The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 16 part 1


Su Yaya had a lot of time on her hands today since her acting class was at 2:30 in the afternoon, and had nothing to do in the morning, so she stayed at home to look through her script and made notes according to her understanding.

At 11 o’clock, she went to the kitchen to prepare three dishes and a soup, put the food in a lunch box, and drove to Shen Xiuqi’s company.

Arriving at the company, Su Yaya called Shen Xiuqi first and told him that she had arrived, the latter then told her on the phone that he had already called the reception desk so she just needed to find the receptionist and take the elevator directly.

“Okay, got it.” After hanging up the phone, Su Yaya got out of the car with the lunch box and walked into Shen Xiuqi’s company.

At the reception desk, a slender woman with thick makeup and fashionable clothes was talking to the receptionist. 

“I’m here for Brother Xiuqi. Open the elevator door for me.”

He Rui looked at An Yuting and said in an official manner, “Sorry, Miss An, you don’t have an appointment. I can’t let you up.”

“Then call Brother Xiuqi. If he knows that I’m here, he will definitely let me up.” An Yuting said proudly. 

He Rui looked at her and met her harsh gaze. She recalled the rumors she heard privately in the company and decided to call the President’s office. 

Su Yaya carried her lunchbox to the reception desk and was about to say that she bought food for Shen Xiuqi when An Yuting recognized her. She immediately glared at her harshly and yelled, “Su Yaya, why are you here?”

An Yuting?

Information about An Yuting automatically appeared in Su Yaya’s mind, she was An Yutong’s younger sister by two years but she did not look like An Yutong at all. She, the outsider has more similarities with An Yutong instead.

An Yuting liked Shen Xiuqi but the latter didn’t like her back, rather, he liked her sister, An Yutong. She originally thought that when An Yutong went abroad, she would have a chance but who would have thought that she would have no chance regardless.

When An Yuting found out that Su Yaya, an ordinary celebrity, became Shen Xiuqi’s lover, she disliked her in every way. Thus, she would mock her at every opportunity and whenever they crossed paths, even after the original owner landed with tragic consequences, An Yuting didn’t forget to add salt to her injury.

If An Yuting doesn’t like Su Yaya, and so does Su Yaya hate An Yuting. When she was reading the novel in her previous life before, she had already disliked An Yuting. Her birth, appearance, and character were not outstanding, she only relied on her sister but she had always been arrogant. Looking down on people and having a nasty temperament.

Another thing that made Su Yaya dislike An Yuting was that she seduces Shen Xiuqi behind her sister, An Yutong’s back. Even in the second half of the book when Shen Xiuqi and An Yutong were married, she ran to their house to shower and then wore a transparent lace lingerie, trying to seduce Shen Xiuqi while An Yutong was out. But Shen Xiuqi remained unmoved while she tried to seduce him. In the end, he mercilessly taught her a lesson. 



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