The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 59

Chapter 59 : Song Zhi Xu, don’t go, okay?

“Sick?” Mu Qingting sensed a hint of something wrong from Song Zhi Xu’s tone and immediately forgot his own question and asked, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you, you also drank too much last night?” Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran who was sleeping on the bed, a little embarrassed, but still said, 

“I couldn’t control it last night, with Ran Ran…,” Song Zhi Xu didn’t say it directly, but Mu Qingting also understood. He then listened to Song Zhi Xu say, “Ran Ran kept saying that it hurt, so I went to buy ointment, but how do I use it?” Song Zhi Xu was also doing something like this for the first time so he was afraid of hurting Lin Ran, so he was at a loss what to do for a while. “You didn’t use anything last night?”

Mu Qingting was surprised, then how hurt could it be? 

Song Zhi Xu replied with ‘Hn.’, he was too drunk last night and didn’t think of anything, besides there was nothing at home.

“Then you hurry up to see it, if the injury is serious then you have to go to the hospital ah.” Mu Qingting pursed his lips, “Just use your fingers and apply the medicine.” The two said a few words before then hung up the phone, only then Song Zhi Xu slowly lifted Lin Ran’s nightgown.

Looking at it, there was just some redness and swelling, the skin on Lin Ran’s body had always been delicate, plus it was only because he was sick so he kept saying hurt.

Song Zhi Xu carefully put medicine on Lin Ran and tidied him up again, washed his hands and went to the balcony.

He was just about to call Mu Qingting when a text message popped up on his phone, it was from Xiao Nanyu just a simple line. [Mr. Song, consider me to owe you a favor, the matter of Dr. Mu still please do not interfere.]

Song Zhi Xu read it twice carefully, frowned and was just about to return the message and ask him what happened when Mu Qingting’s phone call came once again. Song Zhi Xu answered the phone first and put it to his ear. Mu Qingting’s voice came from the other side, 

“Are you done with it yet?”

“Hn.” Song Zhi Xu responded to him and then asked, “Tell me, what’s happened to you?”

‘Is it you who handed me over to that little bastard Xiao Nanyu last night?”

Mu Qingting asked in a huff, then shouted in a voice that sounded like he was about to cry, “I’ve lost everything, it’s all been forcibly seized by that little brute, so I’m going to live in your house from now on.”

Song Zhi Xu frowned in confusion, thinking of the text message he had just received, and he asked again, “What happened?”

“How should I know? I just had a drink, then I woke up, suddenly the apartment (contract) was cancelled, all my luggage was thrown out, the main point is… all my savings have been transferred to that little beast Xiao Nanyu, I can’t even afford to eat now.” Mu Qingting’s eyes were red as he looked at Xiao Nanyu who was looking at him with an innocent face not far away and his heart hurt. 

Song Zhi Xu was a bit surprised, he didn’t expect things to become like this just overnight, this Xiao Nanyu really had his trick.

“So where are you now?” Song Zhi Xu could still vaguely hear the sound of a car from the other side of the phone.

“I didn’t know where my car was parked somewhere last night and I just got kicked out and dragged my suitcase on the roadside, so if you have time then come to pick me up, ba or have someone else come to pick me up is also okay.” Mu Qingting felt a sense of loss, he hadn’t been this down or in dire straits for a long time.

Song Zhi Xu thought of that message, he was silent for a moment yet he still said, “It’s not convenient here, Ran Ran is afraid of people. Whoever takes your money then let him feed you, ba.”

“I don’t wanna, the sight of him annoys me. Do I need him to (support) raise me?” Mu Qingting pouted as he exerted his energy to kick the rocks under his feet into the direction of Xiao Nanyu not far away from him. 

Song Zhi Xu knew Mu Qingting too well, so this time, it was not bad to sell Xiao Nanyu a favour, after all, Lin Ran’s illness still depended on Xiao Nanyu. “Qingting, (are you sure that) you don’t want your ‘all these years’ money? So how about you stick around him and find a way to get your money back?” said Song Zhi Xu. 

Mu Qingting froze and looked at Xiao Nanyu’s direction, his eyes lit up. That’s right ah, that was his hard work for years, Xiao Nanyu said it was his voluntary transfer but is it really voluntary? Last night he was too drunk and didn’t know and remember anything anymore so he won’t admit (accept) it.

Hanging up the phone, Mu Qingting took a deep breath, ‘panting with rage’ as he dragged his suitcase and walked up to Xiao Nanyu, stretching his hands out to him, “Give me back my money, or I’ll eat your and live with you, also make you serve me.”

Xiao Nanyu suppressed the surprise in his heart as he hurriedly carried the suitcase over from Mu Qingting’s hand and walked again towards the place where the two had just come. “Dr. Mu, I told you before right, just take the luggage directly to my place downstairs yet you still want to come out and run out for a while. Let’s hurry back. You must be hungry ba.”

Mu Qingting reluctantly walked behind him, somewhat sulking. It was only after he woke up at Xiao Nanyu’s house this morning that he knew that Xiao Nanyu was living downstairs from him, only before he could react, the landlord had called him and kicked him out.

Mu Qingting sighed, now he had no place to live and he also had no money, so he could only do this for now.

Lin Ran slept from noon to late afternoon before waking up. When he opened his eyes, Song Zhi Xu already sat beside him, leaning on the bed and looking at the computer screen. The evening sun was already setting outside, since the room was slightly dark, the light from the computer screen reflected Song Zhi Xu’s face which was slightly pale, “Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran had just woken up from a nap and his voice was slightly hoarse as he called out his name.

When Song Zhi Xu heard the sound, he looked sideways to see that Lin Ran was awake, therefore he closed his computer, bent down to drop a light kiss on Lin Ran’s forehead.

“Ran Ran, you’re awake, do you still feel unwell?”

Lin Ran felt it, he seemed to feel better there after sleeping, but his back was still sore.

So Lin Ran nodded his head and took Song Zhi Xu’s hand and placed it on his own waist, muttering in a somewhat delicate whisper, 

“Ran Ran, it’s uncomfortable here.”

Song Zhi Xu’s hand naturally squeezed Lin Ran’s waist and lay down to hold him in his embrace before then giving him a rub.

The two of them stayed in bed for a long time. It was only when the sun was setting outside and it was getting a little dark that Song Zhi Xu turned on the light and got up with Lin Ran in his arms.

Because he had woken up late in the morning, so it was already close to noon when Lin Ran had breakfast. Since he had slept until late in the evening after eating, Song Zhi Xu was afraid that Lin Ran might be hungry, after all, he had only eaten a bowl of porridge and a fried egg. Lin Ran had slept enough and did not fuss any more, so he took his own slippers as he was carried downstairs by Song Zhi Xu.

Song Zhi Xu put him on the sofa, turned on the TV and found the cartoons Lin Ran liked to watch. He let him stay on the sofa before he went back into the kitchen to make dinner.

After sitting down properly, then they finished eating, Song Zhi Xu accompanied Lin Ran again to nestle on the sofa. He leaned on the sofa and looked at his phone while Lin Ran lay on his lap and watched TV. Song Zhi Xu looked at the calendar on his phone, still thinking about going to see that house with Lin Ran, so he looked down and asked Lin Ran. “Ran Ran, let’s go to Hai Cheng next month, okay?” When Lin Ran heard this, he immediately looked up at Song Zhi Xu and said happily, “Is it to go find my brother?”

“We can go and look for Lin Mu if we have time, but we mainly have other things to do.” Song Zhi Xu said honestly. Lin Ran nodded, in fact he was not familiar with HaiCheng, he could not remember anything from his childhood, and he had not lived there for long after being picked up, but if Song Zhi Xu wanted to go, Lin Ran naturally wanted to go with him.

Song Zhi Xu pinched Lin Ran’s cheek and finally couldn’t resist bending down to give him a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

He took a look at the calendar on his mobile phone again and thought for a moment that it was now nearing the end of the month, so that he would have to work a few days of overtime at the company before he could find time to go to HaiCheng after spending the last two days at home with Lin Ran and didn’t go to the office. 

Song Zhi Xu’s hand was suddenly pulled by Lin Ran. He looked down and saw the corner of his lips curl up with a smile.

The night came, and it was almost time for Lin Ran to go to bed. Although Lin Ran had slept for half a day and was not really sleepy, Song Zhi Xu still turned off the TV and carried him upstairs again.

The two of them were lying together, but Lin Ran was still a bit afraid and had to sleep under two quilts with Song Zhi Xu.

Although Song Zhi Xu was a bit dissatisfied, it was really because he had drunk too much wine that scared Lin Ran, so he could only agree with it helplessly. After making up the bed and watching Lin Ran, who had just taken a bath, roll in and wrap up tightly, he sat on the edge of the bed for a while before going into the bathroom to take a bath.

However, Lin Ran still did not sleep honestly at night, so Song Zhi Xu loosened the two quilts for him and it didn’t take a long time before Lin Ran rolled under his quilt, and only then did Song Zhi Xu satisfiedly fall asleep with him in his embrace. 

Song Zhi Xu stayed at home to accompany Lin Ran for two more days, and after Lin Ran’s body had completely recovered, he went to the office to work.

After a week of intense overtime work, Song Zhi Xu finally managed to find time before he bought a ticket to Haicheng.

Since they were not too far away, the two of them slept together until they woke up naturally, and only then did they get up slowly and have breakfast to go to the airplane. The plane landed in HaiCheng, and because Song Zhi Xu hadn’t told anyone before he came over, there was no one to pick him up. 

The two of them took a taxi to the hotel they had booked in advance, put their things away, took a rest first before then went out to rent a car.

Song Zhi Xu rented a new car from the shop and brought Lin Ran to search for the house on the address.

The hotel was not far from the address of the house, so it didn’t take long as the two of them arrived in the area. However, since the surrounding area had already been demolished and relocated its inhabitants, the car could not enter, so Song Zhi Xu could only find a distant place to park, and then dragged Lin Ran slowly inside. There were a lot of half-demolished ruins around, and when the two of them arrived there, it was already dusk and there was no one there. Lin Ran was a bit scared and cowered next to Song Zhi Xu, looking around in a bit of panic. Song Zhi Xu gently patted Lin Ran’s hand while his eyes kept searching for people to ask for directions.

This is an old apartment building with a large area, the two of them parked their car on the outside, so they didn’t know where they were after they walked in. It wasn’t easy to find the place because both of them didn’t know their way.

They walked from dusk until it was dark, but they didn’t run into anyone, and even the small buildings that hadn’t been demolished had no lights inside. “Song Zhi Xu, don’t go, okay, Ran Ran is afraid.” The road under Lin Ran’s feet was uneven, furthermore, he couldn’t see well and he had already sprained his ankle several times. Song Zhi Xu was just about to reply, ‘It’s already not far away.’ when the sound of footsteps suddenly came from not far away and an electric torch lighted on them.


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