The Villain is a Siscon!
The Villain is a Siscon Chapter 42

The next day, Su Xi ran into Ye Zexing again on the way after school.

How come she meet this person everywhere?

Su Xi muttered something in a low voice as she looked at Ye Zexing with a hint of disgust in her eyes.

“I say, can you stop looking disgusted every time you see me?” Ye Zexing said with some dissatisfaction.

He couldn’t figure it out. He, the great Ye Shao, with his good looks and his good temperament, had so many people that have a crush on him in school that they could form a line from Gate 1 to Gate 3. Except that his grades were slightly worse because he didn’t want to learn, Ye Zexing couldn’t find any of his shortcomings.

Shouldn’t she be proud to have such a great cousin like him? How come every time Su Xi saw him, she always had an expression like she didn’t know him at all?

Su Xi: “Am I that obvious?”

Ye Zexing: “……” Yes, very obvious, extremely obvious.

“Take a look at yourself, even now you have a disgusted expression.” Ye Zexing said.

He was afraid that someone would come and trouble Su Xi, so he made a special trip here after school to wait for her and send her safely to the car, but the result was he was actually disliked. Ye Zexing felt desolate.

“Speaking of which, even if we had a little misunderstanding at the start and your family and mine don’t see each other much, we’re still in the same trench after all. Can you stop despising me so much?” Ye Zexing said while looking at Su Xi with a bitter face.

“And I even took the fall for you yesterday.”

Ye Zexing followed Su Jingcheng and Su Xi to have a meal yesterday in a daze, and even when he was sent home, he remained dazed.

When he got back, he pondered for a long time before finally realizing that his cousin’s attitude towards him changed 180 degrees, probably because of a misunderstanding, thinking that he had helped Su Xi beat up those blind guys.

Thinking of this, Ye Zexing was really guilty—— Yesterday, he actually made soy sauce next to Su Xi.

He didn’t even have the chance to lay low when Su Xi was already finished with the fight. The rest was the unilateral abuse of the other side.

He was guilty for his eldest cousin’s sudden care!

“By the way, I asked my friends to help find out about those people yesterday.” Ye Zexing said, “Guess what, they were actually instigated by someone.”

“Why don’t you have any reaction at all? Seeing Su Xi’s nonchalant face, Ye Zexing suddenly felt a little disappointed.

“I already guessed it.” Su Xi answered. She didn’t know those people and they had no reason to give her trouble. Besides, she hadn’t mess with anyone at school.

Seeing Su Xi’s doubtful expression, Ye Zexing came over. “Hehe, I have also found out who directed those people!”

Su Xi: “Who is it?”

Ye Zexing: “Guess.”

“Not guessing.” Su Xi showed an indifferent attitude.

“Can’t you just cooperate?” Really, it’s not cute at all, completely different when she’s in front of eldest cousin.

Ye Zexing complained silently.

“All right, I won’t tease you anymore. You won’t be able to guess who it is. It’s An Yajing! How about it? You didn’t expect it, right?”

Although Ye Zexing had no interest in this School Flower An, the other party’s reputation had always been very good. Who would have thought that the legendary school flower with a good personality, good looks, and good character could do such a degrading thing behind the scenes?

“The person who took the lead to trouble you yesterday is called Xie Wenhao. He’s a third year who simps for An Yajing. It was An Yajing who tricked him into coming to you.”

“How did you know that?” Su Xi raised an eyebrow.

“Of course I have my way.” Ye Zexing looked smug. Actually, it was simple. He just pulled one of Xie Wenhao’s underling’s, beat and threatened him for a while, and the other party said everything.

Ye Zexing: “But what’s the beef between you and that An Yajing?”

“I also want to know.” Su Xi was somewhat speechless. After thinking about it, she said, “Could it be because of that poll?”

“Possibly.” Ye Zexing nodded, and then said contemptuously, “I really can’t figure out how you girls think.”

“But I reckon that when An Yajing found Xie Wenhao to help her, she mustn’t have told him your identity. Otherwise, that blockhead surnamed Xie wouldn’t dare provoke you even if he was given ten guts.”

The Xie family’s business was doing fine. It’s okay if they’re doing other trade, but unfortunately, the Xie family was negotiating business under Suyuan Group. If Su Jingcheng wanted to make their company disappear from B City, it’s just a matter of using his fingertips.

“And that An Yajing, her family is pretty good but Suyuan Group is no worse than the An’s, so you don’t have to be afraid of her.”

Relying to her brother, Su Xi doesn’t have to be afraid, and with Su Xi’s combat strength, there’s even more reason not to be afraid.

However, he had to keep checking.

Ye Zexing murmured in his heart. He had a feeling that things weren’t that simple, maybe there were still some things they weren’t clear about.

“I say, we’re relatives after all. If you need anything at school, just come to me.” Although he can’t fight, he’s still very good in other aspects.

“I’m being serious, did you hear what I said?” Seeing that Su Xi didn’t seem to be listening to him at all, but was instead staring at him with strange eyes, Ye Zexing felt inexplicable. “What’s wrong again? What kind of look is that?”

Su Xi: A difficult look.

Staring at Ye Zexing’s appearance, Su Xi found it hard to look at him in any angle.

After studying Ye Zexing for a while, Su Xi finally found the crux of the problem.

“Come with me.” Su Xi grabbed Ye Zexing.

“Speak if you want to speak, don’t be too rough. Where are you dragging me?”

Su Xi stopped and turned to look at Ye Zexing. “Is there any barber shop near here?”

Ye Zexing was stunned. “Barber shop? Why are you looking for barber shop? Are you planning to change your look?”

Ye Zexing looked at Su Xi’s appearance. Her head of healthy black hair was neatly tied back.

In fact, he thought Su Xi looked pretty like this, but since it was his cousin’s request, he, as the older brother, of course had to support her.

“Haha, you’ve asked the right person. Barber shop or something, this Young Master have tried a lot. There’s a very good shop near our school that will make you satisfied, moreover, I’m a VIP there, so there’s no need to queue up!”

Su Xi ignored Ye Zexing’s showing off and nodded, “Then let’s go, just go there.”

“No problem, come with me.”


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Ye Zexing took Su Xi to the hair salon he usually loves to go.

Originally, Ye Zexing thought Su Xi was going to change her look, but when they arrived at the salon, he was pushed to the chair by Su Xi and that’s when Ye Zexing finally realized that it was his look Su Xi wanted to change!

He just came in last week to touch up his hair color and it looks pretty good, so there was no need to touch it up again.

The hairstylist on the side thought so too.

“Ye Shao came here today to change hair color?”

Ye Zexing: No……

Su Xi: “Yes, please change his hair color.”

“No problem, so what color do you want?” Recently, quite a few people were asking for granny grey. Aurora purple seems good too.

Without waiting for the hairstylist’s suggestion, they heard Su Xi said, “Black.”

“Also, his hair shouldn’t be this long. Crew cut is good.”

Ye Zexing, who couldn’t sit still anymore: Nani?!

“You want me to have a crew cut?!” Furthermore, she even wants to dye his hair black?!

“Right.” She really couldn’t stand Ye Zexing’s yellow hair. It was fine since she didn’t know him before, but now that he was actually her relative, Su Xi felt that she couldn’t stand it.

It’s embarrassing to walk with him.

“Not possible!” It’s better to kill him than to make him look like that.

Su Xi and Ye Zexing suddenly came to a standoff.

“It must be cut!”

“That’s not right. It’s fine if you don’t cut it, just don’t hang around in front of me all the time.”

Ye Zexing: “Why?”

“It’s too ugly.” Su Xi said sincerely.

Ye Zexing: “!”

Ugly? He’s ugly?

Ye Zexing’s heart was instantly hit by ten thousand critical strikes.

Looking at the shocked Ye Zexing, who couldn’t bear the blow of the facts, Su Xi didn’t continue talking nonsense. She directly pushed him back to the seat so the hairstylist could start cutting his hair.


Thus, under Su Xi’s double oppression from spirit to force, Ye Zexing was forced to cut off his handsome and striking golden hair, and changed into an earth-shattering crew cut style.

Ye Zexing dared not look at himself in the mirror.

On the other hand, Su Xi nodded in satisfaction at the hairstylist’s skill.

“Looks great.” Sure enough, after cutting his hair short, this guy looks much more pleasing to the eye.

Ye Zexing: Great my ass.


Su Xi returned to Jingyuan.

At this time, Su Jingcheng was finished with his work in the company and was already home.

He originally heard from the driver that Su Xi and Ye Zexing had gone to the hair salon, making Su Jingcheng nervous for a while. He was worried that his sister would be influenced by the so-called fashion of children nowadays and come back with some weird hairstyle.

Seeing that Su Xi came back with her usual neat and lovely hairstyle, Su Jingcheng heaved a sigh of relief.


On the other hand, Ye Zexing’s situation wasn’t as good.

With his crew cut, Ye Zexing felt that nothing was right and was uncomfortable all over.

He even put off his planned nighttime activities.

He was embarrassed to go out looking like this.

And so Ye Zexing returned home directly.

The appearance of Ye Zexing when he entered the house quickly caught the attention of Su Hui and Ye Guohua.

“Oh, you changed your style?” They looked at Ye Zexing who was vastly different from the morning, and asked in surprise.

“……” Change what style? Can this be called a style? Moreover, he was completely forced!

“That’s it. What did your yellow hair look like before? You look much better now.” Obviously, Ye Guohua was quite satisfied with Ye Zexing’s new look.

On the side, even Su Hui, who rarely praised Ye Zexing, looked at Ye Zexing with surprise at this moment and her eyes slightly brightened. “It’s pretty good. With this different look, our son is quite handsome!”

Before, she really couldn’t give a comment on her son’s yellow hair.

Ye Zexing have good facial features and his face was quite three-dimensional. Paired with this crew cut, it made him look sunny and handsome.

“Tch, don’t fool me. Only people your age like this kind of extreme hairstyle.” Ye Zexing complained in a low voice and returned to his room with his head down.

Back in the room, however, Ye Zexing couldn’t help but move to the mirror and take a closer look at his new look.

——It seems okay?

Ye Zexing muttered to himself.

Checking himself in the mirror, it wasn’t as ugly as he imagined. The hairstyle wasn’t rustic and looked quite suitable to him. It even gave him a cool vibe.

Ye Zexing looked at the mirror once again and made a few poses that he thought were very handsome.

Sure enough, his appearance was too high so he could rock any hairstyle.

Ye Zexing was in his room narcissistically looking at himself in the mirror.

Meanwhile, Su Hui and Ye Guohua started discussing downstairs.

“Old Ye, what stimulated your son to change these past days?” Su Hui was naturally happy to see her son’s positive change, but at the same time, she couldn’t help but wonder about the reason.

“What stimulation? You’re exaggerating. Didn’t you say yesterday that your son went to have a meal with Jingcheng? Maybe he was influenced by him and finally realized that his previous behavior, including his attire, isn’t in line with how a student should look like.”

When Ye Guohua mentioned Su Jingcheng, Su Hui became even more confused.

“Yes, I was just about to talk to you about that.” After a pause, Su Hui continued, “You also know about the things that happened to Old Two’s family before. Jingcheng have been unable to establish a good relationship with us over the years and have always been indifferent to his younger brothers and sisters. Say, why do you think he took our son to dinner yesterday?”

Su Hui wasn’t worried that Su Jingcheng might be plotting something. She simply thought that the other party wouldn’t be interested in her family’s son.

On this point, Ye Guohua saw it more simply than Su Hui.

“Why do you care so much about this? Jingcheng and our son are cousins. Xiao Xi and Xiao Xing are schoolmates of the same age and they’re even in the same grade. Jing Cheng took his sister to eat and brought our son along. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Besides, Jingcheng isn’t bad. I see Xiao Xi, that child, is quite sensible. It’s also a good thing for our son to have more contact with them.” Maybe there would be some progress.

“Didn’t you see that your son has improved quite a bit?”

“That’s right.” Su Hui nodded.

“Then what else do you have to worry about?” Seeing that his wife was still frowning, Ye Guohua asked.

Su Hui: “That’s not what I’m worried about, but Old Three and Old Fourth’s family……”

“What about those two families?” Ye Guohua also furrowed his brows.

“It’s Old Three and Wang Wenbin. When I was checking the accounts, I discovered some anomalies in the inflow and outflow of funds between their families. I’m worried that they are making some moves against Suyuan behind the scenes.”

Ye Guohua wasn’t surprised at Su Hui’s words. After all, in order to gain benefits from Suyuan Group, those two people had been doing a lot of small tricks since way before.

“Don’t worry, those two alone can’t affect Suyuan.”

“I know, it’s just that they have made a lot of noise this time. If they really did something now, I’m afraid they won’t be able to hold it down…… I hope those two won’t be stupid.”


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