The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think That He Is a Stand-in
The Little Sweet Cutie Always Think that He is a Stand In Chapter 72

Chapter 72: 炫耀他肚子里有小宝宝

Showing off that he has a little baby in his belly

Song Zhi Xu paused his movements to clean up the bed, stood up and looked at Lin Mu for a moment before shaking his head.

“Lin Mu, I can understand that you loved Ran Ran dearly, but I promise you that this kind of thing won’t happen again. I can’t let you take Ran Ran away, not to mention that Ran Ran won’t go with you.”

Lin Mu opened his mouth, but in the end, he said nothing at all. Indeed, Lin Ran probably wouldn’t go with him, just like the last time Lin Ran had gone back with him, however, he still returned back here stealthily alone. However, he had only one family member, Lin Ran, therefore he still wanted to take Lin Ran away to stay beside him and take care of him. Song Zhi Xu turned around and tidied up the bed again for him, after that without staying for much longer, he then left. 

Lin Ran slept by himself at the moment and he would look for him if he didn’t see him for too long. Since Lin Ran was now pregnant, Song Zhi Xu didn’t need to avoid arousing any suspicion, so he went straight into the master bedroom and after he finished taking a shower, he climbed into bed and slowly stretched out Lin Ran whose body was curled up in a ball, into his embrace.

It was probably because he had slept alone for too long in the past few years that Lin Ran liked to curl up in a ball when he slept, and it was only after he slept with Song Zhi Xu that he got better, but he still liked to curl up when Song Zhi Xu was not around. Previously, Song Zhi Xu didn’t think it was a problem, but now that Lin Ran was pregnant, he still had to pay more attention to it. 

Lin Ran moved while he was still in a daze, seemingly he had smelled the smell of Song Zhi Xu’s body, and moved even closer into his embrace, before then falling asleep again. Song Zhi Xu gently caressing Lin Ran’s back, his mind still thinking about Lin Mu’s words, many things he had not been able to understand before suddenly he was able to sort it out now. 

Since the Lin family would argue over Lin Ran’s other father, the one who scared Lin Ran last time might not be the Lin Uncle in the photo, but the other man on it.

This would explain why Lin Ran was not afraid of the family photo of the three members of the family, but of the photo of the two men in the box. Song Zhi Xu thought for a while and while they were in the darkness, he then looked at Lin Ran again. He prepared to find a chance to take Lin Ran home once, now that Lin Ran was pregnant, Song Zhi Xu still wanted to take him home and officially meet his parents and let them know. On the other hand, since his dad had that box he supposedly knew ‘that another father’ of Lin Ran.

After thinking things through, Song Zhi Xu got a little sleepy before he fell asleep with Lin Ran in his arms.

He slept until the next day and when it was dawn, Song Zhi Xu woke up first and stayed in bed with Lin Ran in his embrace for a little longer, but he got up and got ready to cook for breakfast.

It didn’t matter if he and Lin Ran were the only ones here, they usually ate when they woke up, but now that Lin Mu was still here Song Zhi Xu had to be more attentive.

But Song Zhi Xu had not been awake for so long. Lin Ran also woke up because there was no one beside him. 

When he opened his eyes, it was an unfamiliar room, Lin Ran didn’t react for a moment as he sat up on the bed, froze and looked around the room, until Song Zhi Xu finished washing the bowls and walked back to the room, only then he suddenly remembered that he was in the hospital.

“Song Zhi Xu.” Lin Ran stretched out his hand to Song Zhi Xu, who naturally walked over to him and held him up into his embrace. 

After giving him a kiss on the forehead, Song Zhi Xu said gently, “Are you still sleepy after waking up? Get up now or sleep some more?”

Lin Ran had been ‘sleepy’ lately so it was rare that he woke up so early. Usually, when he woke up, he could already and directly eat his meal.

Lin Ran shook his head, leaning into Song Zhi Xu’s arms as he yawned, pouted and said in a small voice, 

“Ran Ran dreamed that Gege had come.”

After being woken up by Song Zhi Xu in a daze last night, Lin Ran still thought that when he saw his Gege, it was probably just a dream.

Song Zhi Xu pinched his cheek and laughed in a low voice, “It’s not a dream, your Gege indeed did come. He came over last night. Do you want to meet him?”

As they were talking, the door of the side room being opened sounded, Lin Mu happened to come out of the room. Lin Ran heard the sound and looked at Song Zhi Xu, his eyes shining brightly, therefore without even thought about it, he pushed Song Zhi Xu away and struggled to climb out from the bed to look for Lin Mu, but this time he was pulled back and held by Song Zhi Xu’s quick eyes and deft hands. 

“Ran Ran, you can’t do it like this anymore that you say you gonna run then you run. What if you fall down? You still have a baby in your belly.” Song Zhi Xu was originally afraid of scaring Lin Ran so he didn’t tell him about the pregnancy, but now Lin Ran wasn’t being careful at all, so he had no choice but to remind Lin Ran.

Last night he had already scared Song Zhi Xu by suddenly running towards Lin Mu, and now he was recklessly getting up from the bed. Song Zhi Xu was afraid that Lin Ran might hurt himself when he didn’t pay attention to him. 

“Baby?” Lin Ran looked down on his own belly, he reached out and squeezed it, he seemed to have put on some weight recently; there was some fat on it. He then looked up at Song Zhi Xu again, “There is no baby in Ran Ran’s belly, only meat.” Song Zhi Xu really didn’t know how to explain to Lin Ran for a moment, after all, Lin Ran probably didn’t even understand what pregnancy and childbirth was.

Song Zhi Xu thought about it, in the end he still simply said, 

“I planted a little baby in Ran Ran’s belly, he will slowly grow up and come out.”

Lin Ran thought about it and stared in surprise, touching his stomach again and trying to knock on it, but was stopped by Song Zhi Xu.

He said in surprise, “So Ran Ran will also give birth to a little baby right, just like on TV? Then can Song Zhi Xu give birth?” Song Zhi Xu didn’t even know, Lin Ran watched cartoons every day and had seen this kind of cartoon, but he could understand what he was saying which saved Song Zhi Xu the trouble of explaining. He just shook his head, “I can’t, Ran Ran is greater than me.”

Lin Ran was happy that Song Zhi Xu praised him for being great, he then revealed a determined look on his face.

“Ran Ran will be careful, I won’t let the baby fall out, and will walk slowly.” Lin Ran carefully got off the bed and pulled Song Zhi Xu to see Lin Mu again.

Lin Mu had originally woken up early and wanted to prepare breakfast, but he hadn’t been in the kitchen long before Lin Ran rubbed against him, hugged him and wanted to talk to him. Song Zhi Xu took the knife from Lin Mu’s hand and let the two go out to talk while he was going to cook. 

Lin Mu didn’t insist and was pulled by Lin Ran to sit on the sofa. Lin Ran pulled open his clothes and showed Lin Mu his still flat as before little belly, touching it and said in a low voice, 

“Gege, Song Zhi Xu said that there is a little baby growing in Ran Ran’s belly and that Ran Ran is very awesome.”

Lin Mu was a little surprised that this time Song Zhi Xu unexpectedly already told Lin Ran, but he still reacted quickly and nodded his head before then he pulled Lin Ran’s clothes down to cover his belly.

“Hn, I saw it, Ran Ran is especially amazing.” Lin Ran was even happier now that his Gege had praised him too, he really was particularly great.

He whispered to Lin Mu, rambling on about the baby in his belly and about Song Zhi Xu.

Lin Mu was also willing to listen to him seriously and he was somewhat gratified to see that Lin Ran was having a good time.

But after quite a long time, he looked at Song Zhi Xu who was seriously making breakfast at the moment in the kitchen, Lin Mu hesitated for a while but still asked, 

“Ran Ran, do you want to go back with Gege?”

Lin Ran’s words stopped and he subconsciously asked a question in reply, 

“Is Song Zhi Xu coming along too? Or is it just like the last time when only Ran Ran is going home with Gege?”

Lin Mu was silent for a moment, yet in the end he still said, 

“Song Zhi Xu still had things to do here, so he can’t go with us.”

“Then, then Ran Ran wants to be with Song Zhi Xu.”

Although Gege was also important, he would especially…especially miss Song Zhi Xu.

Lin Mu had long expected this answer so he did not say more, smiled gently, raised his hand and touched Lin Ran’s hair. He nodded his head, “Good, then Ran Ran will stay here, Gege will often visit you.”

Song Zhi Xu brought out the breakfast and put it on the table, only then did the two walk to the table and prepare to eat.

After the two of them sat down, Song Zhi Xu brought out two more portions from the kitchen. Lin Mu was a bit confused and before he could ask, there was a knock on the door from outside.

Song Zhi Xu was expecting it and opened the door, not long after he walked in with Mu Qingting who had just arrived.

Mu Qingting rubbed his stomach, still slightly panting, as he said. “Old Song, have you cooked for me yet? I ran all the way from the neighborhood early in the morning, I’m starving to death.”

Before he could finish his words, Mu Qingting saw Lin Mu sitting at the table. He immediately looked at Song Zhi Xu again and saw that there were no injuries on Song Zhi Xu so he was somewhat surprised.

Song Zhi Xu had gotten someone’s little brother pregnant and didn’t get beaten, Lin Mu was really kind.

After greeting Lin Mu, Mu Qingting consciously sat down at the table and ate. The moment he picked up his chopsticks, he looked at the fried egg on his plate and paused, then ate as usual.

Mu Qingting is a chatterbox, and Lin Ran also talks a lot, so with the two of them around, the meal’s time was lively.

After he finished eating, Lin Mu just in time asked Mu Qingting about Lin Ran’s health, and only after he was sure that Lin Ran would be fine if he recuperated properly, only then did Lin Mu feel at ease.

When Lin Ran leaned over and tried to lift his shirt, probably to show off to Mu Qingting that he had a baby in his belly, Lin Mu was quick to pull it back.

“Ran Ran, you can’t lift your clothes to anyone.” He was Lin Ran’s elder brother, and it was fine for Lin Ran to show him, but it was different for Mu Qingting. Lin Ran didn’t understand and asked in confusion, “But, there’s a little baby in Ran Ran’s belly, have to look at it.”

If he showed it to Mu Qingting, Mu Qingting would have to praise him for being great too. “No, you can’t.” Lin Mu shook his head firmly.

Mu Qingting also reacted to what they were talking about and hurriedly got up, waving his hand.

“I, I won’t see it, I have to go to work, I’ll leave first.” If he watched it, then Song Zhi Xu would have beaten him up? This was not something good for him to look at.

Song Zhi Xu happened to come out of the kitchen and Mu Qingting pulled him straight into the corridor.

“Old Song, your Ran Ran is already pregnant. You can’t think recklessly, you have to treat him well. Don’t think about Lin Mu anymore.” Song Zhi Xu had some confusion as to how Mu Qingting could suddenly bring up this matter again.

“The past has been turned over, why bring it up again?” Mu Qingting surveyed Song Zhi Xu once, rolled his eyes and said, “Why did you suddenly make fried eggs for breakfast today? When you were at college, wasn’t that the breakfast that Lin Mu always ate? When I went to your house before, you and Lin Ran always ate boiled eggs. You made fried eggs this morning because you cared about Lin Mu, right? You haven’t forgotten about him yet, have you?”

Before Song Zhi Xu could say anything, there was a sudden sound of something from the door, the two had just come out without closing the door, and now Lin Mu was standing at the door, his eyes full of surprise, obviously he had heard it.


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