The Moon Island
The Moon Island: Chapter 11

11. Friends Who Share Kisses?

Qin Zhaoyi finished her temper tantrum and didn’t pay any attention to Luo Yue. She went to pack her suitcase on her own.

Her suitcase had gotten wet last night, but fortunately, it was sealed tightly, so the contents inside remained dry. However, her bag had fallen into the water, and even though Cheng Shijing had retrieved it for her, some of her belongings were still wet.

The most fortunate thing was that she had found her ID card. Cheng Shijing had given it back to her in the morning and had also warned her to stay away from the sea.

Qin Zhaoyi didn’t want to appear weak in front of Cheng Shijing, so she stubbornly claimed that she knew how to swim. Cheng Shijing, however, looked at her from head to toe with an expression that clearly showed his disbelief.

Qin Zhaoyi didn’t argue with him further. After all, he had helped her last night when she was ill.

There wasn’t much in her suitcase since she had left impulsively. She had brought two sets of pajamas, one change of clothes, and basic toiletries. She didn’t have slippers or items like towels and toothbrushes, and she didn’t know if Luo Yue had new ones.

As Qin Zhaoyi was lost in her thoughts, she couldn’t help but wonder why Luo Yue treated her like a child. Was Luo Yue much older? She looked young… maybe even younger than Qin Zhaoyi.

No matter how she looked at it, Qin Zhaoyi felt that she was more mature, while Luo Yue was just gentle in personality, which didn’t necessarily correlate with age.

But why was she bothering herself with these thoughts? Why was she getting angry?

Qin Zhaoyi’s final justification for her anger was that Luo Yue’s tone was just too infuriating.

After she had quickly packed her belongings, Luo Yue emerged from the bathroom. She had taken a quick shower, her hair covered by a shower cap, her face clean and pristine like a peeled egg—smooth and tender.

She was dressed in light orange pajamas, matching the color of her bedsheet. It seemed like she had a liking for the color orange.

After her shower, she appeared much more awake and had regained her gentle and graceful demeanor.

Before Qin Zhaoyi could say anything, Luo Yue spoke first, “There are slippers in the bathroom, but there are no new towels. I’ll find a disposable one for you in a moment. I’ve placed a toothbrush and cup on the bathroom sink. You can use my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Did you bring pajamas? If not, I have a new set, and since we’re similar in height, they should fit.”

Her melodious voice conveyed so much information in one go, gentle and considerate.

Qin Zhaoyi’s previous frustration instantly dissipated, and she replied warmly, “I brought pajamas.”

“Okay,” Luo Yue said. “Take a shower and get some rest.”

“Where will you sleep?” Qin Zhaoyi asked.

Luo Yue hesitated slightly, “There are other rooms.”

She didn’t specify which room, but the house was indeed spacious. Although it couldn’t compare to the neighboring villa with its striking red and white colors, it was still a beautiful three-story building. There should be plenty of vacant rooms.

After saying that, Luo Yue went about her own business, leaving Qin Zhaoyi alone in the living room.

After Qin Zhaoyi finished her shower, she noticed that one room had its lights on, and the door was half-open, suggesting that Luo Yue had gone to that room.

There was a unique fragrance of white tea emanating from her body. Qin Zhaoyi had checked the bathroom earlier and noticed that Luo Yue’s shower gel had a white tea scent. It was an unusual brand, and Qin Zhaoyi hadn’t heard of it, but it smelled quite pleasant.

Before Qin Zhaoyi took her shower, Luo Yue had considerately left a disposable bath towel in the bathroom.

Now, with her fresh pajamas on, wet hair still dripping despite being tied up with a hair tie, Qin Zhaoyi searched for a hairdryer but couldn’t find one.

Just as she was wondering about it, she heard the sound of a gentle breeze coming from the room with the lights on.

Qin Zhaoyi rolled up her sleeves, raised her hand, and knocked on the door.

Luo Yue didn’t say anything.

Qin Zhaoyi greeted, “Luo Yue, I’m coming in.”

Saying this, she pushed open the half-closed door.

The room had dim, warm lighting that created a comfortable ambiance. Luo Yue was sitting at a table, wearing shorts and a nightgown with a slightly loose neckline that exposed a portion of her shoulder. It wasn’t particularly explicit, but there was a small tattoo about the size of a contact lens on the exposed shoulder – a rose.

It looked very romantic, presumably with some symbolic meaning behind it.

While the tattoo was beautiful, it created an unexpected contrast with Luo Yue’s gentle face. Nobody would expect to find a tattoo like that on someone with such a soft appearance.

Qin Zhaoyi was momentarily stunned.

It was only when the breeze stopped, and Luo Yue let her long hair down, covering the tattoo, that Qin Zhaoyi snapped out of her reverie.

She immediately explained, “I knocked, but you didn’t respond.”

“It’s fine,” Luo Yue sat on a chair, turning around. She waved the hairdryer in her hand, “Do you want to use this?”

“Yep,” Qin Zhaoyi said, undoing her hair tie. Her hair was still dripping, and a drop even splashed onto her own face, annoying her. She muttered, “I really want to cut it off.”

Luo Yue habitually chuckled and gestured for her to come over. “Come here.”

Qin Zhaoyi had just walked over to pick up the hairdryer when she heard Luo Yue say, “Please squat down.”

It wasn’t a commanding tone but more of a request.

“Why?” Her mind hadn’t fully accepted this command, but her body had already obediently squatted down.

Luo Yue picked up a towel from the table, gathered all of Qin Zhaoyi’s hair into her palm, and gently pressed, squeezing out the water droplets.

“Do you not like long hair?” Luo Yue asked as she continued to work on her hair, her movements extremely natural.

Enjoying the calm and gentle atmosphere, Qin Zhaoyi also adopted a mild tone. “Yes, it’s quite annoying.”

“Then why did you dye it?” Luo Yue inquired.

Qin Zhaoyi justified herself, “I grew it long because I wanted to dye it.”

Luo Yue praised her, “The color looks really beautiful.”

“Would you like to dye your hair too?” Qin Zhaoyi suggested, “I can have the hair salon send the dye over.”

Luo Yue laughed, “Have you ever seen a teacher with such bright colors?”

Qin Zhaoyi paused, “True.”

“So, I’m not a teacher.” Qin Zhaoyi was somewhat uncomfortable squatting on the floor, so she looked for something nearby to support herself, but there was nothing except Luo Yue’s leg.

However, Luo Yue was wearing shorts, and her legs were bright white, which made Qin Zhaoyi feel a little heated. Her legs were so slender that Qin Zhaoyi was afraid they might break if she leaned on them.

Still, Qin Zhaoyi continued to squat uncomfortably, letting Luo Yue take care of her hair.

After Luo Yue finished, she asked, “Do you need me to help you blow-dry it?”

“No need,” Qin Zhaoyi declined. “I can do it myself.”

Luo Yue handed her the hairdryer, and they seemed like old friends, as if the tense atmosphere from earlier in the living room had never happened.

As Qin Zhaoyi was about to leave with the hairdryer, she suddenly turned back and asked, “Luo Yue, do you help strangers dry their hair too?”

Luo Yue was momentarily surprised and calmly stared at her.

Qin Zhaoyi licked her lips and asked, a bit embarrassed, “Are we still strangers?”

“No,” Luo Yue hesitated for a moment, “we’re friends, right?”

Qin Zhaoyi found the word “friends” a bit harsh, especially as her eyes kept involuntarily darting towards Luo Yue’s legs. She hadn’t felt this way before, but now, she found herself wanting to… play around.

So she tried not to look.

Whenever she did, it reminded her of last night’s passionate kiss.

Finally, Qin Zhaoyi couldn’t resist, and she bit her lip before asking, “Friends who share kisses?”


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