The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 11

“Ah—!” Su Xi woke up from a nightmare, her pale little face still carrying an expression of unease.

——The dream just now was terrifying. Su Xi really felt as if she was going to die and she even clearly felt her life running out.

“Why is it that dream again……” Su Xi frowned and muttered after calming down. She wiped away the sweat from her forehead and buried her face on the blanket.

This wasn’t the first time Su Xi has dreamt of that scene.

In Su Xi’s memory, she dreamed of it at least seven or eight times, always waking up when she felt that she was about to die.

Su Xi asked her master about it and her master said with a tranquil face that it was a ghost pressing on her body.

The thought of it sent a shiver down Su Xi’s spine.

Although she doesn’t believe in ghosts, Su Xi was actually very afraid of them. Even a few supernatural stories on the forum could scare her so much that she’s afraid to sleep all night.

Su Xi’s eyeballs turned slightly and she looked around the room cautiously—— It was fine when she didn’t look, but now that she did, it seemed that nothing was right in the room, especially when she thought that this was the lair of the twisted villain in the novel. Su Xi felt even more frightened.

Shrinking her neck, Su Xi lay back down on the bed silently, then buried her entire body under the covers.

Su Xi stared at the ceiling with her eyes wide open, her nervousness and fear gradually faded away, but the dream just now was still replaying in her mind.

Su Xi had checked online before and found that dreams were often formed by irregularly stringing together things from her memory, and that having similar dreams repeatedly was likely due to the memory being too profound in someone’s subconscious mind.

But she obviously never had a similar experience, so why would she still have such a dream?

What was that voice in the dream saying? And who was that person next to her?


Countless questions gathered in her mind and Su Xi lost sleep completely.


Su Xi still remembered that when she had this dream for the first time, she was too frightened to sleep for two or three nights.

But probably because she had experienced it too many times, Su Xi was a little used to it now.

Having been awake for most of the night, Su Xi was no longer affected by yesterday’s dream, expect for being a little sleepy.

Su Xi arrived at school.

Looking at the dark circles under Su Xi’s eyes, her deskmate was surprised but also a little impressed.

“Su Xiao Xi, you’re too hardworking!” Su Xi’s appearance looked like she did an all-nighter.

Although she made a whole set of English study plan for Su Xi, she didn’t have to work so hard. She actually stayed up late to study!

Seeing Dong Wenqi looking at her with a distressed and moved expression, Su Xi guessed that she might have misunderstood something.

At this time, Dong Wenqi pulled Su Xi with concern and asked, “How are you doing with the 26 letters and the phonetic symbols I highlighted for you yesterday? Are you having any difficulties?”

En, I’ve memorized them all.” It was difficult, but it’s manageable.

Dong Wenqi: Wuuwuu, Su Xi worked so hard to finish learning so much content in one night.

“You can ask me anything you don’t understand. If there’s no problem, let’s start learning basic vocabulary now!” Seeing Su Xi ‘working hard’, Dong Wenqi suddenly felt as if she had been injected chicken blood[1]to suddenly become hyperactive, high-spirited or aggressive.

Dong Wenqi: “How about this noon? We can go straight to the library after lunch!”

Su Xi: “Okay.”


At noon, after eating, Dong Wenqi took Su Xi to the long gallery at the back of the school library. There was a place to sit there and it was very quiet. There weren’t many people coming at that time, so it was very suitable for studying.

“These are the most basic and commonly used words in English that I’ve compiled. I’ll show you their usage one by one and then you can memorize them……”

Since Su Xi had only just started learning English, she couldn’t achieve it in an instant, so at the beginning, Dong Wenqi’s study plan for Su Xi wasn’t very difficult. Today, Su Xi only need to memorize 10 words.

However, Dong Wenqi soon discovered to her surprise that Su Xi’s learning speed was too fast!

Su Xi actually memorized the 10 words after just reading them once.

“You really remember it all?” Dong Wenqi was in disbelief.

En.” Su Xi responded with a sincere face.

“Then let’s look at the next words.”

Dong Wenqi drew 30 more words for Su Xi.

As a result, Su Xi still only took a short time to memorize them. No matter which word Dong Wenqi picked up, she could recite it letter by letter.

Dong Wenqi: “……” Her deskmate might be a genius.

Dong Wenqi didn’t know about others, but it was amazing enough that Su Xi could remember all the words in such a short period of time, not to mention that she wouldn’t forget them after just one glance.

The point was that she had planned to let her memorize these words for a week, but now Su Xi was done with it all.

“Then…… then how about we talk about grammar?”

Dong Wenqi began to teach Su Xi grammar.

Halfway through, Dong Wenqi received a text message from the class teacher.

“Old Yang is asking me to get the papers.”

“Then you go quickly. I’ll continue reading for a while.” Su Xi said to Dong Wenqi.

Su Xi suddenly became interested in English. She could memorize more words!

So, after Dong Wenqi left, Su Xi picked up her textbook and memorized 50 more words before packing up and getting up to leave.


The library was very close to the school’s Gate 2 and Su Xi had to pass by it on her way back to class.

Not far away, voices of several people conversing gradually became clear.

“You guys come to my place, what, you want to make trouble?”

“Your place? The Night Banquet is my home turf. Did you have a good time taking your little lackeys there yesterday?”

“Night Banquet is open for business and I pay money to have fun there. Mind your own business.”

“What none of my business? The Night Banquet is my family’s!”

“Oh, yeah? Then I went there and spend money. Customer is always right. Come, let me hear you call Dad.”

“Call your mother!”

“I say, do you want to fight or what? This Young Master is very busy.”

“Tch, why don’t you go and call those little brothers of yours over?”

“No need.” The speaker paused before adding, “Moreover, isn’t this what you came here for? It’s enough for this Dad alone to teach my son a lesson.”


“What a good eight-grader syndrome[2]a term used to describe children that suddenly show delusional behaviour.”

Hearing the conversation between several people not far away, Su Xi silently scoffed in her heart. Just then, one of them roared, “Ye Zexing, I’ll beat you to the ground and make you call me ancestor!”

Ye Zexing? That Yellow Hair?

Su Xi’s footsteps paused and she subconsciously looked in the direction of the voices.

Sure enough, in the direction of the school gate, Su Xi saw a dazzling yellow color.

“Why is this guy everywhere?” Su Xi frowned, a hint of dislike in her eyes.

At the other end, Ye Zexing thought the same thing when he saw Su Xi passing by. Why did he encounter her again? It’s so annoying! Because of her, the vice principal even invited his parents to school.

At this time, there were seven or eight people standing in front of Ye Zexing.

These people weren’t his little brothers, nor were they ordinary street punks. Like Ye Zexing, they were all children of rich families with a little ‘reputation’ in B City.

Hedonistic children were also divided into circles, such as these people in front of him. Ye Zexing and them have always been at odds. These people came to Shangming to find trouble with Ye Zexing.

Several people noticed Ye Zexing’s sight and naturally saw Su Xi.

“Yo? You know each other?” The boy at the head of the group asked.

Ye Zexing: I don’t know her! This Dad doesn’t know this kind of crazy person.

“Your little girlfriend?” The other party asked again with a playful tone in his voice.

“Girlfriend my ass!” Ye Zexing roared in displeasure. F*cking girlfriend!

The people on the opposite side obviously didn’t believe Ye Zexing’s words. Ye Zexing, this person, let alone someone he didn’t know, even if he knew them, he wouldn’t necessarily talk to them. But Ye Zexing’s expression when he saw that girl just now was very odd, no matter how one look at it, there’s a ‘story’ between them.

“I don’t know when your taste changed.” The leader looked at Su Xi and thought that this girl looks pretty, but she’s like a stir fried shredded beef[3]extremely thin. He didn’t expect Ye Zexing to like this kind.

“What are you doing standing there? Why don’t you go over and invite Ye Shao’s little girlfriend over?”

“Hey, Xu Yangkai, are you f*cking sick?” Ye Zexing frowned in displeasure. “How we want to settle our grudge is between us, what are you doing involving irrelevant people?!”

Although he was also thinking about how to teach Su Xi a lesson to save face, it’s not right now.

On the other side, Su Xi was stopped by several people.

Her face turned cold. She was just passing by, why did she get shot even when lying down?

“Get out of the way!” Su Xi’s tone was fierce, but coupled with her delicate appearance and soft voice, she wasn’t convincing at all.

“Yo, is your little girlfriend angry?” The guy named Xu Yangkai smiled like a rascal as he pretended to reach out to embrace Su Xi. He was doing it on purpose for Ye Zexing to see.

“Xu Yangkai, you mother f*cker!” Ye Zexing roared.

Faster than Ye Zexing was Su Xi’s movements.

“Oww—!” A scream drowned out the sound of Ye Zexing’s voice.

Everything happened so fast that everyone still hadn’t reacted. When they took a closer look, Xu Yangkai had already been knocked down by Su Xi.

What was even more unbelievable was that Xu Yangkai, who was a big and tall boy, was pinned down by Su Xi and unable to move at all.


“F*cking hell! Brother Kai!” Responding, several followers of Xu Yangkai gathered up.

Looking at the people coming up to her, Su Xi didn’t talk nonsense to them and beat them up one by one.

Before, when she followed her master to ‘perform’ around the subway entrance, they often encountered similar thugs. She hated these people the most, even more than that yellow haired guy over there.


The small figure was inconspicuous among a bunch of big boys, but at this moment, it seemed that this place had become Su Xi’s arena while those other people were like props for training. Against Su Xi, they were completely beaten up in a rhythm.

On the side, Ye Zexing, who had been reduced from the main character to a passer-by, looked at the scene in front of him and his jaw almost dropped to the ground. Who was going to tell him that this was real and that he wasn’t dreaming?

Ye Zexing didn’t believe that Xu Yangkai’s group was brought by Su Xi. What’s more, the wailing of these people doesn’t sound like they were acting at all.

So f*cking frightening……

Ye Zexing thought to himself that not only was it terrifying, but it’s also quite fantastical.

How could such a thin and frail girl like Su Xi be so terrifying in combat? Nimble and freakishly powerful!


In just two or three minutes’ time, seven or eight older boys had already been beaten to the ground by Su Xi.

It was over before Ye Zexing, who was watching from the side, could even had the chance to make a move.

Su Xi hands stopped.


“Do you still want to fight?” Su Xi looked at the few people who hadn’t yet gotten up from the ground and asked. Her posture seemed to say: There’s nothing that cannot be solved by one fight. If it didn’t work, then make it two.

“……” What was she playing with? If she hit them again, they’ll call the police!

Several people scrambled up from the ground and ran away in a hurry.

Su Xi withdrew her gaze and then looked at the dumbfounded Ye Zexing on the side. At this time, Ye Zexing looked at Su Xi as if he was looking at a monster.

Su Xi: “Do you need something?”

The moment Su Xi looked over, Ye Zexing instinctively took half a step back. Who would have thought that such a harmless— pei! —fragile looking little girl could be so scary?

Thinking of Xu Yangkai and his followers with their bruised noses and swollen faces, and who couldn’t run straight, Ye Zexing shuddered. He was actually glad that the homeroom teacher of Class 7 showed up in time yesterday and saved him.


“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!”

“Oh.” Su Xi turned to leave and walked in the direction of the school building.

Ye Zexing also subconsciously followed. He walked behind Su Xi while keeping a safe distance of 5 meters.


1 to suddenly become hyperactive, high-spirited or aggressive
2 a term used to describe children that suddenly show delusional behaviour
3 extremely thin


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