The Raccoon Ate The Dragon
The Raccoon Ate The Dragon Part 12

I shook my head and my hands in the air to show my reluctance.

It’s impossible for a woman who gets drunk and eats dick to look after the house of someone who is clearly not your regular gentleman.

“Oh, umh. It’s all right! I mean, I better go home!”

“What’s wrong? We have to talk about it, don’t we? How to take responsibility…”

“Oh, no! You have no responsibility whatsoever! It’s my fault and Oniichan is not responsible for anything! Thank you for treating me to your delicious cock! Hai[1]It has the meaning of yes; okay; understood, got it!!! That’s good enough for me!””

“That can’t be right, can it? I’ve put so much inside you, Tanuki-chan. What if you’re having a baby?” 

“No! I’m fine! I have a stable menstrual cycle, and I have just finished my period the day before yesterday, so it’s already a super, super safe day, so I’m absolutely fine. !!!!”

A little silence passes between Oniichan and me.


His voice was calm… but his face… he was still very handsome, his lips were loosely drawn in a smile… but his eyes weren’t completely smiling.

A frog staring at a snake!

I, the silly raccoon who was stared at by a dragon, could not move under his gaze while he had this terrifying aura.

“Then, how will Tanuki-chan who ate my baby seed take responsibility for me?”


The big palm of the terrifying Oniichan’s hand, which has suddenly extended, grabs me firmly by the chin and makes me look up.

I could no longer avert my gaze…

“You are responsible for eating the offspring of the next head of the biggest gang in Japan, the Tokito clan. You took my seeds I, Tokito Tatsuomi. You don’t think you can go home for free after knowing my name, entering my private space and eating my seed as you please, do you, Meiko Tanuki?”

No, no! That’s unreasonable!

I didn’t know! I wouldn’t have known his name if he hadn’t told me just now! He even brought me to his flat here! It’s true that it was my fault that I made him cum inside me, but it’s still not right… !!!!

“Oh… no, I don’t think so. I’ll be waiting for you here until you come back.”

I guess he liked my tearful reply, because he smiled and loosened his grip on my chin.

“I’ll have food delivered later, please eat.”


“If you want to take a bath, there’s a bathrobe in my size in the changing room, use it.”


“This place is very well-secured, so you can relax and have a good time.”


“…That also means that as soon as you leave the room without permission, I’ll know.”

“I’ll be here when you come back home.”

“Good girl, little raccoon.”

After dropping a kiss on my lips as I responded mechanically, he got off the bed.

The naked body exposed in a proud manner is a cool body that he should not be ashamed to show anywhere, but I am still too afraid to look at the dragon’s eyes that are camped on his back like his own, and I can’t think of anything else to say.

As I looked down in a state of nothingness, with the sound of scuffling clothes as background music, a hand with an expensive-looking watch wrapped around it scooped me up by the chin.

His lips again lightly brushed down on my face, which I raise unresisting.

“I’m off.”

“…See you later.”

Oniichan smoothly stroked my cheek and left the room.

The moment the back of the luxurious-looking coat disappeared behind the door, I rolled on the sheets as if I had been released from a golden bondage.

…It was a terrible thing… Alcohol, I will not drink it again. I’ll never get drunk.

Meiko Tanuki, 26 years old.

I ate the dick of an unbelievable creature because I was drunk and desperate!

The end


1 It has the meaning of yes; okay; understood, got it

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