The Villain Has Something to Say
The Villain Has Something to Say – Chapter 23.1

The Flowing Flame Valley is located in the north of Changzhou and occupies one-tenth of the territory of Changzhou.

Even if one uses a flying treasure of the earth rank, it would take at least ten days to fly around the Flowing Flame Valley. Therefore, it is common to go a whole day without seeing anyone in the valley.

Outside the Flowing Flame Valley, Luo Jianqing gave a landmark to the disciples of Taihua Mountain. As soon as they entered the valley, everyone had to go to that place and gather together. Anyone who dared to disobey this order would be punished, either by being locked up in the disciplinary gate or being expelled from Taihua Mountain.

After Luo Jianqing arrived at the destination, he waited for half a day and then saw Wei Qiongyin.

Within three days, all the disciples had arrived, and even Li Xiuchen came reluctantly.

Luo Jianqing glanced at Li Xiuchen’s face, then looked around and said, “Taihua Mountain has sent nine people into the Flowing Flame Valley this time. As far as I know, there are already ten people in the valley who have reached the later stage of the Golden Core realm, and Yan Su from the Broken Soul Sect has a cultivation base of half a step in the Nascent Soul realm. Therefore, the foundation-building disciples should focus on being cautious and look for opportunities. As for the Qi-refining disciples…”

Luo Jianqing paused for a moment, then smiled and looked at Wei Qiongyin and Xie Zizhuo. “Third Junior Sister, Fourth Junior Brother, the mortality rate for Qi-refining cultivators in the Flowing Flame Valley is very high. Why don’t we each take one disciple and protect their lives? As for opportunities and treasures, it depends on their own luck.”

Wei Qiongyin agreed.

However, Xie Zizhuo’s mouth twitched. “Senior Brother, I came to this inexplicable Flowing Flame Valley on behalf of Second Senior Brother, and I really don’t want to be here. Now that I’m here, do I have to bring a baggage along? I want to make it clear that I’m everyone’s senior brother here.”

Everyone’s gaze immediately focused on Li Xiuchen.

Among the three Qi Refining disciples, one is from Cangshuang Peak, one is from Bi Shen Peak, and only Li Xiuchen is from Haoming Peak. The words of Xie Zizhuo are as clear as day. Although Li Xiuchen is from Haoming Peak, the senior disciple of Haoming Peak, Xie Zizhuo, claims to be the senior brother of everyone, naturally not wanting to be forced to lead Li Xiuchen on an adventure.

“Luo Jianqing generously said, ‘Fourth Junior Brother, you can take this junior sister from Cangshuang Peak.'”

Xie Zizhuo smirked and said, “Senior Brother is so kind.”

Luo Jianqing ignored him and said, “Third Junior Sister, you will be responsible for leading the junior disciple from Bi Shen Peak. As for the junior disciple from Haoming Peak, you will follow me.”

Li Xiuchen instinctively moved back a bit, but seeing Luo Jianqing’s smile, he reluctantly nodded.

Luo Jianqing smiled at him, and soon the group split into six paths, each seeking their own opportunities. The three Foundation Establishment disciples were paired with one Qi Refining disciple each, while the three Golden Core disciples each led a Qi Refining disciple.

The junior sister from Cangshuang Peak looked at Luo Jianqing’s flying treasure ship departing and swallowed her envy, whispering, “How lucky that person is to be alone with Senior Brother in this Liuyan Valley for a whole year…”

Xie Zizhuo heard this and widened his eyes, “Little junior sister, isn’t it good to be with me?”

Once Liuyan Valley was opened, it would stay open for three days. After three days, the gate would close again, and the surviving participants would be automatically teleported out a year later.

Hearing Xie Zizhuo’s words, the Qi Refining ninth-level junior sister blushed and lowered her head, softly saying, “Fourth Senior Brother… is also good. But as disciples of Taihua Mountain, we all know that Senior Brother always stays on that Yuxiao Peak and we can rarely see him. Besides, Senior Brother… “The blush on her face deepened as she continued,” He is so handsome and powerful, and there are countless female disciples of Taihua Mountain who admire him. I… I am also one of them.”

Xie Zizhuo: “…”

After a moment, Xie Zizhuo stubbornly said, “Although I may not be as good-looking as the eldest senior brother, I am still quite handsome. And you see, I am now at the initial stage of the Golden Core realm, and I am still the eldest senior brother of Haoming Peak. Junior sister, don’t you think I…”

“It’s not the same, Fourth Senior Brother. The eldest senior brother is a god in our hearts!”

Xie Zizhuo: “…”

Ignoring Xie Zizhuo’s depressed expression, the junior sister clasped her hands and said, “But don’t we still have the song in Taihua Mountain? “

Xie Zizhuo was taken aback and then smiled strangely, “You mean that one?”

The junior sister immediately nodded vigorously, “Yes, that’s the song about the eldest senior brother!”

Xie Zizhuo burst into laughter and activated his flying treasure, which was like a blanket, taking the junior sister away. As they walked, he deliberately said, “Junior sister, when you see the eldest senior brother in a year, be sure to sing him this song.”

The junior sister was completely confused, “…?”

On the other side, Luo Jianqing had already flown dozens of miles away in his flying boat, completely ignoring Li Xiuchen as he sat in meditation to cultivate. He wasn’t worried that Li Xiuchen would do anything to him, not just because Li Xiuchen’s cultivation was only at the fourth level of Qi Refinement, but also because Luo Jianqing knew that Li Xiuchen didn’t remember that he had wanted to kill him in the secret realm.

Li Xiuchen’s memory had been erased by a powerful being, so although he was suspicious of Luo Jianqing’s identity, he didn’t know anything.

So Luo Jianqing diligently continued his cultivation, and when they entered the second level, Li Xiuchen knocked on his door and said, “Senior Brother, we have already entered the second level area.”

Luo Jianqing opened his eyes, smiled at him, and asked, “What do you think, Junior Brother Li, should we stop here?”

Perplexed by the question, Li Xiuchen asked in return, “Senior Brother, what do you mean by ‘should we stop’?”

Luo Jianqing explained, “This is also my first time entering the Flame Flow Valley. Although I know there are many opportunities here, they are not easy to find. Most people who enter the Flame Flow Valley are looking for Flame Fruits. The Flame Fruits contain the pure spiritual power of the Tier 9 Fire Demon Lord from that year, and it is said that they also contain a trace of the Fire Element Law. We human cultivators cultivate the Great Dao, while demon beasts cultivate laws. There are many Flame Fruits in the Flame Flow Valley, but the area is too vast, and it may take hundreds of miles to find a single Flame Fruit.”

At this point, Luo Jianqing looked up calmly and asked Li Xiuchen, “Junior Brother Li, do you think we can find Flame Fruits by going down to the second level?”

The Flame Flow Valley is a funnel-shaped danger zone, with the outermost circle being the first level, and there are nine levels inside. It is said that there is a river of fire in the middle, with flames raging and tremendous pressure. Therefore, in the Flame Flow Valley, the deeper one goes, the stronger the flames and the greater the pressure, but on the other hand, there are more Flame Fruits.

Li Xiuchen said, “There probably aren’t many Flame Fruits in the second level, and the area is too vast. Senior Brother, why don’t we stop at the fourth level?”

Luo Jianqing raised an eyebrow and asked, “Oh? Why?”

Li Xiuchen said, “The fourth level is in the middle position, but not too close to the center. Here, I think the enemies we encounter shouldn’t be too strong, but we can still get Flame Fruits.”

Luo Jianqing smiled and nodded in agreement.

As Li Xiuchen walked away, Luo Jianqing’s small eyes turned and he couldn’t help but ask, “Senior brother, do you really not know…what a television is?”

Luo Jianqing was surprised and asked, “Is this some kind of monster?”

Li Xiuchen shook his head and left directly. Walking in the corridor of the treasure ship, Li Xiuchen muttered in a low voice, “It seems that he really didn’t come from the future? Could it be…when I came in, my butterfly wings flapped so hard that the plot changed so drastically? But sooner or later, I still have to follow the plot. After all, he’s still an early stage boss…”

Luo Jianqing couldn’t understand all of Li Xiuchen’s words, but he could hear that the other party didn’t suspect his identity, and there was even a hint of unconscious killing intent in his words.

Who was this killing intent directed at, others didn’t know, but Luo Jianqing immediately understood that it was aimed at him when he thought of the ice-cold sword in his past life.

A Qi Refining Stage Four cultivator actually wanted to kill a Golden Core Stage Mid cultivator?

It was simply unbelievable to say it out loud, but Li Xiuchen’s tone was firm and unwavering, without any doubt.

Because he is the protagonist of the book “Seeking Immortality”.

Luo Jianqing flipped his hand and took out the book, reading the last few chapters again.

The book continued to write until the end of the Liuyan Valley, where Li Xiuchen had gained a lot and returned to Taihua Mountain. Although he was only a Qi Refining period cultivator, Li Xiuchen had narrowly escaped danger multiple times and had encountered many treasures of heaven and earth. In the end, he even found a blood-red fruit burning with flames.

That blood-red fruit was the goal of Luo Jianqing’s current mission.

Although it was not the Flame Fruit, it contained enormous energy. After absorbing only a small part of it, Li Xiuchen had advanced from the sixth layer of Qi Refining to the eighth layer. Moreover, the book said that Li Xiuchen had hidden the fruit away, suggesting that it would be of great use in the future.

Luo Jianqing was determined to obtain the blood-red fruit.

Not only to seize Li Xiuchen’s opportunity and treasure, but also to help himself advance to a higher level and get closer to that person!

“If I also have a Nascent Soul stage cultivation, how would you deal with me, Wu Yin?”

For three whole days, Luo Jianqing remained in seclusion, cultivating and attempting to break through to the second level of the “Nine Heavenly Seizes” technique.

The first seize of the “Nine Heavenly Seizes” was to seize the spring and autumn of grass and trees.

This is to free all things in the world from the control of the Heavenly Dao. Why do willow catkins always flutter in the spring? Why are all the flowers killed as soon as autumn arrives? These are all rules of the Heavenly Dao, but after taking away the control of the seasons from plants and trees, they can rely on their own abilities. Whether they can advance to a higher realm or become wild weeds depends on their own strength.

As for those rules that have been taken away, Luo Jianqing feels that when he reaches a certain level of cultivation, he can probably establish his own rules!

The Heavenly Dao has established rules and commanded the world to abide by them. So why can’t he establish his own rules?

And this second theft in the “Nine Heavenly Stealing Record” steals the righteousness of living beings, taking away the inequality between all living beings.

The Heavenly Dao is biased, as a mayfly only has a lifespan of one day, while the dragon clan and demonic beasts are born with eighth-rank strength. All things in the world should be equal, and there should be no higher or lower status between human and demon races. Even a small insect in dirty water is still a life.

The true Heavenly Dao should make all living beings equal.

Stealing the righteousness of living beings is taking away the rules that create inequality between each living being!

Luo Jianqing sits on a stone stool, constantly pinching his fingers and silently reciting the incantation. An invisible force slowly radiates from him. The illusory power turns into a long ribbon in the small cabin, dancing lightly in the air. This power seems to have spirituality, playing mischievously in the room, but as Luo Jianqing’s incantation echoes, they gradually become obedient.

A green light shines from Luo Jianqing’s eyebrows, and three petals of blue lotus bloom with dazzling radiance.

As a cultivator of the “Nine Lotus Heart Sutra,” as his cultivation level increases, lotus patterns will appear on his forehead. Luo Jianqing was originally worried about how to conceal the sword patterns on his forehead after abandoning the “Nine Lotus Heart Sutra” and switching to the “Nine Heavenly Stealing Record.” But to his surprise, he still has three petals of blue lotus on his forehead after practicing the “Nine Heavenly Stealing Record”!

The lotus appeared livelier, with faint spiritual light flashing on its patterns.

Luo Jianqing closed his eyes, and a green spiritual light appeared between his fingers. Around the light, a void force began to spin, forming a small vortex. The vortex grew larger and larger until it broke through the limits of the cabin and expanded wildly outward.

“Yellow flowers are nothing but insight to enlightment, while green bamboo is the pure natural body.”

“The Will of Heaven is constant, what is constant? It is constant in the equality of all living beings, and constant in the eternity of all things!”

“Second Record of Nine Heavens: the technique of seizing life and spirits!”

In an instant, a terrible spiritual pressure erupted, spreading evenly in all directions with Luo Jianqing at the center. The first to encounter the pressure was Li Xiuchen, who stood at the bow of the ship. An invisible force formed a cocoon around Li Xiuchen, but just as the force was about to strip away the rules of heaven on his body, countless spiritual lights flickered on Li Xiuchen.

The force paused for a moment before reluctantly releasing Li Xiuchen. As it left, it even disdainfully flicked a long ribbon twice towards Li Xiuchen.

Li Xiuchen was completely unaware of all this, still standing at the bow of the ship and curiously gazing at the scenery in the Flowing Flame Valley.

Afterward, the force surged and swept up countless low-level demon beasts in the Flowing Flame Valley, even engulfing the body of a fifth-level demon beast. A fifth-level demon beast was equivalent to a human golden core stage cultivator, and some fifth-level demon beasts even had spiritual intelligence and could speak human language. This fifth-level demon beast was the only creature to sense the invisible force, and it struggled frantically.

Then, after a cup of tea’s worth of time, a bright starlight flew out from the body of the demon beast and quickly entered Luo Jianqing’s body.

Luo Jianqing’s eyebrows furrowed tightly, and the green light on his body grew brighter and brighter.

His breath suddenly surged, reaching the pinnacle of the mid-stage of the Golden Core realm. He was only one step away from advancing to the late-stage of the Golden Core realm!

He had finally mastered the second technique in the Nine Heavens Record, the Dao of Stealing.

The flying treasure ship continued to move forward, and wherever it went, the void energy gleefully swept through everything. Wherever it passed, it stripped away all the rules of the Heavenly Dao from all living beings and vegetation, and it even kept a watchful eye on Li Xiuchen.

If it weren’t for the fact that it feared the thick light on Li Xiuchen’s body that could be seen from a hundred miles away, it would have already pounced on him and devoured him.

During this period of time, many cultivators who had just arrived at the Flowing Flame Valley were surprised to find that many monsters and spirit plants were doing things that went against common sense. For example, the Dark Sand Mad Snake, which was born at the third stage, had only reached the second stage. And the Black Fire Female Flower, which could never advance to the fourth stage, had successfully advanced to the fourth stage!

“Could it be that the geographical environment of the Flowing Flame Valley is different from other places?” the crowd could not explain.

After seven days, Luo Jianqing and Li Xiuchen arrived at the fourth level of the Flowing Flame Valley.

Luo Jianqing put away the flying treasure ship into his storage ring, and the two of them stepped onto the scorching sand and walked step by step into the Flowing Flame Valley.

Li Xiuchen both fears and relies on Luo Jianqing. His cultivation level is too low, so it’s very convenient for him to have Luo Jianqing as a big tree to rely on. But he also remembers that when he entered the North Star True Monarch’s remains, Luo Jianqing had ordered someone to block his mouth and immobilize him, causing him to lose face.

However, after spending these days together, Li Xiuchen was surprised to find that Luo Jianqing seemed to have forgotten about those things.

Li Xiuchen cautiously asked Luo Jianqing about it, but Luo Jianqing was even more surprised and asked, “So you were that junior brother back then?”

Li Xiuchen suddenly realized that Luo Jianqing didn’t remember him at all.

It made sense, though. He had thought Luo Jianqing was also a time traveler, so he deliberately tested him and ended up being kicked several times. Later, in the North Star True Monarch’s remains, he may have said something wrong, and Luo Jianqing punished him in the name of the eldest martial brother.

Actually, thinking about it carefully, Luo Jianqing was not bad to him, at least much better than Xie Zizhuo.

Thinking of this, Li Xiuchen’s eyes looking at Luo Jianqing were a little strange. He had been bullied by many people on Haoming Peak these days, and gradually learned a little bit of forbearance. Xie Zizhuo had provoked him ten times, but Li Xiuchen could bear it twice, which was a big improvement.

Li Xiuchen said, “Elder martial brother, how about we rest here for a while?”

Luo Jianqing smiled and said, “Sure, we can.”

See! This Elder Martial Brother from Taihua Mountain is much easier to talk to than Xie Zizhuo!

Luo Jianqing remained calm and composed, as if he had little desire for the treasures in the Flame Stream Valley and was only focused on cultivation. Whenever Li Xiuchen told him to stop, he would stop, and whenever Li Xiuchen told him to go, he would go. This gradually relaxed Li Xiuchen and lessened his guard.

However, on this journey, Luo Jianqing stumbled upon quite a few Flame Fruits. Despite the fact that they were supposed to be rare and hard to find, they managed to find seven or eight in a single day.

Luo Jianqing was very generous with these Flame Fruits. He would take only what Li Xiuchen couldn’t get, leaving the rest to him. This made Li Xiuchen even more grateful to him, forgetting about their previous grievances.

Li Xiuchen even muttered one night that he should “enjoy himself more when pushing bosses in the future.”

Li Xiuchen didn’t know that Luo Jianqing had exceptional hearing, far surpassing that of an ordinary Golden Core cultivator, and even many Nascent Soul cultivators couldn’t compare to him. Even if Li Xiuchen didn’t speak out loud, only exhaling a few breaths, Luo Jianqing could still hear what he was saying.

The two of them continued on this way, with Li Xiuchen feeling like he had found a great tree to rest under, picking up treasures everywhere they went. Luo Jianqing was unhurried and calm, and whenever they encountered lone cultivators on the road, they would see his white Taihua Mountain uniform and sense his mid-Golden Core cultivation level, and would leave reluctantly.

After more than a month of traveling, the two of them had gained a lot. Li Xiuchen looked at Luo Jianqing gratefully, while Luo Jianqing remained composed. He knew that even though he had given some of the treasures they found to Li Xiuchen, his own gains in this month alone exceeded half a year of his previous life!

The heavens were truly unfair. Li Xiuchen stopped to rest and accidentally stepped on a Flame Fruit, while Luo Jianqing had to kill a fifth-level demon beast to obtain one.

After three more days of traveling, they finally encountered people from the Soulbreaking Sect.

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