The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 1

West side of B City.

The huge villa was surrounded by darkness, and the gloomy and oppressive atmosphere makes people suffocated.

In a dimly lit room, the only light fell on a huge table.

At this time, a thin figure was sitting on one side, trembling.

No! This trembling was from anger.

“You must be mistaken. I have no family, no parents. I don’t know the Sir and Madam Su you’re speaking of.”

Facing the seven or eight men in black in front of her, Su Xi tried to reason with them patiently.

Early this morning, before Su Xi could even get up, she was taken away, bedding and all, by several men in black who broke inside her home. They brought Su Xi to this big gloomy villa and told her that they retrieved her for her family.

——Where did this family came from when she was an orphan?

Su Xi had been in the orphanage for as long as she could remember.

All the way up until Su Xi was eight years old.

The other kids in the orphanage like to band together to bully her. One day, a girl told Su Xi that she would take her to see something good and tricked her into going out of the orphanage through the back door. A few boys also came out and pushed her into the sewer but when the caretaker came, the children were taken back. However, they had forgotten about Su Xi.

The dizzy Su Xi thought she was going to die, but an old man passing by rescued her, and that’s when Su Xi became the other party’s apprentice.

That old man was a charlatan, relying on a set of showy tai chi moves and lip service to fool people. If he had nothing to do, he would give lessons to the children of rich families on how to open up their chi flow or something and Su Xi would be there to help him. Occasionally, the old man would also set up stall at the entrance of the subway station and Su Xi would make a cameo as his seriously ill granddaughter.

Although Su Xi lived an unpredictable life with her Master, she was also at ease.

Until three days ago, when her Master passed away.

All of a sudden, Su Xi became a helpless undocumented youth again.

When these men in black appeared, Su Xi thought they were there to send her back to the orphanage.


Back to present.

A deep voice sounded, “We’ve been looking for you for 10 years. We are sure we’re not mistaken.”

The leader of the man in black leaned forward, finally allowing Su Xi to see other party’s face clearly under the lamp—— It was stern and fierce. And at this time, there was an incongruous smile on this face.

It was eerie.

Su Xi instinctively shrank back.

“That-, don’t be afraid, we’re not bad people. We won’t hurt you.” The black clad man said to Su Xi in the gentlest voice he could muster.

The girl in front of them looks thin and weak, and perhaps due to long-term malnutrition, she was much shorter than people of the same age. Her palm-sized face was pale and bloodless, like a fragile glass doll, making people that saw her distressed and nervous, afraid that speaking loudly would scare her.

“This is the paternity test we did using yours and the samples left behind by Sir and Madam Su. You are indeed the long-lost daughter of the Su family.” The man in black handed a document to Su Xi, along with a photo of the Su couple.

Su Xi couldn’t understand the English letters and numbers on the paternity test, but she could comprehend the final conclusion.

There was also the woman in the photo. Although her temperament felt different, Su Xi’s facial features were indeed somewhat similar to hers.

“Then what happened to Sir and Madam Su?” Suppressing the odd emotions in her heart, Su Xi asked the other party.

At these words, the man in black’s expression sank slightly. “Ten years ago, we were entrusted by Sir and Madam Su to search for their lost daughter, but unfortunately there was no result. Seven years ago, Sir and Madam Su were involved in a traffic accident and passed away. Over the years, we have been looking for you in accordance to their wishes.”

They have a network of resources all over the world, but they never thought it would take a whole decade to find one little girl.

“Although Sir and Madam Su passed away, you still have an older brother named Su Jingcheng.”

Su Jingcheng?!

This name sent a jolt in Su Xi’s mind.

Su Xi: “The landscape king? The noble of nobles?”

The man in black: “Yes.”

Su Xi: “……”

No wonder it sounded familiar. Wasn’t Su Jingcheng the name of the villain in the novel she read?!

Yesterday, Su Xi read a few supernatural stories on the forum during the day and couldn’t sleep that night so she started aimlessly swiping her phone. It was then that a push ad popped up on her mobile phone: 【Three years ago, he coldly said to her, “I can give you the identity of Mrs. Shen, but if you want to bear my child, you’re not worthy.” Three years after her disappearance, she returned to China and was now the chief jewelry designer of SNE while accompanied by five equally outstanding men, and holding a two-year-old child who looks very similar to himself in her arms.】

Unable to sleep, Su Xi simply clicked in and read the entire novel.

The novel was titled 《As Long as Baby Don’t Want a Daddy》, the female protagonist was someone who had transmigrated into the disagreeable wife of the domineering male protagonist. The time she crossed over was exactly the night the original body schemed to make their marriage into reality. The female protagonist reluctantly did the deed with the male protagonist, but before the male protagonist could punish the shameless woman, she had already taken the money and jewelry from the safe and gracefully left.

Since she had run away, how could there be no catch? So after arriving abroad, the female protagonist finally discovered that she was pregnant. Due to maternal instinct, the independent female protagonist finally chose to give birth to the male protagonist’s child.

The female protagonist’s beauty and unique personality attracts the opposite sex around her. In the three years since she left the male protagonist, she had successively met five men at the level of big bosses, including a scientific genius, the leader of X faction in Y Country, a big movie star, a member of special forces from X Country, and a business tycoon like the male protagonist.

The female protagonist returned to the country in splendor. Looking at the bees surrounding her, the male protagonist was angry and unwilling. After accidentally learning that Little Bean might be his child, he decided to snatch the female protagonist back.

In the end, under the male protagonist’s abuse and relentless pursuit of his wife, the female protagonist finally accepted him, and the family of three lived happily ever after.

None of the above matters, but there was a big villain in the novel who was also named Su Jingcheng, and his deeds were described in great detail.

In the novel, Su Jingcheng and the male protagonist were business rivals with distorted, dark and twisted personalities, who would do anything to achieve their goals.

Su Jingcheng had been giving the male protagonist a hard time since the early stages. Later, Su Jingcheng even kidnapped the female protagonist and her son in order to blackmail the male protagonist and make him give up the competition for a huge project.

The villain was bound to have a bad end. In order to protect the mother and son, the male protagonist and the five supporting characters finally decided to bury the hatchet and join forces to deal with Su Jingcheng. Under the suppression of several people, Su Jingcheng’s career went in ruins. He was sent to Y Country to live a life that was worse than death, and in the end, he was injected with some kind of drug that could cause people to have a terrible addiction by the scientific genius……

In short, his end was extremely tragic.

The novel mostly talked about how the villain committed all kinds of crime, but not much about Su Jingcheng himself and his family. Su Xi didn’t know if the villain had a younger sister.

If that person was really her brother, wouldn’t that mean that she was about to face a terrifying and twisted villain? And in the future, she might even be destroyed by this big villain?

This can’t be a coincidence…..

Su Xi shuddered as she thought to herself.

Su Xi: “May I ask, Suyuan Group……”

The man in black: “It’s your family’s company.”

Su Xi: “The current chairman of Suyuan Group……”

The man in black: “It’s your brother.

Su Xi: “……”

Seeing the man in black getting up to leave, Su Xi suddenly panicked. “You guys are going to leave me here?” Don’t!!!

Compared to the big villain in the novel that everyone fears, Su Xi would rather be packed and carried away by these fierce men in black again.

The head of the man in black showed another incongruous smile. “This is your home. Our task is to find you and bring you back. Now that the task is completed, we will not disturb you anymore.”

After the men in black left, an old man with a kind face arrived.

Su Xi stared at the other person.

“Young Miss, don’t be nervous. I’m the butler of this family. You may not remember but we’ve met before when you were a baby……”

At this point, the old man’s voice was filled with excitement and he even choked up.

“Look at me, I can’t stop from talking. Young Miss must be hungry. Dinner is already prepared in the dining room.”

Facing the enthusiasm of the strange old man, Su Xi wanted to say no, but at this moment, her stomach shamefully growled……

The old man smiled nonchalantly. “Young Miss, come with me.”

Su Xi: “……”

As she left the room, Su Xi subconsciously glanced inside again.

Noticing Su Xi’s small movements, the old man explained, “This is the study room.”

Su Xi: Study room? In other words, it’s used by Su Jingcheng?

No wonder it’s so gloomy, it really matches the temperament of the big villain.

Su Xi roasted silently in her heart, but at the same time, she also noticed that just now, she seemed to be sitting in the main seat while those men in black were in the guest seats in front of the desk.


At the villain’s villa, Su Xi had the most sumptuous dinner of her life.

The old man stood beside Su Xi, quite enthusiastic.

Su Xi: “You……”

“My name is Zhou Fu. Young Miss, like the Young Master, you can just call me Uncle Fu.” Uncle Fu smiled gently at Su Xi, but from an angle Su Xi couldn’t see, his eyes were full of heartache.

The young miss’s facial features were more like the madam’s, especially right now, she looks delicate and small with a hint of cleverness.

It’s just that she’s too skinny.

The young miss was only three and a half years old when she got lost. She looked like a tender dumpling that anyone who saw her likes her very much. He didn’t know how much the young miss had suffered over the years. How hard must it been. Her thin and small appearance was heartbreaking. He heard from Yan Su that they found the young miss in a prefabricated shelter built for the homeless under the bridge.

But now that she had been found, the young master should be relieved.

Uncle Fu inwardly sighed.

It’s fine when Uncle Fu didn’t mention him, but as soon as the word ‘young master’ came out, Su Xi suddenly showed a strange expression.

“Young master? You mean Su Jingcheng?” The big villain?

“Yes, but you should call him brother, Young Miss.” Uncle Fu said with a smile, and then he added, “The young master went on a business trip to Y Country and left just yesterday.”

After saying that, seeing the ‘lost’ expression on Su Xi’s face as she lowered her head and bit her chopsticks, Uncle Fu thought she was disappointed because she didn’t see the young master, so he said again, “Young Miss, don’t worry, the young master will definitely come back as soon as possible when he hears that you’re back.”

At these words, Su Xi’s expression froze. No! The big villain had better not come back! Weren’t novels about plane crashes and missing persons very popular recently?

Su Xi ate the food without tasting it. In her mind, she was wondering if there was any way to draw a clear line with the villain in the novel.


At the same time, in the branch office of Suyuan Group in Y Country.

After receiving a call from Yan Su, Chairman Su was dancing with joy in his office.


By the time Wei Dongzhou was led by the assistant in, Su Jingcheng had regained his usual serious and stern demeanor. However, a smile remained on the corners of his mouth.

On the contrary, it was Wei Dongzhou who looked unhappy at this time. “I heard your assistant say that you’re going back to China? Are you kidding me? You’ve only been here for a day. The formal signing for the project here hasn’t been held yet. There’s at least half a month of critical period ahead and you’re actually going to run away? Moreover, if you’re not here, who the hell am I going to sign the contract with?”

The project in Y Country this time was a very important collaboration between the Wei Family and the Suyuan Group. Their original arrangement was for him and Su Jingcheng to stay in Y Country for at least half a month before returning to China, but just now, Su Jingcheng’s assistant came over and told him that they were planning to leave!

Su Jingcheng looked at Wei Dongzhou with a determined expression. “Find a way to communicate with that side and move the necessary steps forward as much as possible. I’ll stay here for another week at most and I’ll leave after then.”

“I say, you—”

At this point, Wei Dongzhou finally noticed that something wasn’t right with Su Jingcheng. Was this guy actually smiling?

In all the years he had known Su Jingcheng, Wei Dongzhou had never seen his friend smile so much like this.

“This is unusual. You’re in a hurry to go back, has something good happen?” Wei Dongzhou glanced at Su Jingcheng.

Did he get the land in Dongcheng? Or did he manage to secure the project in the capital? That’s not right, even all these things combined, it was impossible to make this person this happy.

At this time, the smile on Su Jingcheng’s face widened a bit. “My little sister has been found.”


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