The Villain Has Something to Say
The Villain Has Something to Say – Chapter 24

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Nine Lotus Sword Formation clashed with countless spiritual attacks!

The attacks of the foundation building and qi refining cultivators standing below were just scratching the surface for Luo Jianqing. The attacks of some ordinary Golden Core cultivators were also not very effective. Only the attacks of the five Golden Core cultivators at the later stage, which were overwhelming, broke the Lotus Sword Formation and caused Luo Jianqing to grunt, with blood trickling from the corners of his mouth.

The one standing at the forefront of the five was Yan Su, the top disciple of the Broken Soul Sect.

Yan Su took a step forward, looked at Luo Jianqing with a cold face, and asked in a chilly tone, “Fellow Daoist Luo, what is your intention?”

Luo Jianqing stood in front of Mo Qiu, still calm and composed even with blood on his lips, not losing his momentum. He calmly said, “Fellow Daoist Mo just saved my life. I cannot let him die without concern.”

The seventh young master of the Bai family, who was standing by, laughed lightly, put away his folding fan, and asked, “So, Fellow Daoist Luo wants to single-handedly fight against us?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Mo Qiu’s low, gentle voice rang out, “Who said it’s just Luo Jianqing alone? There’s also me!”

Luo Jianqing’s body trembled slightly, feeling somewhat relieved in his heart.

Fortunately, this person did not betray him and leave secretly after I had just blocked the attacks from the crowd for him.

Bai Qi, dressed in a white robe, was handsome and extraordinary when he entered the Flame Valley, but now his clothes were stained with sand and his face was dusty. Upon hearing Mo Qiu’s words, a glint flashed in his eyes and he asked, “You are Mo Qiu from the Mo family, right? I have heard of you, you are a talented disciple of the Mo family’s line of sinners. My Bai family has been in friendly relations with the Mo family for generations. My aunt is the eldest daughter of the Mo family’s main lineage. It is not easy for you to achieve such a realm in the cold desert wasteland. Hand over the blood fruit now, and I can guarantee to help you enter the Mo family.”

After speaking, a gust of wind blew over the sand dunes, but no one answered Bai Qi.

Bai Qi’s face changed and he asked, “Did you hear what I said? What’s with that expression on your face?”

Luo Jianqing turned around curiously and saw Mo Qiu sneer and roll his eyes, saying, “The expression of someone listening to bullshit.”

Bai Qi became furious, “You!”

A fierce battle was about to break out!

Bai Qi first raised the white spear in his hand and pointed it at Mo Qiu. The spearhead, like jade, reflected dazzling light under the scorching sun. A majestic spiritual power gathered at the tip of the spear, and Bai Qi flew up into the air, aiming a sharp thrust at Mo Qiu!

A terrible blizzard gathered behind Bai Qi. As soon as the icy world appeared, the temperature on the entire sand dune dropped by several degrees. The terrifying pressure made the cultivators below the foundation stage shiver in fear.

This was the second move of the Bai family’s Bai Family’s spear technique- White Snow Dustless Spear!

Standing beside Bai Qi, Ming Hua Fairy gently stroked a seemingly unremarkable ancient qin. Her snow-white fingers lightly brushed the strings, and the simple and ancient strings trembled slightly as energy slowly gathered. Each wave was stronger than the previous one, and when Ming Hua Fairy reached the ninth note, she raised her beautiful eyes and flicked her finger.

“When the hundred flowers bloom, I do not bloom. After this flower blooms, a hundred flowers will die!”

“Hundred Flowers Melody!”

When these people and the others attacked Mo Qiu, they hastily used their ultimate moves without fully utilizing their own strength, so Luo Jianqing temporarily took over. However, when these two suddenly launched their attacks, the surging spiritual power silently implied just how terrifying their ultimate moves were.

Seeing this, Yan Su and the other two also wanted to take action, but suddenly a green figure appeared in front of them.

The handsome green-clad cultivator smiled faintly, and his Shuang Fu Sword emitted a joyful sword cry. Luo Jianqing said, “Gentlemen, your opponents are none other than myself.”

Yan Su narrowed his eyes and without hesitation, summoned his Ghost Axe.

The other two aristocratic youths, one pulling a bow and the other drawing a sword, took off and flew directly towards Luo Jianqing.

Both sides began to battle at the same time!

Initially, when the crowd saw that Luo Jianqing had actually taken the ultimate moves of Yan Su and his five followers, they thought it was possible since he was after all the top disciple of Taihua Mountain. However, when Mo Qiu also wielded his blood-red whip and took on the attacks of Bai Qi and Minghua Fairy, they were shocked and opened their eyes wide.

“There is actually such a dark horse in the Thirty-six Provinces!”

Luo Jianqing brandished his long sword and did not hide his clumsiness as he immediately used the second move of the Nine Heavenly Records.

The majestic spiritual power around him gathered towards his body, the Dao of Life and the Law of Equality for all beings.

Luo Jianqing’s Nine Lotus Swords Formation crashed down on every attacker with a deafening roar, while Mo Qiu, for some unknown reason, did not put the Blood Fruit into his storage ring. He protected the Blood Fruit with one hand and used his whip to repel the joint attack of Bai Qi and Minghua Fairy.

The overwhelming spiritual power rained down continuously, creating small craters in the sand dunes. Originally, many cultivators were hiding near the sand dunes, hoping to seize the treasure, but when several cultivators were indiscriminately killed by Yan Su’s Ghost Axe, they quickly retreated to a safer distance.

The White Sniw Dustless Spear Technique of Bai Qi, the Needle-hidden Flower Sound of Minghua Fairy, the Ghost Axe that made ghosts cry and gods howl, the dimming of the sun and moon from a single arrow…

There was also the blood-like whip shadow and the Nine Lotus Sword Formation that seemed to pierce the sky!

The best young talents of the entire Xuantian continent were waging war here!

This battle lasted for a whole day and night. Both sides had restorative elixirs in their storage rings, so the war continued endlessly. Onlookers did not dare to be careless and watched the battle carefully, looking for opportunities.

No one could believe that Luo Jianqing’s side was actually falling behind and constantly forced to counterattack. On the other hand, the unknown Mo Qiu had already gained the upper hand and began to press Bai Qi, even making Minghua Fairy appear distressed.

When Bai Qi spurted blood from his mouth and flew out, Minghua Fairy also sprayed a mouthful of hot blood, and a string on her qin broke.

Mo Qiu swung his long whip in front of Luo Jianqing, shattering Yan Su’s ghost axe shadows.

Mo Qiu solemnly said, “Luo Jianqing, I am sorry for being late.”

Luo Jianqing’sface turned slightly pale, and he smiled faintly, “It’s not too late!”

As soon as the words fell, the two joined forces to fight the enemy!

One was the top disciple of Taihua Mountain in the mid-stage of the Golden Core realm, and the other was a guilty member of the Mo family who had never been famous before in Liuyan Valley!

After the two joined hands, Yan Su and his two companions indeed encountered a formidable enemy. After fighting for hundreds of rounds, the sons and daughters of the Geng family broke their bowstrings, and the Yun family’s young lady spat out blood. Luo Jianqing and Mo Qiu were also covered in blood, and they flew in the air exhaustedly, watching Yan Su, who was also in a sorry state, not far away.

Seeing this, Yan Su’s mouth twitched. He frowned and pondered for a moment before shouting, “Let’s go!”

They actually fled directly!

The onlookers exclaimed in surprise.

This battle would definitely make the names of all those involved known throughout Liuyan Valley, Changzhou, and the 36 states of the Xuantian continent!

At Yan Su’s command, Bai Qi and Minghua Fairy also decided to leave, and the other Yun family ladies and Geng family sons hesitated for a moment before quietly turning around.

Luo Jianqing breathed a sigh of relief and was about to look at Mo Qiu beside him, but he suddenly felt all the hairs on his body stand up. In Mo Qiu’s beautiful peach blossom eyes, Luo Jianqing suddenly saw a surge of overwhelming spiritual power attacks!

Admitting defeat is false! Sneak attacking is true!

“One sword transforms into nine lotuses!”

“Formless Blood Shadow Whip!”

Despite attacking at the same time, both Broken Soul and Mo Qiu were still unable to dodge the attack and were sent flying. Luo Jianqing landed on a warm patch of sand, raised his Shuang Fu Sword and conjured thunder, intending to fight back. But suddenly, he felt his body sinking downward.

“Luo Jianqing! Come out quickly!”

Mo Qiu’s desperate voice came from the side.

Luo Jianqing’s eyes widened.

“Oh my god! It’s the Ghostly Sand!”

“It’s such a huge piece of Ghostly Sand! It was hidden near that sand dune we were just at. How could there be such a terrible Ghostly Sand?”

Ghostly Sand was a special danger in the Flowing Flame Valley. From the outside, it looked no different from normal yellow sand. But once someone stepped into it, the sand would flow, and even a Golden Core late stage cultivator would have no chance of flying out. It wouldn’t devour one’s spiritual power, but it would devour one’s body, rendering them powerless to escape!

Yan Su and the others were flying in the air, cautiously watching Luo Jianqing in the center of the Ghostly Sand. If they fell into the Ghostly Sand, they would certainly be swallowed up and have no chance of escaping. So, they watched from the side, waiting for Luo Jianqing to be completely swallowed up before killing Mo Qiu and taking the treasure.

Seeing that the lower half of Luo Jianqing’s body was already submerged in the sand, Minghua Fairy frowned and sighed softly, “He is the first disciple of Mount Taihua. If we let him die here, how can we escape the blame of Mount Taihua in the future?”

Bai Qi said, “Fairy, life and death in the Flowing Flame Valley are determined by fate. It’s not that we killed him, but that he was swallowed by the sand.”

Minghua Fairy still couldn’t bear to look, and said softly, “But Luo Jianqing’s master is rumored to be the venerable Xuan Lingzi.”

Everyone was shocked, and after a long time, Yan Su said, “However, the rules of the Flowing Flame Valley were established by all sects. Even if it’s Venerable Xuan Lingzi, he dare not violate them.”

At this moment, Luo Jianqing naturally could not hear their words. He continuously used his treasures and sword moves, but he still couldn’t escape. Everyone knew that once someone was caught in the ghost sand, they would inevitably be swallowed up.

Luo Jianqing was very anxious, but his face was calm. Others couldn’t help but sigh at his handsome face that was as calm as a still lake. Such a talented young cultivator was about to fall here.

What “extraordinary innate talent”!

What “invincibility below the Nascent Soul stage”!

What “first disciple of Mount Taihua and disciple of Yuxiao Peak”!

Before every genius grows up, they may encounter dangers and fall.

Geniuses are ultimately just geniuses, and strength is the fundamental means of survival in the cultivation world.

As sweat gradually seeped out of Luo Jianqing’s fair forehead, he didn’t even notice that the vermilion birthmark on his forehead was becoming more and more vivid, as if it could burst into flames in the next moment. Just as the ghost sand was about to swallow Broken Soul’s shoulder, the vermilion birthmark suddenly burst into flames. However, in the next moment…

“Luo Jianqing!”

A hand suddenly grabbed Luo Jianqing’s arm that was outside the ghost sand.

Luo Jianqing looked at the other person in surprise, only to see a bright and beautiful red-robed cultivator flying in mid-air, holding his hand and lightly smiling, “Does this mere ghost sand still want to kill you, Luo Jianqing? I believe that the disciple of Xuan Lingzi cannot die so easily. Luo Jianqing, come up with me!”

The calm smile on Mo Qiu’s face was the last thing all the cultivators present saw.

In just a few breaths of time, two earth-shattering geniuses were devoured by the huge ghost sand. When their figures disappeared, the ghost sand returned to its normal appearance, as if it was just an ordinary yellow sand, but everyone knew how terrifying this place was.

Minghua Fairy sighed, “The Blood Fruit was also taken into the ghost sand by Mo Qiu. Well, let’s consider it their burial.”

With that, Minghua Fairy turned and walked away.

The Yun family girl hesitated for a moment, then resolutely left.

Bai Qi angrily searched the surroundings for a long time before flying away in frustration.

The Geng family’s young master sighed and turned to leave.

Finally, Yan Su was the last to leave. He was filled with a ghostly aura and constantly used his spiritual sense to explore the area of the ghostly quicksand. Unfortunately, he was disappointed to find that the quicksand remained unmoved and blocked all of his attempts to explore with his spiritual sense. It seemed to be a separate space of its own.

In frustration, Yan Su angrily swung his axe at the quicksand and then turned to leave.

The area around the sand dune fell silent once again. Hundreds of cultivators had been guarding the area for three days and three nights, but upon confirming that there was no activity, they left with regret. However, no one knew that when the ghostly quicksand had engulfed the heads of Luo Jianqing and Mo Qiu, their spiritual energy rapidly began to deplete!

Using their spiritual energy to forge a path, the two of them continued to slide downwards!

This was a dark passageway, and no one knew where the end was. They could only expend their spiritual energy and keep moving forward.

However, this path seemed to have no end. Despite being at the mid-stage of the Golden Dan realm, Luo Jianqing quickly exhausted his spiritual energy and fainted. Mo Qiu quickly grabbed his hand and continued to burn his blood-red spiritual energy, until the moment his spiritual energy was completely depleted. With a cold sneer, Mo Qiu said, “You think you can swallow me with your strength alone?!”

In the next moment, a surging demonic energy erupted!

The speed at which the two of them slid down increased, and the red cinnabar mark between Luo Jianqing’s eyebrows had already shown signs of awakening, but slowly it dimmed once again.

The black demonic energy burned wildly, carrying the two of them quickly downward.

It seemed like a day had passed, but it also felt like a month…

As the two finally left the black passage, Luo Jianqing suddenly fell to the ground and landed by a river of flames. Mo Qiu, whose spiritual power had dried up, had a pale face and coughed up a mouthful of black spiritual light-infused blood before passing out. The blood fruit in his arms slowly rolled to Luo Jianqing’s side, stopping at his left hand.

Three days passed…

Seven days, ten days, a hundred days…

Both were in a deep coma. The black magic energy constantly surged from Mo Qiu’s body, repairing his shattered meridians. Meanwhile, Luo Jianqing was in a much worse state. The battle with Yan Su and his team had already drained him, and being consumed by the Ghost Sands for so long had completely depleted his spiritual power, causing his Dantian to slowly wither away.

Inside the Lingyun Hall of Mount Taihua, the personal lamp on the second floor slowly dimmed.

At the moment when the lamp was about to go out!

Beside the river of flames, the cinnabar mark on Luo Jianqing’s forehead suddenly ignited, and a white figure appeared in the vast space.

The cool and elegant white-clad venerable was startled to see his disciple in such a state. He was about to use his spiritual power to repair Luo Jianqing’s damaged meridians and Dantian, but then he noticed the blood fruit in Luo Jianqing’s left hand.

“Such powerful spiritual energy!” Xuan Lingzi’s pupils contracted.

He then bought the blood fruit into his palm without hesitation, and began to perform hand gestures. The blood fruit slowly spun in the air, and before long, streams of blood-red energy flew out from it and gradually entered Luo Jianqing’s body.

After rotating for ten hours, the blood fruit had shrunk by two circles and was now only the size of a fist. At this point Luo Jianqing’s face had regained its color, his breathing had become steady, and his originally withered dantian had become active again, with his meridians fully connected.

Xuan Lingzi gazed at the blood fruit with a furrowed brow. Only after using his spiritual power to confirm that the blood fruit was indeed a pure spiritual energy gathering object, did he feel at ease to inject it into Luo Jianqing’s dantian. He used the pressure of a Nascent Soul-stage cultivator to force the blood fruit to sign a contract with Luo Jianqing, allowing it to rotate gently inside his body and continuously emit spiritual energy.

At this point, Xuan Lingzi turned around and looked at the stranger in the red robe not far away.

Separating one’s primordial spirit from the body would consume a considerable amount of spiritual energy, even for half of the primordial spirit. Even Xuan Lingzi was quite exhausted and unable to cope with it. Therefore, when he sealed half of his primordial spirit with the turtle-breathing technique in the vermilion mole, as long as Luo Jianqing was not in life-threatening danger or experiencing extreme emotional fluctuations, he would never show up.

Because every appearance would cause great harm to Xuan Lingzi’s own body.

Flowing Flame Valley was a million miles away from MountTaihua, and even Xuan Lingzi did not know how many times he could save Luo Jianqing with his primordial spirit.

During his slumber, Xuan Lingzi could only vaguely sense what happened to Luo Jianqing. For example, he had little impression of this stranger, but he knew that the stranger had saved his disciple several times just now.

Looking at the black magic energy emanating from the man, Xuan Lingzi sighed, “To have condensed magic energy below the Nascent Soul stage, it’s a pity that this kind of cultivation talent is only a first-grade inferior constitution, and also a demonic cultivator. If his constitution were a little better, his future would be limitless.”

After confirming that the stranger was also using magic energy to heal his body, Xuan Lingzi turned and left without looking back.

He sat beside Luo Jianqing, gazing at his disciple with gentle eyes.

After three days and nights, Luo Jianqing let out a soft hum and gradually woke up. At the same time, Xuan Lingzi’s figure turned into a stream of light and flew into Luo Jianqing’s brow, once again turning into a bright red cinnabar mole.

When Luo Jianqing woke up, he felt as if he had died once, with every bone in his body crushed, and when he raised his arm, every meridian in his body was so painful that he convulsed. It took him half an hour to recover from the pain, and then he was surprised to find that all his injuries had disappeared!

“How could this be? Wasn’t I seriously injured and my spiritual power depleted before?”

Luo Jianqing immediately examined his body, his spiritual sense following each meridian, and finally found the blood-red fruit spinning continuously in his dantian!

Luo Jianqing widened his eyes in horror.

For some reason, this fruit had established a heart-to-heart connection with him, just like a spiritual beast that had recognized him as its master.

No matter how Luo Jianqing thought about it, he couldn’t understand what had happened. But he didn’t think too much about it and quickly discovered Mo Qiu not far away.

“Mo Qiu!”

At this moment, Mo Qiu was still unconscious with his eyes closed. The pitch-black demonic energy continued to repair his body, like a semi-transparent black cocoon enveloping his body, which shocked Luo Jianqing.

“…I didn’t expect you to be a demonic cultivator!”

All of this makes sense.

Why did Mo Qiu reach the late stage of the Golden Core realm before he turned fifty, and how could he have such terrifying cultivation in the barren wasteland of the cold desert where he grew up? It’s all because he is a demonic cultivator!

Luo Jianqing’s heart was filled with complex emotions, and he didn’t know how to face this person.

Throughout history, unless there was a great war between humans and demons, demonic cultivators have always been at odds with other cultivators.

The techniques that demonic cultivators cultivate are powerful and tyrannical, capable of stealing the spiritual energy of any living creature. They cultivate demonic techniques, just like when Luo Jianqing extracted the spiritual energy from the bones of that senior from the Mo family. As long as their strength is powerful, demonic cultivators can plunder the spiritual energy from a living person’s body.

Demonic cultivators are always rebellious and tyrannical.

Luo Jianqing did not know how much blood Mo Qiu’s hands were stained with, but he did know that this person grabbed his hand without hesitation when he was trapped in the Ghost Sand. This is a friend, not an enemy! Even if Mo Qiu is a demonic cultivator, Luo Jianqing will kill him on the battlefield in the future, not here.

With this in mind, Luo Jianqing began to meditate and cultivate, restoring his spiritual energy.

After ten days, the cocoon-like demonic energy around Mo Qiu slowly dissipated, but he still did not wake up. So Luo Jianqing carried him to a cave that had been prepared long ago, took out the various spirit medicines and pills left in his storage ring, and began to heal him.

During this time, Luo Jianqing spent most of his time cultivating, wanting to break through the late stage of the Golden Core realm with the blood fruit in his dantian. In addition, he observed the surrounding terrain.

This is a very strange valley. The valley is not big, with a range of only two or three miles at most. The high and unscalable cliffs surround it, and the smooth walls are visible everywhere. The top of the mountain cliffs also form a dome, making this valley like a large stone house.

In the middle of the valley, there is a slow-flowing river of flames.

It is unclear what kind of flames formed this river of flames, even Luo Jianqing in the middle stage of the Golden Core realm cannot approach it. Once within ten feet of the river, one will be forced back by the fierce golden flames.

Obviously, with only the middle stage of the Golden Core realm, Luo Jianqing cannot escape.

Another month passed, and when Luo Jianqing took out his last Earth-ranked third-grade Tiantian Pill and injected half of its medicinal power into Mo Qiu’s body, he heard Mo Qiu groan and suddenly spit out a mouthful of black blood.

“Mo Qiu? Mo Qiu?”

Mo Qiu, dressed in a red robe, slowly opened his eyes and looked at Luo Jianqing without any focus in his eyes.

Having lived alone in this strange valley for several months, Luo Jianqing naturally felt happy when he saw Mo Qiu finally wake up. He said, “Fellow Daoist Mo, don’t move for now. After we were swallowed by the Ghostly Quicksand, we inexplicably ended up in this place. I’ve been looking for a way out for months, but haven’t found one. When you wake up, we can move together. Maybe there’s a chance to escape.”

Mo Qiu breathed gently, seemingly working the spiritual energy within his body.

After a moment, he looked up at Luo Jianqing and said, “Okay, Luo Jianqing, it will take me about a hundred days to fully recover to my peak. At that time, I will join you…” His voice suddenly stopped, and Mo Qiu’s peach blossom eyes widened in shock. He looked at Luo Jianqing in disbelief and shouted in a high-pitched voice, “You stole my Blood Spirit Fruit!”

Luo Jianqing was taken aback: “What?”

“Luo Jianqing! You actually stole my Blood Spirit Fruit! You actually stole my Blood Spirit Fruit!”

As he spoke, Mo Qiu grabbed Luo Jianqing’s arm tightly, clenching it tightly.

Luo Jianqing frowned, suddenly understanding: “Friend Mo, actually, I don’t quite understand all of this. When I woke up, that blood-colored fruit was already…”

“Luo Jianqing! You stole my Blood Spirit Fruit and even formed a contract with it. I must take back this Blood Spirit Fruit!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Qiu, ignoring his injuries, suddenly produced a blood-red whip in his hand and swung it straight at Luo Jianqing. His whip was quick and decisive, without any hesitation, and mixed with immense demonic energy and Mo Qiu’s residual spiritual power, creating a deadly move that seemed to be able to kill Luo Jianqing with a single strike!

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