The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 10

♡♡♡The Raccoon, after eating the dragon♡♡♡    

I had a complete breakdown.

Aaahhh, what the hell have I done… My head hurts like cancer, although in a different way from before.

“You look a little pale, are you okay?”

“Oh, no, yes… no, I’m fine.”

I don’t know how to react when he gently caresses my cheek.

What on earth should you do after a one-night stand? Besides, what do you do when you are the one who asked him out in the first place…?

However, as soon as I moved my body to get up because I felt it would be impolite to stay in bed for the time being, I immediately froze due to the sensation of something liquidly flowing out of my vagina.

…This…What is this…?

That’s right, I begged him a lot to cum inside me. I had never had sex with Shinjo without a condom.

“Oh, did it come out? I cleaned your body, but I didn’t scrape it out because Tanuki-chan said it would be a waste.”

“Ah, yes, that’s right… Arigato Gozaimasu[1]Thank you..”

I stopped moving halfway midsentence as the handsome Oniichan replied casually, as if it was nothing special.

But last night, I really said that to him…!

My pussy was getting poked and prodded; he was hitting my G-spot and my cervix? I was pounded so hard into the opening of my womb. I came more than I’ve ever come before!

I can’t remember the last part because my memory is still fuzzy, but since the man said so himself, then that’s how things must have played out.

No, no, no, he should have scraped it out, got it out of me! No matter how many times I say it’s a super safe day, there are no guarantees!

I know I deserved it, but what am I going to do if something happens to me now!!!

I put my body back into the sheets again, crushed by the heavy regret that remained in exchange for a single night’s pleasure.

I have no idea what to do, I just want to fall asleep… and pretend this is just a dream.

Though there is a dreamy cool guy in front of me, happily observing me with squinted eyes.

“Great hundred faces… you’re so cute, little raccoon. You don’t have to look so anxious. I’ll take full responsibility.”


The man pulled the sheet over my shoulders, which were bare because I had moved, and held me close with his strong arms and spoke in a throbbing sweet baritone, however, I couldn’t understand a word he said.

Because it’s impossible, isn’t it?

My face looks like a raccoon, I’ve got big tits, but they’re fat big tits, which I don’t even appreciate, and most importantly, I’m a total stranger!!!

To him I was the kind of girl who gets drunk and asks to eat your dick. I did make him cum inside me, even though he was trying to put on a condom at first. I forced him to do it, so I deserved it and I don’t need him to feel responsible for it.

Moreover, no matter how you look at it, this Oniichan is a top-notch man.

He has a good face, a good body and a good sex life. And from the looks of this flat, he’s definitely rich! …I’m sure he works hard at his job.

I don’t know what he does, but every single gesture he makes is slick and elite. Normally, he’s the kind of person I’d be too afraid to approach… the kind of person I can only approach at a level where I can look at him from a distance and say, “He is so hot…” and then blush.

Even though I was drunk and in a bad mood, I was really awesome last night, dude!!

Ah, but if he’s saying he’ll take responsibility for me like this, then that means… well, uh, it can’t be, but it could be!

Because he likes me…? Or?

I’ve been successful in picking up a guy, and we had a lot of fun last night… and I think he said something about us being physically compatible… it’s also possible that the Oniichan has slightly strange tastes and likes raccoons like me… I’m not sure…

What a damsel-in-distress situation!

Yesterday I was heartbroken and desperate, yet the next morning I woke up with a superb man wanting to be my boyfriend… I know I’m 26 and not some virgin mary, could it be Santa’s gift to a poor woman?

My heart is pounding more than my aching head, and I don’t care about the pain anymore.

I don’t know what to do. I had no intention of doing this, but if the handsome Oniichan says he’ll take responsibility for me, then I guess I can say please, can’t I?

“Oh, um…”

With a mouth that can’t quite speak well because of the anticipation and excitement, I try to say “please!” but the moment I was about to say that, a mechanical sound came from the side table.

The familiar smart phone default sound is the same as my ringtone, but is it the handsome Oniichan’s phone?

He ignores the mechanical sound and pats my shoulder as he hugs me, waiting for me to continue talking, but…

“Oniichan, it’s ringing… isn’t it?”

The ringtone that won’t stop ringing, it bothers me more than it does him.

“…I’m sorry, please wait a moment.”

He said it with a sigh of resignation, and then dropped a soft kiss on my forehead.

Ahma~iii! I’m waiting for you! I’ll be waiting! No matter how much time you need!

What’s going on? Kissing, hugging … it’s so good!


1 Thank you.
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  1. Ortho maleq has spoken 2 years ago

    Who really got eaten here ? In the act of eating a dragon the tanuki got eaten too


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