The Villain Host Is Too Fierce
The Villain Host Is Too Fierce Chapter 1: Rich Family Copy

Boom …


A handsome man looked at the nearby fireball and reflexively wanted to escape. However, the power of the fireball was too great to escape and could only be passively endured.

The sound of explosions struck, and the entire warehouse was immediately flattened. The place where the man had just stood was left with only a pile of black ash. After being blown away by the wind, it seemed that even the traces of existence had disappeared.

Bai Rui stood not far away; the flames in his palms fluttered, and a red light flashed through his eyes.

“Warning, warning! The male lead has died, the small world is starting to collapse, and the host will be forcibly removed.”

A warning sound from the system came to Bai Rui’s ear, and a black smoke suddenly appeared above him. With a flash of white light, a completely pitch black crow with a bright red flame mark on its forehead stopped on his shoulder.

“Sh*t, Xiao Rui, you’ve played the protagonist to death again. The world is about to collapse, let’s run away!”

Bai Rui sneered and patted the wings of the crow beside him, feeling dissatisfied.

“Lao Hei, the task that was assigned to me by the system is to change the fate of the villain. The protagonist is not the root of the villain’s misfortune. What’s wrong with me killing them?”

The crow, known as Lao Hei, shook its wings and waved off Bai Rui’s mischievous hand impatiently.

“You need to change the fate of the villain, not either destroy the protagonist or destroy the world every time! If it weren’t for the fact that I was mistakenly hit by you in the cultivation realm, stumbled into a contract, and refined into such a broken system, I wouldn’t have had to follow you in every world.”

Lao Hei didn’t understand. Although Bai Rui looked so warm and pure on the outside, how could he be such a madman inside? If he didn’t agree, he would destroy the world and show it to him. So far, they had never succeeded in any mission.

The whole world began to collapse, and everything around it shattered into pieces and powder. Bai Rui’s eyes darkened, and he once again broke away from the small world.

A wave of dizziness struck, and Bai Rui felt a piercing pain in his soul. He held back without making any sound; after all, these pains were tolerable compared to the abuse he had suffered in his childhood.

“Hey! Xiao Rui! Stinky kid, you’re not dead, are you?”

Coming out from the side, Lao Hei shouted anxiously. Bai Rui knew that, although Lao Hei had a tough mouth, he had traveled through so many worlds with him and he cared.

He gritted his teeth hard, took a deep breath, and replied. “I’m fine!”

Opening his eyes again, he had already come to the new mission world. The location wasn’t bad; this should be the original owner’s room. But the owner of this room seemed to have little taste. The room was grandly decorated, but it still wasn’t classy.

A huge rock poster was pasted on the wall, adding to the eerie style of the entire room. Bai Rui rubbed his brow and sat up from the bed.

Taking a deep breath, he adapted to this body that his soul had just entered. Clenching his fists, Bai felt as if he had gotten weaker.

“Xiao Rui, because our missions have been failing, I can’t absorb the world’s energy. Your soul is still very fragile now, but once it is repaired, the discomfort of jumping worlds will be greatly reduced.”

In his sea of consciousness, Lao Hei shuttled through a black mist, his tone filled with hidden concern.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Bai Rui comforted Lao Hei with a smile, because his concern was sincere.

In Bai Rui’s former world, he was originally the head of the prestigious Bai family, and those who met him would praise him as a gentleman who was like Jade. Bai Rui’s face always carried a hint of a smile, making people feel like they were basking in the spring breeze when interacting.

Compared to the heads of other aristocratic families, he seemed too young and gentle.

However, it only seemed like that. The Bai family was a prestigious aristocratic family in the capital, and the more powerful the aristocratic family was, the more they engaged in shady and never-ending struggles.

No one expected that Bai Rui, an abandoned illegitimate son, would eventually become the head of the family.

When those who had bullied and trampled on Bai Rui were all in ruins and his father, who looked at him like nothing, was being broken by him in front of his people, one finger at a time, everyone found out that this Bai Rui was actually sinister.

The sound of bones breaking made people feel their scalps tingle, but Bai Rui still maintained a smile, as if he were doing something elegant. The methods he used were extremely ruthless.

As for whether he would have a good ending, Bai Rui didn’t think it mattered. In this world, the law of the jungle was already in place. So, when his beloved sister, whom he had nurtured for many years, schemed against him, Bai Rui just sighed that he was one move behind.

But Bai Rui didn’t realize that death wasn’t the end. A self-proclaimed system found itself and said it would help him resurrect. But Bai Rui didn’t immediately agree. He had seen too many conspiracies before. He didn’t believe there were no traps behind the transaction, given such tempting conditions.

Unfortunately, his strength was too weak, and he was forced to become a puppet of the system. Every time Bai Rui traveled to a world, he became the villain of that world. And his task was to change the fate of the villain.

However, this change wasn’t a comeback, but rather a way for him to not oppose the protagonist and only accept it as a stepping stone for the protagonist.

Bai Rui knew that in his original world, he was seen as a villain by some people.

But so what? Why could one only survive and be trampled upon, while the so-called protagonist could live so well?

So, while pretending to comply and enduring the torment of small worlds, he searched for opportunities. Then he met Lao Hei in a cultivation world.

Lao Hei had the bloodline of a Vermilion Bird, and he was also the hegemon of his side. Unexpectedly, the other party, despite possessing such powerful power, was mistakenly forced into a contract by him.

When Bai Rui discovered that Lao Hei wasn’t bound by the rules of the world, he tried his best to refine it into the system and invade the consciousness of the system. That allowed him to completely break free from the constraints.

“Kid, this jump took the last of my energy. If you can’t complete the mission again, both of us may disappear into time and space. Don’t mess it up again!”

Lao Hei saw that Bai Rui seemed to have calmed down and resumed his previous teasing.

Bai Rui lowered his eyes; if he failed, Lao Hei would also fall, but the other party still casually described it.

He admitted that after getting rid of the system, he acted too recklessly in various small worlds to vent his anger, but in reality, Bai Rui didn’t want to implicate Lao Hei.

In fact, those so-called tasks were easy for him; he was just venting his anger.

“Don’t worry; since that’s the case, I will play this world lightly. Anyway, I can’t bear to part with my old partner!”

“Don’t be corny, stinky kid!” Lao Hei seemed a bit embarrassed. He turned his head, coughed, then continued.

“Are you ready? Once you’re ready, I’ll pass on the plot to you.”

Bai Rui nodded, and then a huge plot was transmitted to his mind.

In a short time, Bai Rui finished reading the plot of this world, and after reading it, he collapsed on the bed with a sigh because this was nothing more than a low-grade world similar to the overbearing presidential text of a romance novel.

“Have you finished reading the plot? How do you feel?” After a while, Lao Hei couldn’t help but ask as Bai Rui looked at the ceiling again in a daze.

“Well, that’s it,” Bai Rui said, somewhat bored.

“This is just a low-level world,” Lao Hei retorted angrily as he finished speaking.

“With the way you played around in the previous worlds, it’s a good thing I still have the strength to send you to a new world, and you still have the nerve to complain!”

As Lao Hei spoke, he angrily pecked at Bai Rui’s forehead with his beak. Bai Rui deftly dodged and looked at Lao Hei’s angry and despondent expression, unconcerned.

“This body’s name is Feng Ruiran, and I am the younger brother of the male protagonist, Feng Yuzheng. The female protagonist has a grudge against this body, so I will first kill the male protagonist and then the female protagonist, so that I can give myself a HE, and then it’ll be over.”

“Bai Rui! If the male and female leads die, the world will collapse.” Lao Hei was already about to cry without tears.

“I’m joking!” Bai Rui curled his lips and jumped off the bed.

In the story, the original character was portrayed as a useless playboy who, like many men in a Mary Sullivan novel, fell under the female lead’s pomegranate skirt.

As a villain who wanted to seize power and constantly brush his presence, he was just a catalyst for the male and female protagonists. In the end, he inexplicably got involved in a kidnapping and died in order to save the female protagonist, which made Bai Rui speechless.

However, after experiencing so many worlds, Bai Rui naturally knew that everything was just a self-justification of the Heavenly Way.

The original owner, Feng Ruiran, and the male protagonist, Feng Yuzheng, were born to different mothers. The family of Xiao Ling, the biological mother of Feng Ruiran, was a larger, more wealthy family than the male protagonist’s family. The mysterious death of the mother of the original owner was exploited by the male and female leads from beginning to end, resulting in the loss of Xiao Ling’s family property. Even the new head of the Xiao family, Xiao Zhan, who had been selflessly helping him, ultimately left the original owner.

Moreover, Bai Rui found from the original owner’s memory that the original owner didn’t like the female lead at all, behind the kidnapping case was just a disgusting conspiracy.

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied with the original owner being more like a cannon fodder than a villain, since he already agreed to Lao Hei…

Bai Rui looked up and saw the crow who had taken care of him in countless small worlds. His eyes became firm, and he whispered softly. “Lao Hei, there have been so many worlds; thank you!”

Upon hearing Bai Rui’s words of gratitude, Lao Hei immediately turned around; only his tail remained visible. Bai Rui knew that Lao Hei was embarrassed, and a smile flashed in his eyes.

Stripping off his clothes in three steps, Bai Rui walked to the mirror in the washroom. The new body, solidified by his own soul, would completely replicate the original owner’s physical appearance. Bai Rui raised his eyebrows and looked at the person in the mirror.

The original owner had a good appearance, with sword-like eyebrows, starry eyes, and wheat-colored skin. Although there was a scar that was left by a burn on his shoulder, the flaws didn’t hide his beauty. Overall, he looked quite sunny and handsome.

But his fiery red hair and thick black circles under his eyes, which had been dyed, made him look quite decadent. He pinched the flesh on his arm; it was indeed soft and powerless.

“Tsk.” Bai Rui smacked his lips, dissatisfied with the mental state of this appearance.

“Lao Hei, please improve the quality of this body.”

As soon as the words fell, his whole body relaxed. His face turned rosy, and the dark circles under his eyes faded, although the difference seemed small on the surface, Bai Rui knew that his body had been adjusted to its best state.

The originally relaxed muscles had become tight, and even shallow abdominal muscles were faintly present. Nodding, he opened the wardrobe and casually took two clothes from the tasteless collection of the original owner. Bai Rui smoothed out every wrinkle on his clothes bit by bit while sorting out the plot in his mind.

The things that happened when the original owner was still present wasn’t considered good, and although the male and female main characters hadn’t yet met, the original owner had already pestered Xiao Zhan to agree to cooperate with the Feng family’s harbor project under the enticement of that good father of his. It was a good thing that the contract was still in his own hands and hadn’t been handed over.

Just a few days later, the male lead, Feng Yuzheng, would find someone to make him lose the contract at the gambling table. In the original trajectory, the sad original owner was then entangled by people in the casino who drugged him and took indecent photos of him, resulting in him getting a notorious reputation.

Thinking of the humiliation the original owner suffered, Bai Rui showed a bloodthirsty smile. He licked his slightly dry lips and chuckled lightly.

 “It’s time to meet my dear family.”

Just as his words fell, the bedroom door burst open with a loud bang, and then Bai Rui fell into a wide embrace. It wasn’t just Bai Rui, even Lao Hei was completely stunned.

What kind of person was this that they could evade Lao Hei’s surveillance and Bai Rui’s perception that had been cultivated in countless worlds and get close to him?

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