The Villain Has Something to Say
The Villain Has Something to Say – Chapter 10

Before entering this ruin, Luo Jianqing didn’t expect to encounter such dangerous situations.

In the book “Seeking Immortality” that he obtained, the perspective of the ruin was always from Li Xiuchen’s point of view. It was well-known that Li Xiuchen was the only one among the 71 cultivators who had no aptitude. He also reached the Qi Refining stage for various inexplicable reasons, so the ruin was quite easy for him, without too many difficulties.

For example, in this vast wilderness, Li Xiuchen only encountered first and second rank demon beasts. He even only encountered one second rank demon beast! However, as for Luo Jianqing, as soon as he stepped into the wilderness, he was surrounded by nine fourth-rank Flame Beasts.

Fourth-rank demon beasts were equivalent to the Foundation Building stage of human cultivators!

When such a beast like the nine-headed Flame Beast suddenly rushed over, Luo Jianqing was stunned. He had to put in some effort before he was able to kill them all. However, just as he stopped and took a breath, eighteen fourth-rank Swift Wind Serpents surrounded him from all sides!

Luo Jianqing: “…”

The further into the wilderness he went, the more terrifying the demon beasts became!

In the end, a total of eighty-one fourth-rank demon beasts rushed towards Luo Jianqing, one after another. He had a green light on his forehead and his Shuang Fu Sword made a clear sound. He turned into an illusion with his sword, swiftly moving among the beasts. Each sword brought down a bloody head, with a decisive and ruthless hand, showing the ferocity he had developed over many years of experience in the Wan Shou Mountain.

All eighty-one demon beasts, equivalent to the Foundation Building stage, died under his Shuang Fu Sword.

However, Luo Jianqing did not relax. He furrowed his brows and looked towards the distance. He saw a ten-zhang-high Fire-Eyed Golden Ape walking towards him. This was a fifth-rank demon beast, just stepping into the early Golden Core stage of human cultivators!

As Luo Jianqing squinted his eyes, the sword in his hand flashed and the head of the Fire-Eyed Golden Ape rolled off in an instant.

Next up was the Fire-Eyed Golden Ape at the mid Gold Core stage!

Up until the early Nascent Soul stage!!!

“This Beidou True Immortal is not simple, this is definitely not the relic of a normal Nascent Soul cultivator!”

The green robe fluttered in the air, sweat already dripping down Luo Jianqing’s forehead, but he did not fear this sixth-tier demon beast that surpassed him by a whole realm, and even directly stepped forward with his sword.

A pair of white jade-like fingers constantly pinched and formed complex hand gestures. In just a few breaths of time,  Luo Jianqing ‘s hand had formed an afterimage, and the  Shuang Fu  Sword was also radiating with light. Faint clouds began to gather in the sky, and these clouds crossed the restrictions of the relic barrier and appeared in the vast wilderness.

Lead-colored clouds rolled and gradually, a light breeze swept across the wilderness, causing sand and stones to fly. The wind grew stronger and stronger, eventually howling and roaring past, lifting Luo Jianqing’s robes and making his black hair fly. At the same time, the dark clouds in the sky pressed down oppressively on the wilderness, and the air gradually solidified. The sixth-tier Fire-Eyed Golden Ape angrily roared at  Luo Jianqing , pounding its chest rapidly before charging towards him.

Just at this moment!

The Shuang Fu Sword emitted green light, and thunder rumbled in the sky. A thick lightning bolt crashed down from above, and Luo Jianqing raised his sword to meet it. The lightning struck the chest of the Fire-Eyed Golden Ape, causing it to cry out in pain.

“One Sword Transforms into Nine Lotuses!”

 Luo Jianqing tossed the sword into the air, and it split into nine blades that pierced straight into the body of the Fire-Eyed Golden Ape. The long sword pierced through its body, and the Fire-Eyed Golden Ape screamed in agony before collapsing to the ground with a loud thud. Its huge body convulsed twice before finally becoming still, its blood staining the entire wilderness red.

The Shuang Fu  Sword excitedly emitted a sword hum and, like a playful child, flew a circle in the air before returning to  Luo Jianqing ‘s side. However, at this moment, Luo Jianqing ‘s face was already pale, he was panting lightly, his phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, vigilantly guarding his surroundings.

“One Sword Transforms into Nine Lotuses” is one of the sword moves recorded in the “Nine Lotuses Original Heart Scripture”. According to reason, only those in the Nascent Soul stage can use it. Xuan Lingzi taught this sword move to Luo Jianqing early on, but even in the middle stage of the Golden Core realm, Luo Jianqing has never succeeded in using it. He only managed to use it by chance just now.

However, that move had completely depleted Luo Jianqing’s spiritual power. If a second-tier demonic beast suddenly appeared now, it would probably deal him a heavy blow. Luo Jianqing did not regret using that move because the Fire-eyed Golden Ape just now was too fierce. He had to take the initiative to kill the other party.

But it was probably too exaggerated to release a demonic beast in the Nascent Soul stage, and for a moment, no demonic beasts appeared in the vast wilderness. After recovering a little spiritual power, Luo Jianqing quickly opened his storage ring and took out the bottle of third-grade pill that his junior sister had refined for him.

The pill was called Gathering Spirit Pill, which stored a huge amount of spiritual power inside and could restore a cultivator’s spiritual power after consumption.

Luo Jianqing directly ate five pills and finally felt that his spiritual power had recovered by 70%. Soon, he picked up Shuang Fu and continued forward. This time, he did not encounter any abnormal Nascent Soul stage demonic beasts, but he did encounter several in the late stage of the Golden Core realm. Later on, there were more and more demonic beasts, and although they were all in the Golden Core realm, they forced Luo Jianqing to reluctantly take out the Green Bamboo Umbrella.

One hand held the umbrella, and one hand held the sword.

The demonic beasts outside the umbrella were untouchable, but the green-robed cultivator inside the umbrella kept cutting lives with his sword and with one sword light, he could take off one head.

Luo Jianqing’s speed was extremely fast along the way, and he had been looking for Li Xiuchen’s figure.

In the novel “Seeking Immortality,” there is a scene where the protagonist’s junior sister is transported to the wilderness along withLi Xiuchen. As fellow disciples, it was only natural for her to take care of him, even though he was just a new disciple in the Qi refining stage. They journeyed together and encountered a sixth-level Illusion Fox just as they were about to leave the wilderness.

A sixth-level beast was a formidable opponent, as the he(L JQ) had already experienced firsthand. Moreover, the Illusion Fox was skilled in illusion techniques. After using all of her medicines and magical treasures, the junior sister finally managed to inflict serious injuries on the Illusion Fox and escape with Li Xiuchen.

Unbeknownst to them, the Illusion Fox had sprayed them with a purple mist before fleeing. The mist was undetectable, and it wasn’t until the final trial that it suddenly erupted, causing both the junior sister and Li Xiuchen to suffer from a deadly poison that led to their tragic fate.

The protagonist now believes that, based on common sense, there should have been only two people in the wilderness: himself and Li Xicuhen. Although He(L JQ) is aware of Li Xiuchen’s low strength, he also knows that Li Xiuchen is able to handle the challenges and obstacles in the trials. He(L JQ) has been rushing through the trials with all his might in order to reach the wilderness and kill Li Xiuchen.

In the end, no one can say for certain what really happened in the wilderness. It’s possible that the Illusion Fox killed the junior sister’s fellow disciple(LXC), and it’s also possible that the junior sister’s fellow disciple was killed before he even had a chance to leave. Only Xuan Lingzi, a powerful figure in the transformation stage, can travel back in time, but even he would suffer from a backlash from the heavens, so it’s highly unlikely that anyone knows the true cause of the Li Xiuchen’s death.

“The vast wilderness will be your burial ground!”

The handsome and indifferent green-robed cultivator flew at high speed, searching in the vast wilderness. A green bamboo umbrella blocked all attacks for him, and he wandered among the beasts without any worries. Finally, in a basin, Luo Jianqing finally discovered the figure of Li Xiuchen!

At this moment, Li Xiuchen was facing the attacks of two first-order beasts.

A first-order beast is equivalent to a cultivator in the Qi Refining Stage one to three, and has no spiritual intelligence, only relying on instinct to fight. Li Xiuchen was already in the Qi Refining Stage two, but he still struggled so hard to deal with them, which made Luo Jianqing very disgusted.

Seeing that Li Xiuchen was about to kill one of the beasts, Luo Jianqing put away the green bamboo umbrella, and his lips curled up as he drew his sword and stabbed downward. Unexpectedly, just as he was about to draw his sword to assassinate, he heard a beastly and seductive roar behind him.

His heart suddenly rang an alarm, and all his body hair stood on end. As a cultivator in the Golden Core Stage, his keen intuition made him quickly step to the right, and at the next moment, a deep trench appeared where Luo Jianqing had originally stood.

Luo Jianqing quickly took out the green bamboo umbrella and opened it. However, there were waves of spiritual fluctuations in the air that penetrated through the defensive barrier of the green bamboo umbrella and attacked Luo Jianqing. Luo Jianqing kept dodging, but the mental attack never stopped.

When he flew five li away from the basin, Luo Jianqing quickly put away the green bamboo umbrella.

“Mental attack!”

The green bamboo umbrella can withstand a full-strength attack from a cultivator in the Body Fusion Stage, but it is only a spiritual attack, not a mental one. There are few cultivators in the world who can use mental attacks, and most of the spiritual techniques are innate skills of beasts, which are extremely rare.

Luo Jianqing picked up the Shuang Fu  Sword, looked around cautiously, and remained on guard.

Suddenly, a seductive and coquettish laughter came from the sky, the voice slightly sharp, and the newcomer laughed softly: “What a handsome young man, how could such a beautiful appearance grow on your dirty and smelly human body? Why don’t you peel off this skin for me, and I will spare your life. What do you think?”

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