The Villainess Aims for the Nightingale
The Villainess Aims for the Nightingale Chapter 5

Let’s organize the situation and think about it.

I have been reincarnated into the world of a web novel called “I’ll Become a Doctor in My Next Life,” which has no sense of naming, but I don’t know about that, so please tell the author.

There are no magical or fantasy elements, but it is a world where disputes with neighboring countries never end, and the goal is to overcome medical trials and aim for a lovey-dovey happy ending.

In the fictional otome game described in the novel, I am a villainess who steals data on a new medicine developed by the heroines out of jealousy and tries to sell it to the neighboring country.

I am a blues-like existence with only a future of being impeached and executed by hanging or being betrayed by the neighboring country and killed, there is no other option.

The protagonist of the original novel struggled to prevent such a future and managed to live a happy life with the second prince, despite being a villainess.

However, it was possible because the protagonist of the novel was a doctor in their past life, and they solved problems with incredible knowledge and skills such as saving people with new surgical techniques and developing new medicines.

It is not something that an ordinary nurse with a forgetful memory and some teaching experience like me can follow.

Moreover, since it’s a novel, there are no route choices, and we don’t know what will happen after we deviate from that path…

In other words, at this point where the first prince is already here, everything is already messed up, isn’t it?

Um… Can I go home now?

“Miss Liselotte, it seems that everyone is going to make their greetings. Would you like to come with us once the line has calmed down?”

In front of the table of the princes, there is a line of young ladies and attendants, just like the children before the attraction.

“Well, yes. I suppose so…”

I answer vaguely and gulp down the tea that was served to me.

Eleanora, the heroine’s role model, wouldn’t just leave me and go by herself.

They kindly invited me, but to be honest, I don’t want to go greet anyone.

If I were alone, I would have slipped away unnoticed in the commotion.

Why, you ask?

Because of the impromptu tea party, the princes who never attend, and the similar-looking young ladies in attendance.

Even the dullest person would notice that something is up.

That this tea party is looking for me.

What will happen if I’m found?

First, I will be celebrated as the one who saved the prince’s life.

Second, they might try to make me their wife and the next queen.

Third, they will accuse me of attempting to assassinate the prince and I will be in serious trouble.

Fourth, they will label me as a shameless slut for kissing the prince in public.

…I don’t want any of them…

It was a miracle that I survived in that situation, and I can’t expect to perform heroic deeds like the original protagonist.

Even if I’m praised, it won’t change anything.

Being a queen is not my style, and it’s not suitable for me at all. It will only cause stress and stomach ulcers.

Getting involved in the royal family’s dirty business is out of the question, and being labeled a “stupid woman” would seriously damage my chances of getting married.

Just because I’m now aware that I’m a villainess doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my life…!

This is already a situation where I have no choice but to run away.

I quickly take off my hairpin and hold it tightly in my hand.

My hair that was tied up neatly has completely fallen down, but I don’t care.

It’s best to keep the evidence that could be used against me.

However, my pockets are too small to fit the hairpin, and if I hook it on and tear my dress, my flea-like heart will burst into flames.

Leaving it on the table only during the greetings is also an option, but I’m hesitant because if it’s lost, I’ll be in trouble.

I just really like it.

It’s the perfect size to fit in a child’s palm, so I can hide it in my hand by holding it between my fingers like a magician.

As I practice secretly behind the table, Eleanora looks at me with a curious look, but I shouldn’t worry about it.

If she asks, I’ll just say I’m practicing a surprise, ohoho.

Because I was desperately looking for a way to escape, I ended up being second to last in line. As a newly risen baroness, I couldn’t greet the lady before her, so I yielded my turn and ended up being last with Miss Eleanora.

We finally approached them, and…

“Oh my, how unfortunate. You’ve been injured. I hope no scars will remain on your beautiful face.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“You look lovely today. I pray that Prince Falce recovers from his injury as soon as possible.”

“Yes, thank you.”

The young ladies introduce themselves and step back, repeating the same process over and over since earlier.

It’s like a routine, as if it’s being announced who’s next.

Maybe they responded more properly at first, but now even Prince Gilbert just stares silently with half-lidded eyes, and Prince Falce has turned into a parrot.

Perhaps due to fatigue, it’s a space where only a sense of obligation exists.

Oh my, oh my, oh my?

At this rate, can I manage somehow?

“Your Majesty, and Your Highness, I hope you are well. I am Liselotte von Lotus, the third daughter of the Earl Lotus. I wish for a fast recovery from your injuries.

After exchanging polite greetings without causing offense, I take a lady’s bow while hiding the hair ornament in my hand.

As I was about to raise my waist, thinking that my work was finished, I was surprised by a voice that said, “You are not someone we often see.”

I look up cautiously and see that those golden eyes from earlier are staring at me.

Surprisingly, His Highness Falce, who had only said “Yes, thank you” until a moment ago, spoke a different line.

As soon as he spoke, my heart started beating loudly and vigorously, making its presence known. I managed to draw a curved line with my slightly twitching lips and wrung out some words from my spinning head.

“…I just recently came out of my territory. It’s an honor to meet you.”

My heart was pounding, and I was sweating internally, but I bowed deeply again with a respectful gesture.

It seemed my silent plea, “See, I don’t have a hair accessory!” had been effective.

“…Yes, thank you.”

Alright, here it comes!

Got the signal to step back!

While trying not to be noticed, I quietly do a little victory pose and excuse myself from the spot.

I could have just gone back to my seat, but I decide to wait at a nearby spot to return with Lady Eleanora.

Eleanora, as expected of a heroine, has a gentle smile that seems to say it all.

It’s either due to the heroine’s privilege or her strong heart that she looks lively even in front of the royal family.

It’s quite reassuring.

“Seeing him up close, as expected. That person was Prince Falce. I’m relieved that he has recovered.”


“Everyone who was there came together to save his highness, and it was a very touching moment. It was as if we were seeing the future of this country.”


“Do you know about this injury?”

“Of course. I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Eleanora zu McLaren. Nice to meet you.”

Eleanora bows deeply, and a hair ornament adorned with jewels of the same color as her eyes adds color to her hair… there it is!

Prince Falce slowly stands up and walks towards Eleanora. He takes her hand while she is still bowing, and whispers in a sweet voice, “I was looking for you.”

What a surprise!

Prince Falce, with a hint of surprise, invites Eleanora to dance and they walk towards the center of the salon, backed by a soft song from the music band that seems to have read the atmosphere.

At first, Eleanora seems bewildered, but now her cheeks are blushing with the prince’s melting sweet gaze. Of course, the other ladies present, who were taken aback, were also enchanted by the sight of the dazzlingly beautiful couple enjoying themselves.

As for me,

overwhelmed by a sense of exhaustion, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the scene or return to my seat, and instead headed to the terrace alone.

“…I’m so tired…”

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was watching, I slumped against the stone railing.

What was the point of all that turmoil and the time spent thinking about it?

I have so many thoughts I want to point out.

“Well, anyway, thanks to the heroine, he was saved… or so I guess…?”

The main capture character and the heroine should have a happy ending.

As for me, the villainess, my future doesn’t look bright.

But Eleanora is a really nice girl, and I don’t plan on being jealous or anything, so maybe we can get along just fine.

Yes, that’s it! Let’s do that!

From villainess to the heroine’s best friend, a splendid job change!

Feeling as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I turn around humming a tune, only to find someone who shouldn’t be there.

There’s no way to ask why he’s here or when he got here. He doesn’t even try to hide his vexed expression, just like the day he asked me if I had any self-restraint.

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