The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 10


When Zhou Peiyun saw the name flickering on Su Yaya’s screen, she realized that her guess was wrong. Su Yaya and Shen Xiuqi were in a pretty good relationship as Su Yaya claimed! 

Su Yaya smiled and said to Zhou Peiyun, “Sister Zhou, I’m going to answer him.”

As she said this, she went to the side to answer his call.

Shen Xiuqi’s pleasant voice rang from the phone, “Where are you?”

“I’m at the company.” Su Yaya responded, “I’m talking to Sister Zhou regarding work matters. She said there’s an advertisement that I can film.”

Shen Xiuqi remembered this. “Right, you told me about this yesterday.”

“Mhm.” Su Yaya felt it was strange that he was calling her now. She asked out of curiosity, “Are you not busy now? How do you have time to call me?”

Shen Xiuqi replied, “Some matters in the company came up all of a sudden. I need to go to S City and won’t be back until the day after. Do you want anything? I can bring something back for you.”

No woman didn’t like gifts. In the past whenever Shen Xiuqi went on business trips, he would bring some gifts back for Su Yaya, and after a few times, it became a habit. Whenever he went on business trips, he would ask her what she wanted and he would bring it back for her.

Su Yaya thought about it. She had everything she needed, and since Shen Xiuqi just gave her a platinum card, if she needed something, she could just buy it at the shopping mall. There was nothing else she needed at the moment, so she replied obediently, “I don’t have anything I want. I just want you to come back early.”

“Do you really don’t have anything you want me to buy for you?” Shen Xiuqi was generous with Su Yaya. Ever since he met her and started to pursue her, he was never stingy and bought her everything she wanted. First, he had enough money and didn’t care that much about it. Second, Su Yaya was to his taste, so it didn’t matter if he wanted to pamper his woman.

Su Yaya was not impolite with him, she would tell Shen Xiuqi if she wanted anything, whether it be limited edition purses, cosmetics, or jewelry, she would ask for many precious and valuable items from him. Because of this, Shen Xiuqi had a certain understanding of her, so he felt it was strange that she didn’t ask for anything from him this time; this wasn’t like her usual style. 

Aware of how the original host got along with Shen Xiuqi, Su Yaya laughed and explained, “You already gifted me many things. I really don’t want anything for the time being.” She thought about it and added, “If I really want something, then I hope you can come back safely. I will be waiting for you at home.”

Shen Xiuqi was slightly stunned. This was the first time she had said something like that since he had known her. A strange and warm feeling rose in his heart, her considerate words made him happy.

“Okay.” Shen Xiuqi’s laughter came from the phone as he said, “I will finish my work as soon as possible and come home early. You have to be good at home, understand?”

Was he treating her like a kid?

“I know.” Su Yaya said obediently. 

Shen Xiuqi talked with her more before hanging up.

Once Su Yaya got off the call, she looked over to see Zhou Peiyun leaning against the table, smiling at her. She looked at her gently as if she was her family. 

“Sister Zhou, can you stop looking at me with that kind of eyes?” Su Yaya was frightened by her gaze, thinking she had done something wrong. 

“So it was really President Shen who called you, and seeing how you guys are stuck like glue, it seems like you two have a great relationship.” Zhou Peiyun was satisfied with Su Yaya’s behavior; she had never been this satisfied as today. No wonder people say one makes great progress after a few days of not seeing each other. She and Su Yaya had not seen each other for half a month, and within that period, Su Yaya had become smarter. Thinking about her slob character before, Zhou Peiyun was worried that if President Shen didn’t want her anymore, this girl probably wouldn’t even have time to cry, but seeing her now, it seems that Su Yaya had reached a certain kind of understanding, so now it was possible to continue cultivating her.

Su Yaya didn’t know what Zhou Peiyun had been thinking. When she heard her manager comment that she and Shen Xiuqi had a great relationship, she couldn’t help but laugh. Her beautiful eyes bent into crescent-like as she sweetly said, “We do have a great relationship. He even gave me a platinum card and told me to buy whatever I liked. He even asked if I wanted gifts just now, but he had already given me so much, especially this morning, giving me the second female lead role. Hee hee hee…”

Looking at her silly appearance, Zhou Peiyun wanted to take back her previous thoughts. She thought that this girl had become smarter, but as it turned out, she only had that much ambition. Zhou Peiyun doubted whether she had misjudged her when she chose her.

After foolishly laughing, Su Yaya finally remembered the real reason why she was there. She looked at Zhou Peiyun and said, “Sister Zhou, is it fine if I sign the contract for the second female lead? You know that I don’t understand these things well. Can you look at it for me?”

Although Su Yaya had a dream of becoming a celebrity, she was never part of the entertainment circle in her past life, so she didn’t understand contracts and such. Even though the original host had entered the entertainment circle, she only filmed an online drama and never worked seriously after. Every day, she was focused on going on dates with Shen Xiuqi. Her heart wasn’t on her work so she naturally didn’t understand these terms and conditions.

However, Su Yaya felt that since Zhou Peiyun was her manager and a professional in this field there would be no problem in letting her handle this matter. 

It was in fact what Su Yaya had expected, after Zhou Peiyun saw the contract and parts of the script, based on her basic knowledge, she said positively, “President Shen had given you this role so there will naturally be no problem with the contract. Plus, this script is reliable. If you can film with Director Zhou Tongguang and receive his guidance, it is a good opportunity for you. You don’t need to consider it. Just sign it.”

“Okay. Since Sister Zhou said so, I’ll sign the contract.” Su Yaya was obedient and did what Zhou Peiyun said. 

Zhou Peiyun looked at her and slightly shook her head as she said in concern, “You probably don’t know the things people do to get a role in this drama even if it’s just a side role, yet you easily obtained the second female lead. Once people find out, they will all be envious of you, so it’s better to keep this low profile. You must not let others know, lest people will hate you.”

“I know, I know.” Su Yaya hurriedly nodded. Sometimes, when someone obtains something good, others will be envious and hate them. This was the same in every company. People would congratulate her, and even ask for her to treat them but behind her back they would talk badly of her, even though she got this work through hard work. She had experienced this before so she understood this reason well, so she definitely won’t brag about this.

After she explained other details to Su Yaya, Zhou Peiyun worriedly reminded her and specifically emphasized, “Director Zhou Tongguang has high standards for actors, especially their acting. If you’re bad at this, he will reprimand you. Your acting won’t be good enough in front of Director Zhou Tongguang, so you better observe and study the script in your free time. When you have time, come to the company for acting classes. Otherwise, you might be reprimanded by Director Zhou Tongguang and cry.”

“Director Zhou Tongguang is that fierce?” Su Yaya stuck her tongue out, feeling a little scared!

“Yes, so you need to work hard.” Zhou Peiyun said. 

Su Yaya thought about it, since she wanted to be a celebrity, she needed to work hard and earn money. She needed to improve her acting since Director Zhou Tongguang has high standards, she should listen to Zhou Peiyun and learn more things, after all, it’s not a bad idea to have extra talents. She nodded her head and said, “Sister Zhou, don’t worry. Starting tomorrow, I will come here every day and attend acting classes in the company. I will never miss it.”

“The fact that you have this mindset puts me at ease.” After Zhou Peiyun heard this, she was comforted. Despite how much of a headache Su Yaya gave her in the past, she was still her artiste after all. Plus, President Shen was supporting her from behind, so if she has a good future, it will be good for her too. Artists and managers benefited each other.

The two of them wrapped up the discussion regarding the second female lead’s role since Shen Xiuqi had gifted it to her already. It was set and couldn’t be changed, no matter how others will attempt to take her role, it was impossible. Zhou Peiyun set aside this topic temporarily and began to talk to Su Yaya about other things. 

“Yesterday, I told you about an advertisement. It was a resource I managed to get and originally, I wanted to give this to Xiao Xin. But someone posted pictures of you on Weibo yesterday and the users gave nice comments. Our contract partner was also satisfied so I decided to give this advertisement to you.”

“Thank you, Sister Zhou.” Su Yaya thanked me with a smile. Having a job means earning money, so it doesn’t matter who Zhou Peiyun wanted to give this project to in the past, she decided to give it to her now. Su Yaya will take this seriously and earn money thinking why not go for it?

Zhou Peiyun waved her hands and said, “Don’t thank me too early. Although this advertisement is yours now, the contract partner wanted to see you first. Come with me to their company later on.”

“Okay, no problem.” Su Yaya smiled and made an okay gesture. 

“When we go there, I will be responsible for everything, understand?” Zhou Peiyun looked at Su Yaya and said. 

This meant that she wanted her to speak less or even not talk at all, and she took care of it anyway.

Su Yaya nodded and said, “I understand.”

“Okay, then let’s go.” Zhou Peiyun led Su Yaya out after explaining.

Zhou Peiyun said they’ll take the company’s car but since Su Yaya had driven her car over, she offered to give Zhou Peiyun a ride in her car instead. Zhou Peiyun thought about it and didn’t reject her offer, and followed Su Yaya to the parking lot.

Upon seeing the white Cayenne that Su Yaya had driven over, Zhou Peiyun had no idea what to say. There was only one thought in her mind: ‘Shen Xiuqi pampers her.’ She had been a manager for so many years but she couldn’t even afford a Cayenne! Just looked at the comparison!

The two drove to their partner’s company. Su Yaya parked the car in the parking lot, and the pair got out of the car and took the elevator up. When the door was about to close, someone called from outside, “Stop the door.”

When Su Yaya heard the voice, she hurriedly pressed the open button on the side. The elevator door, which was about to close, opened again, and two men wearing business suits walked in.

The man upfront held a briefcase, clearly an assistant or something similar. The man behind had an imposing manner and held more status.

When Wang Wenhao walked in, he subconsciously glanced at Su Yaya while slightly squinting his red phoenix eyes. He revealed a tint of happiness on his handsome face as he said, “Su Yaya?”

The Author has something to say:  Shen Xiuqi: Director, you come out, give me a good explanation, where is the sand sculpture?

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