The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 29


29. I’m looking to see if you have a little green on your head!

Lu Fei laughed dryly and agreed, “Yeah, she’s a bit mischievous.”

“Uh, excuse me, I drank too much tea and need to use the bathroom. Sorry!”

Suddenly, Lu Fei felt a bit bloated in his lower abdomen. He had drunk so much tea since he arrived here, and he definitely needed to use the bathroom.

Most people might feel constrained because this was the Mu family’s home and hold it until they left to solve the problem. 

But Lu Fei was not like most people, he wouldn’t make himself uncomfortable.

He directly asked to leave and use the bathroom.

“The bathroom is to the right of the living room!”

Liu Mengxiang looked at Lu Fei gently and reminded him.

Lu Fei nodded toward Liu Mengxiang to express his gratitude.

Finally, this crazy woman had become a bit normal.

Immediately, he walked towards the bathroom.

As Lu Fei had left for less than two minutes, Liu Mengxiang also stood up to leave the living room.

Before leaving, she greeted Mu Changye, “I’m going to touch up my makeup, you guys chat!”

After speaking, she twisted her hips and walked away in her wine-red leather high heels.

At this moment, Lu Fei, who had finally found the bathroom, relaxed and comfortably relieved himself.

Suddenly, he faintly heard footsteps outside the door, walking towards him.

What the hell??


The tightly closed door suddenly opened.

Lu Fei caught a glimpse of a fiery red figure walking in.

What the fuck?

Isn’t this sister-in-law?

Liu Mengxiang just walked straight in.

She walked to the sink next to him, started applying makeup in the mirror, and seemed to ignore Lu Fei completely as if he were invisible.

Lu Fei was dumbfounded.

This situation couldn’t be resolved easily.

He frowned and tried to remind her in a low voice, “Sister-in-law, what are you doing?”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Liu Mengxiang seemed completely indifferent. She took out lipstick from her bag and applied it to her lips.

“I’m just touching up my makeup!” 

Liu Mengxiang said confidently, making Lu Fei dumbfounded once again.

What the hell!

Is she crazy?

Looking at Liu Mengxiang, who was only a turn of the head away, Lu Fei couldn’t believe how reckless she was being. Her beloved was sitting in the living room, and she was running to the bathroom to touch up her makeup?

If she got caught, what would happen?

They might not even have a place to hide in Shanghai.

“Sister-in-law, the patriarch is still outside. It’s difficult for me to handle this. What if he finds out?”

Liu Mengxiang finished applying her lipstick and then took out the foundation, patting it onto her face. She responded, “So what if he finds out? I have done nothing wrong. It’s not my problem if it’s difficult for you to handle.”

After speaking, Liu Mengxiang had just finished applying her makeup and was ready to leave.

As she was about to leave, Liu Mengxiang tilted her eyes slightly and gave a direct glance.

Then a slight curve appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“Well, not bad, quite impressive.”

After speaking, she raised her eyebrows, shook her hair, and left with a smile on her face, swaying her figure in high heels.

Standing in place, Lu Fei trembled.

What the heck?

Am I being teased?

After finishing washing his hands, Lu Fei walked out.

Returning to the living room, Liu Mengxiang was already sitting on the sofa, playing with her hair boredly.

Mu Ruoxue also returned to her room, leaving only Mu Changye and Liu Mengxiang sitting in the living room.

Seeing Lu Fei come out, Mu Changye looked at him and then put down his phone, saying,

“I received news that Lin Ran somehow got an invitation and will also attend the Su family banquet. Be careful and don’t let that little bastard get close to Ruoxue!”

“Most importantly, don’t let Ruoxue make any mistakes. You must keep an eye on her!”

Upon hearing Mu Changye’s words, Lu Fei suddenly realized.

The Su family…

So it was this Su family!

It seemed that in the original plot, Lin Ran showed off his skills at the Su family banquet, not only gaining the support of the Su family but also getting involved with the Su family’s daughter.

As Lu Fei continued to recall the plot, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Liu Mengxiang sitting next to Mu Changye, licking her lips.

Opening her lips, she mimicked the shape of some words towards Lu Fei.

It wasn’t that Lu Fei deliberately wanted to look.

It was just that those tempting red lips… Oh, no, it was just that he accidentally recognized Liu Mengxiang’s lip movements.

It seemed to be something like… “You’re so big?… I really like it?”

Most importantly, Liu Mengxiang seemed to notice Lu Fei looking at her and deliberately bit her lower lip.

At that moment, she fully displayed the most charming side of a woman.

Lu Fei was once again speechless.

Is it possible that woman only acts this way when they get older? He had never seen someone so bold before!

Your lover is right next to you, playing such a stimulating game, can your heart handle it?

“Lu Fei, what are you looking at?”

Seeing Lu Fei in a daze, Mu Changye couldn’t help but express his dissatisfaction and remind him.

If it were another subordinate, he would have slapped him already for being absent-minded in front of him.

“Oh… Master, I understand. I was just thinking about whether to prepare something just in case.”

“After all, you entrusted me with a heavy responsibility, and I am really nervous about messing it up!”

Lu Fei quickly came up with an excuse and suppressed the strange look in his eyes.

What am I looking at…

I can’t say that your little wife is exchanging glances with me!

Or I’m just checking if you have a green hat on your head.

Why are you being so aggressive?!


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