The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 18 part 3

As Sun Qin departed from Xinghui Entertainment, she caught sight of Su Yaya standing at the roadside as her car drive away. Sun Qin found herself growing fonder of Su Yaya more and more.

Glancing at Sun Qin through the rearview mirror, Driver Lao Tang noticed a radiant smile and sensed that she was in a very good mood, so he asked. “Teacher Sun, what’s making you so happy?”

“I met a very cute girl. She is both smart and cute, I really like her.” Sun Qin thought of Su Yaya, who had a talent for acting. Su Yaya was able to make the characters she portrays come to life vividly when she was given only a simple plot description. She hadn’t encountered such an intelligent child in a long time. As long as she was carefully groomed, she would achieve excellent results with time. It seemed like she saw her younger self in Su Yaya.

“Does Teacher Sun want to take her in as a student?” Seeing how much Sun Qin liked the girl, Lao Tang couldn’t help but ask with a smile.

Sun Qin paused, as she was so immersed in the joy of finding someone like Su Yaya that she hadn’t thought about this yet. Now that Lao Tang had asked her, she carefully considered it. Su Yaya was indeed talented and it was a good proposal for her to accept her as a student. It was just that she had just met Su Yaya, she didn’t know much about her.

There were many people with talent in this world, but she wanted someone with good moral integrity. Thus, she resolved to get to know Su Yaya better before making any decisions, by then it wouldn’t be too late for her to take her in as a student.

“We’ll see.” Sun Qin said with a smile.

Lao Tang could hear the underlying meaning behind her words. It didn’t mean that she didn’t want to, but rather she wanted to be more cautious. She wanted to test her a little more to guarantee that she was good enough. Accepting someone as a student wasn’t a simple matter, so it was better to be more cautious.

As their car navigated through the bustling traffic, Lao Tang asked, “Teacher Sun, where to next?”

Sun Qin returned to the capital to attend the Jingdu Film Festival’s award after receiving an invitation. The Jingdu Film Festival was scheduled for 8 in the evening tomorrow. With a few days to spare, she had some matters to attend to, so she arrived in Jingdu two days earlier. Sun Qin, looked out at the familiar yet unfamiliar streets and pondered. “Can we go to the Shen Family from this road?”

Lao Tang was a little stunned. He had been driving for Sun Qin for many years, so he knew many things about Sun Qin. For her to ask about the Shen Family, he realized that the matter concerning the Shen family weight heavily on her mind.

He quickly responded. “Certainly. We’ll continue straight for a few hundred meters, then turn right at the next intersection. It’ll take us about 20 minutes to reach the Shen residence.”

Waiting for Sun Qin’s decision, Lao Tang drove, giving her time to think.

There was no movement in the back, and it seemed like Sun Qin was in a daze thinking. Lao Tang slowed down the speed of the car and gave her more time to think clearly.

He drove for a few hundred meters and they would soon arrive at the crossroad. Sun Qin, who was sitting in the back, had yet to speak. Lao Tang thought that she would give up again like in the past.

As they approached the intersection, Sun Qin who had been lost in thought, spoke up suddenly. “Lao Tang, turn right and go take a look at the Shen Family.

Hearing this, a smile of relief replaced the earlier concern on Lao Tang’s face. Visiting the Shen’s would indeed be delightful, it has been long since they last met, and thinking of seeing them again brought him joy. As they reached the intersection, the traffic light conveniently turned green, and without hesitation, he deftly maneuvered the steering wheel to the right and set the course toward the Shen residence.


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