The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie always think that he is a stand-in Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Just one is fine

Song Zhi Xu walked over with a gloomy face and was seen by Lin Ran before he could even get close.

Lin Ran put down the things in his hand and ran out of ‘the lost and found office’ with quick steps.

He jumped into Song Zhi Xu’s arms and the tears he had been holding back for so long finally fell down.

“Song Zhi Xu, why did you get lost? Ran Ran just changed clothes and you suddenly disappeared.”

Lin Ran hugged Song Zhi Xu tightly, his tears were stained on Song Zhi Xu’s clothes.The few women who had just surrounded Lin Ran also came around and rambled at Song Zhi Xu.

“You…are his brother, right? How can you lose him? It looks like you’ve never been out of the house or…”

One woman pointed at her own head.The moment Lin Ran was led here, he was cowering. He could only mutter “Looking for Song Zhi Xu.”

Several people said they would help him to find Song Zhi Xu, only then did he stammer in his speech and explain that by the time he had changed his clothes, Song Zhi Xu had already disappeared.

Several people thought he was abandoned on purpose, so after short discussion, they broadcast ‘the lost and found’ announcement, but lucky that he was not abandoned.

Song Zhi Xu patted Lin Ran’s back and nodded to a few people.

“Sorry for the trouble, I’ll take him back.”

Several women gave him the snacks Lin Ran hadn’t finished eating just now and let him take it back before he left with Song Zhi Xu.

Lin Ran didn’t wear any shoes so he stepped on the floor with his bare feet, lowering his head and whispering to Song Zhi Xu, “You can’t get lost again, Ran Ran doesn’t know the way and can’t find you.”

Song Zhi Xu stopped slightly in his tracks and looked back at the person who was crying with the tip of his nose red, hugging a snack and had some helplessness to emphasize this matter to him.

“The person who got lost was you, not me.”

Lin Ran looked up at him and shook his head again, “You were the one who got lost. Ran Ran was looking for you.”

“You were the one who ran out by yourself and got lost. Moreover, you are still wearing someone else’s clothes.”

Song Zhi Xu emphasized again.He only went for a cigarette, and when he came back, this person was gone, but now it was as if he was the one who had gotten lost instead.

Lin Ran looked at the clothes he was wearing, lowered his head and finally didn’t refute again. He said in a small voice, “Then …Then let’s pretend that Ran Ran is the one who got lost, but Ran Ran did go looking for you.”

Song Zhi Xu felt suffocated in his chest, neither up and down and stuck in there.

He finally didn’t bother and was too lazy to argue with him anymore, turning his head and walking forward again.

Lin Ran came running to catch up with him, tugging at the corner of his shirt and said in a low voice again.

“Song Zhixu, my feets are cold.”

Song Zhi Xu looked down and saw his bare feet on the ground, originally his shoes were not dry yet so he wore slippers out of the house and now even his slippers were gone.His white and round feet were on the ground.

He didn’t know how many places he had already stepped on with his bare feet.

Song Zhi Xu looked at him for a while, but finally picked him up and quickly walked back upstairs again.

Lin Ran was so close to Song Zhi Xu that he could almost see his chin when he looked up. He grabbed Song Zhi Xu’s shirt with some nervousness.

Somehow his cheeks turned red and he asked in a small voice in his arms.

“We…Where are we going?”

“Back to get your slippers.”

Song Zhi Xu simply replied to him, carrying him into the lift.After quickly finding the shop they had just been in, he carried Lin Ran through the door.

“Pack all the clothes in the shop that fit him, I want all of them!”

Lin Ran saw his shoes and clothes being put at one side so he struggled to get down from Song Zhi Xu’s embrace.

He ran over to put them on himself. With his hands being free, Song Zhi Xu pointed to the shop assistant on the other side, “Let her settle the bill.”

The female shop assistant was full of surprise, nodding her head and going to load the clothes.The shop assistant who previously grabbed Song Zhi Xu’s clothes stood on the other side and gritted her teeth tightly.

She wanted to have a share of profits, but didn’t dare when she saw Song Zhi Xu’s gloomy face.She could only look on helplessly as her colleagues earned her two months’ commission in one day. She felt upset that she shouldn’t have thought that these two people were trying to go back on his word, so she did something like that.

Lin Ran put on his shoes, put his clothes in his arms and immediately went back to Song Zhi Xu’s side, clinging to him tightly.He didn’t dare to change his clothes, afraid that when he came out after changing, Song Zhi Xu would once again disappear, so he had to keep his eyes on Song Zhi Xu.

Song Zhi Xu pulled Lin Ran to sit on the sofa until all the clothes were packed, then he swiped his card and left his address so someone could send it over.

He dragged Lin Ran to buy underwear, pajamas and the last one was shoes.

He didn’t let Lin Ran choose by himself anymore because he knew Lin Ran wouldn’t be able to choose, so he just asked the shop manager to pack all the things that fit him and he bought them all together in three shops.

On the way back, the sweet smell of the cake from the bakery shop in the shopping mall came out, Lin Ran smelled it and glanced over there, seeing many people entering the shop, but he just swallowed his saliva and continued to follow Song Zhi Xu.

Because Lin Ran had been pulling on Song Zhi Xu’s clothes, Song Zhi Xu could feel the moment when his footsteps stopped for a while so he looked over, just in time to see Lin Ran’s eyes moving away from the cake shop.

Song Zhi Xu knew that he wanted to eat a cake, so he stopped his step.

“If you want to eat it, go in and take a look.”

He pulled Lin Ran towards the cake shop.Lin Ran was somewhat in a panic and shook his head, “No… No need, don’t want to eat.”

Song Zhi Xu ignored him, directly pulled him in and asked him again, “Choose it yourself or do you want all of them again?”

Lin Ran had just seen what Song Zhi Xu’s “want all of them again” looked like, so he immediately whispered, “Just one is fine.”

He looked through the glass counter and finally chose a fist-sized strawberry cake.After Song Zhi Xu paid for the cake, Lin Ran carefully carried it with one hand while pulling Song Zhi Xu’s coat with his other hand and happily left the mall.

Only when he got to the car did he carefully open the package and use the fork to cut the strawberry cake into half and hand it over to Song Zhi Xu first.

“Give it to you first.”

Song Zhi Xu took a quick glance at it, he didn’t really like this kind of thing, so he shook his head.

“You eat it, I drive.”

Seeing that he really wasn’t going to eat, Lin Ran took the strawberry back and put it in his mouth.The strawberry had some sourness, so he narrowed his eyes because of the sourness, but he still smiled happily while talking to Song Zhi Xu.

“This is strawberry, Ran Ran knows it. It’s pictured in the drawing book that Gege bought for Ran Ran, but it tastes so delicious.”

This was the first time he had eaten strawberry, his Gege had bought him strawberry cake before, but he had never eaten it.

Auntie Nanny and her son ate all the cake and when Lin Ran tidied up the rest of the plate there was still a little cream left on it, he secretly poked it up with his finger and put it in his mouth, it tasted sweet.

Song Zhi Xu glanced at him before leaving the garage. In the dimly lit car, the young man was holding a piece of strawberry cake in both hands, lowering his head and in turn between the light and shadow, Song Zhi Xu seemed to see a layer of moisture in his eyes.

He was obviously the young master of the Lin family, but no one outside knew of his existence. He had to work every day and very carefully, didn’t dare to demand or ask for it.

Song Zhi Xu was suddenly full of curiosity, the Lin family didn’t lack money, but how did they raise him to be like this?

Lin Ran finally just in time ate the cake until only the cream was left, he narrowed his eyes and let the cream’s milky sweet taste spread in his mouth for a long time before he reluctantly swallowed it.

His eyes shone brightly as he looked at Song Zhi Xu beside him and once again said,”Song Zhi Xu, you’re a good person, you’re so nice.”


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