The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife Chapter 5


Shen Xiuqi knew that Su Yaya came from a family with an ordinary income, her parents were ordinary employees working in companies, yet both of them treasured Su Yaya a lot. Perhaps their belief that daughters should be raised in riches was the reason they spent all their money on her. The original Su Yaya never suffered hardship in her youth, and her parents bought her the best and most expensive food and clothing.

On top of that, she was already beautiful, and elegant with a beautiful figure. Many people tried to pursue her, they gifted her bags, dresses, and pieces of jewelry from famous brands. Nothing that she used before was cheap.

Although Shen Xiuqi’s initial motive was finding a substitute upon meeting Su Yaya, he still had to spend quite a lot of money in order to pursue her. All the gifts he bought for her cost at least five digits or more. He couldn’t give her anything cheap that she would look upon in disdain.

It was rare for Su Yaya to buy a dress worth around 5,000 yuan and she even specially sent him a message to tell him that. Shen Xiuqi was bewildered by this and couldn’t help asking himself, did Su Yaya change her personality?

What Shen Xiuqi didn’t know was that Su Yaya’s personality didn’t change but rather, she was a completely different person.

Shen Xiuqi received a text from the bank that money was spent. He thought that Su Yaya would send him a message since she had bought a dress. 

Yet, he was left waiting for a long time. One minute passed by…ten minutes passed by…twenty minutes passed by. He still hadn’t gotten Su Yaya’s message.

Shen Xiuqi’s face turned gloomy, like the sky before the thunderstorm. What was this woman doing? Was it that difficult to send him a message?

The marketing manager notices Shen Xiuqi’s gloomy face and thought that he had upset him because of his marketing plan, and after carefully observing his expression he trembled in fear while talking.

Shen Xiuqi hadn’t realized that his gloomy look seriously affected the marketing manager’s behavior. He was still waiting for Su Yaya’s message as his gaze lingered on his phone screen. Another ten minutes passed by and he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He tapped on the phone screen and set a message to her. 

Su Yaya carried the dress she bought and was about to walk inside a bakery when she heard a ding from her phone.

She saw that Shen Xiuqi had sent her a message, she hurriedly unlocked her phone and clicked on it.

Shen Xiuqi: Where did you go?

It was a simple question so Su Yaya was unable to understand how anxious Shen Xiuqi had been waiting for her message, and didn’t notice that his question was basically a result of his impatience. 

But Su Yaya obediently replied to his message. 

Yaya: I am outside Mancosu Bakery. I’m hungry so I’m about to buy something to eat. 

Once she sent the message, Su Yay placed her phone away and walked in the bakery. 

Mancosu Bakery wasn’t really a famous brand but their matcha cakes were delicious. Before Su Yaya transmigrated, she enjoyed eating Mancosu’s cakes, but, they were expensive, just a small piece of cake was about 30-40 yuan. She could only bear to buy a piece of it on the day she receives her monthly salary. 

Su Yaya stood in front of the counter and looked at the different types of cakes on display. Each one of them was so pretty and delicious and she really wanted to taste each of them. Previously, she had tried matcha and chocolate-flavored cakes. This time, she wanted to pick another two flavors and decided on strawberry and coffee-flavored cakes. 

After choosing her cakes, Su Yaya sat down next to the window. With a desert knife in her hand, Su Yaya was about to savor her treat when she heard another ding from her phone. She pulled it out and found a message from Shen Xiuqi.

Shen Xiuqi: Buy some food for me and bring it to the company.

Su Yaya looked over the message twice and blinked her eyes, and blink again. Shen Xiuqi wanted her to buy food and bring it to his company? Wasn’t he busy with work?

In her memory, Shen Xiuqi’s assistant was in charge of buying his afternoon tea, and never asked her to buy food for him before. Could it be because of her message saying that she was eating cake in the bakery, so he wanted to eat it too?

Hey, this was really possible, after all, Mancosu’s cakes taste’s good. Otherwise, why else would Shen Xiuqi have her buy food for him?

After thinking about it this way Su Yaya decided to buy two pieces of cake for Shen Xiuqi after she finishes her cake. 

Su Yaya enjoyed eating her delicious strawberry and coffee-flavored cakes. In the past, she only had the heart to buy a piece to eat when she got her monthly salary. Today, she ate two pieces at once and still wasn’t fully satisfied.

She had the waitress pack up the vanilla and chocolate-flavored cakes after she was done and planned to bring them to her husband. In addition, those exquisite macarons packed in a box seemed quite good too and decided to buy a box of those as well. Feeling excited, Su Yaya happily walked out of the bakery.

She took the elevator and went to the underground parking lot. After finding her car, she got in and carefully placed the cakes by her side. It was time to drive towards Shen Xiuqi’s company.

The drive from the shopping mall to Shen Xiuqi’s company wasn’t far, since it only took about 20 or so despite the traffic jam along the way. 

The male lead’s company was a corporation. This entire building of 32 floors belonged to the Shen Group. People must swipe their cards in order to enter the elevator and each employee had specific responsibilities. They could only go to their designated floors.

Su Yaya wasn’t an employee in Shen’s Group and she hadn’t visited here before, so she naturally didn’t have a card to take the elevator. She couldn’t go up so she had to call Shen Xiuqi.

Su Yaya patiently waited for Shen Xiuqi to pick up his phone, and after the second ring her call was finally answered. Shen Xiuqi’s deep voice resounded, “Are you here?”

Su Yaya hummed in agreement and said, “I just arrived at the parking lot.”

“Then come to the 26th floor.” Shen Xiuqi said after.

Su Yaya pursed her lips and gently reminded, “Hubby, have you forgotten that I need to swipe a card in order to take your company’s elevators? I’m not an employee here and I don’t have a card.”

Shen Xiuqi clearly paused before he continued, “Then sit at the lounge for a while. I will have Assistant Shen come and pick you up.”

It was just right that Assistant Shen was coming to pick her up. Su Yaya sensibly nodded and said, “Ok, I will wait for him at the lounge.”

After the two agreed upon this, Su Yaya hung up and left the car with the cakes in her hands, then walked towards the building’s entrance.

Along with her beauty and white skin, not to mention her great figure that attracted people’s attention wherever she walked. Not only men, but women couldn’t take their eyes off of her as well.

Once she walked through Shen Group’s door, it was the same situation. The guard standing in front of the door gawked at her and only shifted his gaze after she walked into the lounge.

The two employees by the reception desk were originally having a conversation when He Rui suddenly noticed a beautiful woman walking in the door. The surprised He Rui stared at the newcomer before excitedly nudging her colleague, Li Lan. She lowered her voice and said, “Quick, quick look. Isn’t that woman a celebrity who was in a scandal with President Shen? What was her name? Let me think about it, didn’t the entertainment news say her name was Su Yaya?”

Li Lan raised her head and looked towards Su Yaya. She pursed her lips and said in disdain, “Saying that she is an ordinary celebrity is already praising her. She is just a side female lead in an online drama. Plus, she probably promoted herself through her and President Shen’s scandal. Maybe President Shen doesn’t even recognize her.”

Who was President Shen? He’s a handsome, wealthy, and domineering President. He was frequently in finance magazines. There were at least a million women who were in love with him and of those women, they included beauties from influential families. Also, rumor has it that President Shen was in love with a certain woman. How could he possibly be interested in a mere online celebrity like Su Yaya? President Shen had seen more beautiful women, so who does Su Yaya think she was?

He Rui thought Li Lan’s words were reasonable. And like Li Lan, she also looked down on Su Yaya, this online celebrity. They watched as she carried the cakes and sat down on a sofa in front, as though she was going to wait here a long time. She couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Why do you think she’s at our company right now?”

Li Lan snorted and said experiencedly, “Why else? She’s definitely waiting for President Shen.”

She had shamelessly chased President Shen here and even dare to wait for him to come out. She’s really losing face! 

He Rui laughed with her and said, “It will be the end of the world if President Shen comes for her.”

Any women who had come to the company to stop President Shen all landed with tragic consequences. She was willing to enjoy the show.

At this time, the elevator exclusive for the President dinged. He Rui and Li Lan glanced at each other, thinking that Shen Xiuqi had come down. They hurriedly revealed a smile they thought to be perfect and stared at the elevator door, preparing to leave a good impression on their CEO.

The elevator slowly opened, but only Assistant Shen came out of the elevator in haste. He Rui and Li Lan looked at the scene behind him, but no one else was there. President Shen did not come down.

“Assistant Shen.” Li Lan greeted him with a smile.

Assistant Shen nodded at her and headed for Su Yaya who was sitting on the sofa ahead.

“Miss Su, sorry for making you wait. President Shen is waiting for you upstairs.” Assistant Shen walked over and politely said. 

Li Lan and He Rui, who heard Assistant Shen’s words, froze at that moment as their faces clearly revealed shock.

What did they say before? Wasn’t President Shen supposed to drive her out? How could he let Assistant Shen bring her up? Plus, why was he being so polite? What exactly was going on? 

However, no matter how much they deny it, this in front of them was the truth. Their embarrassment cut just as deep as their initial disdain towards Su Yaya!


The author has something to say: slap slap slap in the face!

Su Yaya:  Hee hee hee, my husband is so awesome!

Shen Xiuqi: I can work harder!


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    I seriously love this story!! The MC is the kind I love and I’m looking forward to seeing how this story plays out. Thank you so very much for sharing your work, this is such a joy to read. <3


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