The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 3


It wasn’t until Shen Xiuqi’s car had driven far away and could no longer be seen did  Su Yaya let go of the curtains and walked back to the bed. 

Seeing the platinum card on the bed, Su Yaya picked it up with a sweet smile and kissed it again.

She comfortably lay back on the bed and recalled the time when she was poor.

At that time, she was busy working her ass off for the sake of her meager income not to mention whenever she made a mistake at her job, she was scolded by her team leader, and to add salt to the wound, she could barely earn enough and could only live paycheck by paycheck each month. At the end of every month, Su Yaya had to pay rent, water, and electricity bills. So, she didn’t dare to buy new clothes or expensive cosmetics because she had to save money. And sadly, no matter how much she tried to budget, there was still not much money left at the end of each year and had to live each day miserable.

Sometimes, she would spend her free time reading romance novels while fantasizing that one day, a rich and handsome guy would descend from the sky and give her a gold card and would tell her, “Spend as much as you want and swipe the card as many times as you wish.” She always thought that if that had actually happened, she would surely jump in joy.

And this situation she was currently in was the fantasy she has been dreaming of, even the feeling of elation was not enough to describe her happiness at the moment.

Su Yaya, who had been lying in bed for a while finally got up after she felt like she had stared at the platinum card long enough. Humming, she cheerfully bounced and twirled towards the bathroom.

Su Yaya twirled into the bathroom, locked the door, and walked to the sink. She could barely hold back her scream when she saw herself in the mirror. 

The reflection was too beautiful! She had never seen someone as beautiful as this image in her entire life. What’s more, the beautiful reflection in the mirror belonged to her!

Under her dark, willow-like eyebrows were a pair of big sparkling watery eyes, her eyelashes were thick and long like a small curling fan that whenever she blinked, it would tremble like a butterfly’s wings. 

Su Yaya turned left and right to examine her face, and discovered from the reflection that her face was a perfect shape from her forehead to the tip of her nose, which was straight and small, just the kind that she had always wanted. 

The nose Su Yaya had before was a little flat. Even though it wasn’t ugly, it just didn’t reach the beauty standards in her mind. And, she had always been a little regretful because she didn’t have the courage to get a nose job.

But now that she had transmigrated here, she had obtained the nose that she always had dreamed of. Her nose was natural, without any signs that she had surgery done on it in the past and this made her exceptionally happy. It was happiness similar to how a person would feel after their long-awaited dream had finally come true.  

Her rosy lips were like cherry blossom petals, it was as if she had applied a layer of lip gloss. With a small smile on her face, Su Yaya couldn’t help but use her finger to trace her lips, her chin, and then all the way down to her slim and fair collarbone of her neck…

The person in the mirror was flushed with peach pink and the corner of her eyes was radiating with charm. It was obvious from her appearance that she had been fiercely loved by someone with the hickey that could be clearly seen on the left side of her collarbone. Shen Xiuqi was especially fond of her collarbone, so he would always nip and bite there, leaving behind traces of love. 

The woman in the mirror was extremely beautiful and her whole body exude charm. She appeared to be innocent, sexy, and charming all at the same time. Not to mention men being attracted to her, even she couldn’t stop her heart from rapidly pounding and her face from flushing red when she saw her reflection. 

Su Yaya filled the jacuzzi with hot water and took off her pajamas, revealing her perfect, beautiful body. She lifts her straight, long, and slender legs and stepped into the jacuzzi, then lay down in a comfortable position.

While bathing in the warm water, Su Yaya also enjoyed a comfortable massage after pressing some button, and even let out a soft sigh, it was very comfortable.  

No wonder everyone wanted to live like rich people; they lived so comfortably.

As Su Yaya lay in the bathtub and took a warm and relaxing bath a slight dizziness overcame her, and in her drowsy state, she seemed to hear a voice telling her that she needs to enjoy her comfortable life right now since she’ll have to rely on herself in the future.

She was startled awake when she heard this, but when she looked around, there was no one else in the bathroom. Was she just dreaming just now?

Recalling the words, she had heard just now, she couldn’t help but think deeply.

Enjoy her comfortable life right now, since she’ll have to rely on herself in the future.

She really wanted to enjoy this life. After all, who didn’t want to enjoy a rich and relaxing life where there was someone who’ll dote on them? She had almost completely sunk into this lifestyle and was unable to get out. But her rationality was telling her that this life was too unrealistic.

Right now, she had transmigrated into the novel and had become Shen Xiuqi’s wife. She was living a rich and relaxing lifestyle, but a dream would always end. One day, she might transmigrate back to her old life, so she couldn’t indulge herself and become blinded by this glorious and wealthy life in front of her. It was hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury. She was afraid that she won’t be able to adjust to her original lifestyle once she transmigrated back. 

Even if she didn’t transmigrate back, she still couldn’t continue to live this luxurious lifestyle. In the near future, the female lead, An Yutong will return from abroad. An Yutong was Shen Xiuqi’s destined wife—the female lead and the male lead was destined to be together. She was the cannon fodder that could only maintain her current lifestyle for two more years. After that, she would have to return back to her original lifestyle. 

In the original novel, the female supporting character, Su Yaya had courted disaster by herself. She fell into her own traps and offended Shen Xiuqi in every way, and ended up being detested by everyone just like a street rat. 

Since she already knew the ending of the novel, she mustn’t do anything to offend Shen Xiuqi and An Yutong. She could only hope to change Su Yaya’s ending in the novel and live until she was old. 

But since An Yutong had yet to return, and Shen Xiuqi was still nice to her, all she could do was to please him and serve him well so that she could leave a good impression behind.

And once An Yutong returns, she would take the initiative and hand over her position. She won’t do anything that would harm the female lead and the male lead’s relationship and would stay as far away from them as possible.

That’s right. Su Yaya was more and more certain of her plan.

After she finished bathing, Su Yaya stepped out of the bathtub and used a towel to wipe away the droplets of water on her body. Relying on the original character’s memory, she opened the cabinet that contained all her skin care products and was then greeted by the sight of various products that filled up the space. There were skin care products for the body, and for the face, these products were in Chinese and in foreign languages. There were also brands that she had heard of but never used such as La Mer and Pola, and many others.

Her current body was already born with such good skin, it was smooth and soft, without any blemishes just like a baby’s skin. It seemed like water would come out from her skin with just a soft pinch. In addition to the natural beauty that this body was born with, it was also maintained by using those expensive skincare products.

The financial status of this body’s owner could only be regarded as average as her parents were only ordinary company employees. However, they had spent a large portion of their salaries on their daughter, who in turn used this money to buy skincare products. Before she met Shen Xiuqi, the original host would only eat once a day to save enough money to buy La Mer. But after meeting Shen Xiuqi, his generosity towards her ables her to buy these products without holding back.

The owner of this body had taken such extreme care to maintain this body by spending large amounts of money and effort. So even though Su Yaya had transmigrated over and took over the body, she still regarded this body as something that truly belonged to the original Su Yaya. Just like how she was taught since little that it was wrong to destroy other people’s things, she couldn’t just treat the body too casually. A beauty needed to have a beauty’s conscientious attitude, so she needed to take good care of her now body just like the owner did.

Of course, Su Yaya also has her own selfish motive; she finally became as beautiful as she had always dreamed to be, so she needed to work hard to be worthy of this beauty. She needed to make her beauty more long-lasting, fragrant, and attractive.

Thinking of this, Su Yaya decided to take good care of her body according to the memory of the original owner. She tried her best to imitate the owner’s routine, only finishing up when she finally felt satisfied.

After she completed her routine, Su Yaya opened the closet and chose a white dress. This was the latest dress from the Chanel brand–simple yet elegant. It seemed like the dress was tailor-made for her body when she put it on, as it perfectly outlined her exquisite curves.

Su Yaya twirled in front of the mirror, and stared at her own reflection, unable to look away.

After she finished dressing and admiring her appearance, she walked out of the room and came down from the second floor.

It appears that she was the only person in the house at this time. The household’s maid, Liu Ma, had a son whose family welcomed a newborn son a few days ago. Aunt Liu resigned from her position to help raise her newborn grandson a few days ago, but a replacement for a housemaid had yet to be hired.

Su Yaya checked the refrigerator and couldn’t find anything to eat. There was no one else at home to cook for her either.

So, Su Yaya could only bring her purse and go out to look for food.  

Su Yaya knew how to drive, and the owner of the body also had a driver’s license. She went to the underground garage and drove a white car towards the closest shopping mall.



Shen Xiuqi was having a meeting in the conference room. The marketing manager was reporting this month’s marketing sales with vivid explanations while Shen Xiuqi Luqi listened to his report without any expression on his face when he suddenly noticed the screen of his phone light up from the corners of his eyes.

Yaya: Husband, I saw a dress that I like a lot, but it was a bit expensive. *Dress Image.jpg*

Upon seeing the message, Shen Xiuqi’s heart began to pound at the thought of how obedient and clever she was earlier that morning. He picked up his phone and opened WeChat to check out the image she sent. The style of the dress was quite ordinary and he couldn’t see what brand it was. This dress was different from the usual style of clothing she bought. Shen Xiuqi didn’t think much of it since he didn’t lack money, so he responded with: buy!

After he sent the message, Shen Xiuqi waited for Su Yaya’s response. Earlier that morning, when he gave her the card, she smiled sweetly at him and said, “Husband,” and kissed him. Now that he agreed to buy the dress, she should have some appreciation, right?

Shen Xiuqi thought that Su Yaya would reply immediately upon seeing his straightforward response, but there was still no response at all even after 10 to 20 minutes.

He couldn’t help to check his WeChat a few times. Seeing that she still hadn’t replied, his handsome face suddenly darkened. He tap his finger at Su Yaya’s profile picture and thought while gnashing his teeth: heartless little scoundrel, he gave her the card but she won’t even reply with a simple thank you. He will sort her out when he returns home later!

The author has something to say: Shen Xiuqi: little scoundrel with no conscience, he will deal with her severely when gets home.

Su Yaya: Husband, hee, hee,


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