The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 26


26. Poison medical skills, one thought can bring life or death!

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, there was a hint of suspicion in Luo Ge’s eyes.

As if sensing Luo Ge’s doubt, Lu Fei smiled lightly and said, 

“You can rest assured that there is no need for me to deceive you. Even your own life and death are in my hands. Do you think I have nothing better to do than to deceive you?”

“Do you think it’s amusing?”

Lu Fei’s words were like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.[1]“the last straw that broke the camel’s back” is an idiom that means a small additional burden that causes an overloaded or overstressed person, system, or situation to fail or … Continue reading Luo Ge looked at Lu Fei’s calm and confident gaze and inexplicably felt that his sister’s eye disease could be cured by this person.

“My name is Luo Ge, I’m willing to listen to you. As long as you cure my sister’s eyes, I’m willing to do anything!”

A big man over 5 feet 9 inches tall, in such a dangerous situation, did not shed a tear. But in just a few words from Lu Fei, he knelt directly in front of him.

This was really too strange.

At this point, the eyes of the crowd looking at Lu Fei had a hint of fear.

“We can’t delay any longer, let’s go. It will also make you feel more at ease. What do you think?”

Lu Fei didn’t want to waste any time. He had just acquired poison medical skills by changing the plot and wanted to try out its effectiveness.

Lu Fei knew a little about Luo Ge’s sister’s eye disease, which was caused by being bitten by some poisonous insect or rodent when she was a child, and the toxin was compressed in the eye nerves.

In the original work, Lin Ran used the Ghost God Eighteen Needles to barely suppress the toxin and later spent a lot of effort to slowly remove it.

But Lu Fei’s poison medical skills were said to be able to produce even bones with one thought and kill people with one thought. It couldn’t be worse than Lin Ran’s so-called Ghost God Eighteen Needles, right?

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Luo Ge’s eyes immediately lit up with joy.

“You guys take care of things here. I have something to do and need to go out. Call me if there’s anything!”

After giving instructions, Lu Fei prepared to leave with Luo Ge.

And this scene was also seen by Mu Changye.

He was filled with shock in his eyes. Lu Fei had just subdued a powerful person with just a few words. This ability to handle things was rare, even in his Mu family!

Lu Fei is indeed a rare talent, and he has also recruited such a powerful subordinate for the Mu family. It’s really good.

As Lu Fei appeared on the screen, Mu Ruoxue and Liu Mengxiang sitting on both sides of Mu Changye also looked at him with admiration.

After leaving the casino, Lu Fei got into a Bentley.

Luo Ge sat in the driver’s seat and quickly immersed himself in the role of a subordinate.

“If I’m not mistaken, you also seem to have accumulated some serious hidden illnesses on your body!”

 Lu Fei suddenly said to Luo Ge in the back seat while driving.

Upon hearing this, Luo Ge’s eyes dimmed a bit, and he said,

“Yes, boss… it’s all accumulated from various old injuries in the past. I couldn’t fight anymore, so I came back from abroad.”

“Don’t call me boss, just call me Brother Lu. I’m also working under the Mu family now, so it’s better to understand that in your heart.”

“I’ll give you a prescription later, and you can grab the medicine and take it yourself. In less than a month, the hidden illnesses in your body will naturally be resolved.”

Upon hearing what Lu Fei said, there was a hint of excitement in Luo Ge’s eyes, but he still had some doubts.

“Is this… really possible?”

“Believe it or not, wait until I cure your sister, then you will understand.”

In fact, Lu Fei had a faster method, which was to use his poison medical skills to directly restore Luo Ge’s body to its healthiest state in just ten minutes. 

However, until Luo Ge’s favorability towards him reached 90 or above, Lu Fei chose to be reserved.

Currently, Luo Ge’s favorability towards him was around 79, which posed a risk of betrayal. 

When it reached 90 or above, it would be difficult to betray him, and at 95 or above, it would be absolute loyalty, although it was almost impossible to reach 100%.

Because they were still humans, not puppets and humans cannot be 100% loyal.

They drove in silence, with Luo Ge driving the Bentley towards the development zone near the city center of Shanghai.

They stopped at an old residential building.

The appearance of the Bentley attracted the attention of people walking around there.

This is a car worth several million, and it is rare to see such luxury cars in this area.

After reaching the third floor, Luo Ge stood at the door and took a deep breath. He changed his tone to a gentle one before opening the door and saying,

“Xiao Ying, do you want brother to take you out to bask in the sun today?”


A clear voice like a yellow oriole came from inside the room.

Then, a little girl who looked about fifteen years old walked out slowly, leaning on a cane and feeling her way along the wall.

Even though her lively eyes were temporarily deprived of sight, the vitality in her voice seemed to be constantly influencing those around her.

“Slow down, what if you fall!”

Luo Ge’s words were full of reproach, but his tone showed his concern.

“Brother Lu… no, boss Lu, you must cure Xiao Ying’s eyes, I can do anything!”

Seeing his younger sister unable to see the light and feel the colors at such a young age, Luo Ge’s heart was filled with pain.

He begged countless famous doctors and visited hundreds of hospitals, but he still couldn’t solve this problem. Later, in order to avoid affecting Xiao Ying’s emotions, he stopped seeking medical treatment.



1 “the last straw that broke the camel’s back” is an idiom that means a small additional burden that causes an overloaded or overstressed person, system, or situation to fail or collapse.

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