The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 24


24. Fighting over! Sister-in-law is Gone!

Luo Ge looked at Lu Fei, who had a relaxed and comfortable expression, and his heart suddenly sank.

Should he run?

Or should he continue to fight?

The predicament kept swaying in Luo Ge’s mind.

However, a picture flashed through his mind, and Luo Ge’s hesitant eyes suddenly became firm.

He must fight!

With this thought in mind, the actions of his hands did not stop.

Ignoring the two henchmen who dared not make a move, Luo Ge rushed out like a fierce tiger released from its cage.

At this moment, every part of Luo Ge’s body had turned into a sharp weapon.

Hands, elbows, legs, feet, and even his head…

Everything existed only to kill the opponent.

Luo Ge’s sharp moves were so fast that bystanders could only see afterimages.

At this moment, Luo Ge felt that he was at the peak of his state as if he had turned into a killing machine.

However, Lu Fei, who was facing Luo Ge, was not afraid at all. Even in the face of Luo Ge’s fierce attacks, Lu Fei’s expression did not change at all.

He only furrowed his brows slightly, and a hint of interest flashed in his eyes.

Yes, Lu Fei had developed some interest in this opponent and even thought about whether he should slowly defeat this opponent.

Just to play with Luo Ge a little longer.

After all, at this moment, only Luo Ge could make him relax a bit.

Therefore, in the underground casino, everyone saw this strange scene.

Luo Ge kept attacking Lu Fei, attacking again and again.

While Lu Fei casually dodged and defended, occasionally, when he was in the mood, he would suddenly strike.

Seizing a flaw in Luo Ge’s defense and attacking.

The onlookers were constantly refreshing their impression of Lu Fei just by seeing this scene.

His strength alone was enough to impress everyone.

Feng Jun looked at Lu Fei, who was constantly fighting Luo Ge, and was secretly shocked.

If Lu Fei was in a bad mood when he was looking down on Lu Fei, it wouldn’t have been as simple as getting slapped in the face. 

The few subordinates he brought yesterday probably wouldn’t be enough for him to beat up Lu Fei.

Now, Feng Jun thought back and felt that he had been slapped in the face but still profited.

The scene of Lu Fei and Luo Ge’s battle was also displayed in Mu Changye’s study at the moment.

In the study, Mu Changye, Mu Ruoxue, and Liu Mengxiang stared at the screen with their eyes fixed on Lu Fei, who was calmly responding to the attacks.

All three having different thoughts of their own.

Sitting in the front row, Mu Changye watched as Lu Fei demonstrated his extraordinary skills, his eyes revealing a sense of satisfaction.

With a sharp mind and a calm demeanor, Lu Fei’s fighting skills were unmatched even by his personal bodyguards.

Such talent must be firmly grasped and kept close at hand, for the loss would be great if he were to leave.

Meanwhile, Liu Mengxiang leaned against Mu Changye, her beautiful eyes fixed on Lu Fei’s body.

Her gaze was fixed on the screen, her ample bosom heaving with excitement.

How ruthless, how domineering.

Her mind gradually conjured up strange images, especially when she saw Lu Fei’s bloody methods of dealing with the three henchmen, causing her alluring body to shudder imperceptibly.

Only then did she snap out of her reverie and return to reality.

Her cheeks flushed red, she cautiously glanced at Mu Changye’s eyes fixed on the screen and quietly exhaled a sigh of relief.

Just as Mu Changye was weighing how to win over Lu Fei, Mu Ruoxue’s voice sounded from the side.


“I never realized how amazing Lu Fei was before. Daddy, you can’t take him away from me. I want him to protect me!”

As Mu Ruoxue’s small eyes sparkled with brilliance and her head kept coming up with ideas, Liu Mengxiang’s sweet voice rang in Mu Changye’s ear.

“Changye, how about assigning him to me? Ruoxue is basically always at the Mu’s house and has bodyguards protecting her, unlike me who’s always outside… if anything unexpected happens and I can’t see you, I won’t be able to bear it!”

As she spoke, Liu Mengxiang gently shook Mu Changye’s arm and looked at him expectantly with her beautiful eyes.

Before Mu Changye could say anything, Mu Ruoxue frowned her crescent-shaped eyebrows and glared at the wicked woman, shouting in a coquettish voice,

“No, no, Daddy, you must love me more. I want him to protect me. He was originally mine, you can’t take him away!”

As she spoke, Mu Ruoxue looked like a little cat protecting her food, fluffing up her fur and glaring at Mu Changye.


Seeing two women in his family fighting over Lu Fei, Mu Changye’s brow furrowed in pain.

“Hmph, if you take away my person, I’ll go kneel at Mom’s place tonight and say you don’t want me anymore!”

Mu Ruoxue threw a bombshell when she saw her dad still hesitating.

“You child, I won’t take your person. I won’t take your person, okay!”

Mu Changye’s face flashed with a hint of reminiscence, then turned to Liu Mengxiang and said, 

“Mengxiang, I didn’t consider it carefully before. I’ll have Mu San protect you, so I can rest assured. What do you think?”

Liu Mengxiang, who heard this, frowned slightly and said casually,

“It’s up to you to decide!”

Liu Mengxiang was a smart person and knew that although she held a significant place in Mu Changye’s heart, she was still slightly inferior to his biological daughter.

“I’ll go to the bathroom first!”

After saying this, Liu Mengxiang left the study directly.

She wasn’t angry.

She just wanted to tidy up. If Mu Changye smelled any strange smell, it wouldn’t be good.

Thinking of this, a young man’s figure flashed through Liu Mengxiang’s mind, and her cheeks, which had just recovered, turned red again…


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