.”

Lin Ran still had two teardrops on his face, but he never got angry with Song Zhi Xu, so he immediately crawled in through the gap that Song Zhi Xu had opened and lay on top of Song Zhi Xu’s body, still sniffling in grievance. Song Zhi Xu sighed and patted his buttocks, his voice unconsciously softening.

“It’s In the middle of the night, why did you secretly come over here by yourself?” Lin Ran hadn’t changed his clothes into pajamas, it was still the same casual clothes he wore before going back to his room, just now the room was dark, so Song Zhi Xu didn’t notice, but now once he touched him he knew.

“Sorry, Ran Ran lied to Song Zhi Xu that Ran Ran did not go back to sleep in the room but hiding outside the room, want, want to personally apologize to Song Zhi Xu’s treasured baby. ” Lin Ran said in a small voice honestly.

Hearing him say “personally” (with his own mouth), Song Zhi Xu unconsciously swallowed his saliva and hugged him somewhat tighter in his arms, kissing Lin Ran on the forehead with a helpless smile.

How could there be such a little fool? Blinking his innocent eyes, not understanding anything at all, talking in a silly way but he gets to the point. Teasing him Unconsciously, making him on fire yet he didn’t know what to do with the person on his body. 

After a moment of silence, Song Zhi Xu’s voice had some touch of huskiness, “Does Ran Ran really want to know what it is?”

“Want.” Lin Ran nodded his head without any hesitation at all, full of excitement, “That’s very dangerous, but you can’t be afraid of it.” Song Zhi Xu added.

“Ran Ran is not afraid.” Lin Ran nodded his head again.

Song Zhi Xu rolled over and pinned him underneath him, kissing his lips and grinding it delicately.

“You’re really not afraid?” Song Zhi Xu slightly separated from him a little, the two noses extremely close to each other, as they exchanged breaths.

Lin Ran shook his head, Song Zhi Xu then moved his lips to the top of his neck again as Song Zhi Xu took hold of his wrist and slowly worked his way down.

It wasn’t long before Lin Ran ran out of Song Zhi Xu’s room with one hand pulling at the waist of his trousers while his other hand covering his lips with a red face.

Song Zhi Xu’s clothes were dishevelled as he maintained the position he had been pushed from and sat frozen on the bed, coming back to his senses, he bowed down, looked for a while before he patted his cheek again and finally resigning himself to the fate, standing up and went into the bathroom. The cold water poured down from his head, eliminating the fire in Song Zhi Xu’s body, letting him clear his head.

Just now in bed, he had been unable to hold back. If he hadn’t scared Lin Ran and been pushed away by him, there was no telling what would have happened tonight. His self control, in front of Lin Ran, he really couldn’t withstand any single blow.

Song Zhi Xu stayed in the bathroom for a long time, until all the fire in his body had dissipated and he came out dripping wet.

He didn’t even bother to wipe the water drops off from his body, he just casually wrapped a bath towel around his waist and his hair was still dripping with water.

He stood at the window blowing in the cool breeze outside and quietly smoked a cigarette, waiting for him to calm down before turning around and heading out of the door, wanting to go and find Lin Ran to explain. He probably had scared the person.

But when he reached Lin Ran’s door, Song Zhi Xu hesitated, not knowing how to face Lin Ran, so he finally knocked on the door. There was no sound inside the door, so Song Zhi Xu called out to him a few more times, “Ran Ran?” Yet there was no response at all. 

After standing there for a while, he could only leave, Lin Ran probably did not want to see him right now.

Lin Ran was standing in the bathroom at this moment, his cheeks were still a little flushed and he had taken off all his clothes, standing naked in front of the mirror.

He carefully looked at himself in the mirror, then reached out and gently touched the red marks on his neck with his fingertips, which were slightly painful and must have been bitten by Song Zhi Xu just now.

Lin Ran pouted, Song Zhi Xu unexpectedly bit him. After that, his eyes slowly went down and he sized himself up all over his cheeks reddened even more.

Obviously both of them had it too, but why was Song Zhi Xu’s thing different? He didn’t understand.

After a long time standing in the bathroom, Lin Ran was a little cold, only then Lin Ran picked up his pajamas and put it on, before then walking out.

Before going to bed, Lin Ran deliberately locked the door of his room from inside, he was afraid that Song Zhi Xu would come over to undress him in the middle of the night.

Song Zhi Xu tossed and turned in bed all night, but did not sleep. It was until time for him to get up and go to work before Song Zhi Xu got up at dawn.

After washing up, he habitually went to call Lin Ran again, but the door did not open when he unscrewed it. Thinking of what happened last night, Song Zhi Xu’s eyes dropped and he stood at the door for a while before leaving.

After making breakfast by himself, Song Zhi Xu didn’t have much of an appetite, he just prepared Lin Ran’s breakfast and  then left him a note saying he was going to work.

He waited until he was about to be late before he left. There was no movement in the bedroom upstairs and in the end Lin Ran didn’t come out.

Song Zhi Xu felt some loss in his heart, but he wouldn’t let these things disrupt his day, so he still went to the office. Because he slept late in the middle of the night, it was already after nine in the morning when Lin Ran woke up.

He glanced at the time, immediately afterwards he got up from the bed and ran out, Song Zhi Xu’s room was already empty. 

Lin Ran could only go back to his own room and change his clothes before going downstairs to the dining table. The breakfast that Song Zhi Xu had prepared for him was quietly placed on the table, and as he approached, there was a sticky note underneath the plate that Song Zhi Xu had left for him. It was a simple message, telling him to eat his breakfast and that he was going to the office.

Lin Ran read it carefully a few times, put the note in his pocket, took the breakfast to the kitchen and put it in the microwave.

Song Zhi Xu had taught him how to use the microwave before, so the matter of heating up breakfast was not difficult for Lin Ran.

After he finished his breakfast alone, Lin Ran cleared the table and wiped down all the furniture in the house.

The villa was so big that it was already noon when he finished. Lin Ran touched his aching back and sat on the sofa, staring at the empty villa for a while. He already thought about it and wanted to apologize yesterday, but he hadn’t even said anything yet but he had already been scared. Moreover, his Gege had told him that Song Zhi Xu wasn’t allowed to take off his clothes, so he ran away in fear.

Lin Ran touched his neck again, blushed and buried his head down on top of the pillow in his arms, embarrassed to lift it up for a long time. After sitting for a while, the phone rang next to him, Lin Ran was startled but quickly reacted, only Song Zhi Xu would call to the phone at home.

He hurriedly picked it up, put it to his ear and called him out in a small voice, “Song Zhi Xu.”

The other party was silent for a moment and answered, 

“Ran Ran, the assistant left your lunch at the front door. He has already left, so you go and get it by yourself.”

“Okay.” Lin Ran agreed, afraid that Song Zhi Xu would hang up the phone so he called out Song Zhi Xu’s name again in small voice, 

After calling out his name he fell silent, neither of them spoke and all that could be heard over the phone was each other’s light breathing.

“Ran Ran, I’m sorry, I guess I scared you last night.” In the end it was Song Zhi Xu who spoke first.

Lin Ran replied with “Hn.” and said back to Song Zhi Xu in a small voice, “I’m sorry.”

The person on the other side of the table paused, somehow confused.

“Ran Ran, why did you say sorry?”

Lin Ran bit his lip and finally said, “Last night, was Song Zhi Xu angry? That very angry type of angry?”

“No. I’m not angry, I just blame myself that I shouldn’t scare you. You don’t understand anything and I, I also did that kind of thing. It’s my fault.” Thinking about last night, Song Zhi Xu’s mind unconsciously came back to the warmth of Lin Ran’s hand last night, a dry heat rose under him again. He took several deep breaths before he could suppress the feeling. Having tasted the marrow, the longing for its savour grows.

“It’s not (like that).” Lin Ran subconsciously retorted, although he had been scared last night, it wasn’t because of this, he bit his lip and said in a small voice, “Ran Ran had to protect Song Zhi Xu, so Song Zhi Xu can’t take off my clothes, since Song Zhi Xu, Song Zhi Xu would have a nosebleed, so that’s why ‘Ran Ran’ ran away.”

Song Zhi Xu’s face stiffened and the fire he had just felt dissipated in an instant. He looked down at the medicine on his desk that Mu Qingting had given him to defeat his fire as he could not move his eyes from it. 

When he came back to his senses, he immediately hung up the phone in his hand. He covered his face, somewhat embarrassed. 

Lin Ran unexpectedly remembered it all?

Like this, how can he have the face to meet Lin Ran in the future? So shameful. 


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