The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 31


31. The Villain’s follower who is even more villainous than the villain!

The next day, Lu Fei arrived early at the Mu family villa.

To his relief, that crazy woman, Liu Mengxiang, was not there. Otherwise, who knows what kind of trouble she would have caused.

The Su family’s foundation was in another province.

It wasn’t too far from Shanghai, only about three or four hours by car.

Mu Ruoxue was dressed like a delicate little fairy, still with her two ponytails that made people’s hearts flutter, swaying behind her.

If one were to grab these two reins just like galloping a horse.

It would be quite exciting!

Cough cough

It was early in the morning.

Suddenly seeing My Ruoxue’s appearance, such a strange thought popped into his mind.


When Mu Ruoxue looked over, Lu Fei’s gaze instantly recovered, and he calmly helped her open the car door.

After getting into the Bentley, Lu Fei acted as the driver and drove towards the location of the Su family.

In Tianjin City, the largest hotel is the Tianma Hotel.

Today, it received the biggest order of the year.

The Su family in Tianjin City was hosting a banquet here.

It is said that just having a meal here costs no less than tens of thousands of yuan.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the banquet, the Su family directly rented out the Tianma Hotel for three days, costing 25 million yuan.

They even hired people to decorate the entrance and interior of the hotel.

As soon as you enter the Tianma Hotel, you can see a large longevity peach hanging on the wall, with the character “longevity” inscribed on it.

For today’s banquet, the Su family also invited all the star-rated chefs in the city to the Tianma Hotel to prepare the feast.

Moreover, before the banquet, the Su family specially set up an exchange meeting to warm up the atmosphere.

Starting from 8 a.m., people who came to congratulate were coming from all over the place.

Local gentry, powerful officials, businessmen who had business dealings with the Su family, and even some entrepreneurs who wanted to cooperate with the Su family.

All kinds of unfamiliar faces shuttled back and forth as if they were treating this place as a grand networking event.

It was just past 11 a.m.

A discreet Bentley parked at the entrance of the hotel, executing a swift drift.

It wasn’t intentional on Lu Fei’s part but rather at the insistence of Mu Ruoxue, who wanted an unconventional entrance as they arrived at the hotel.

It involved a beautiful drift right at the hotel entrance.

The successful drift quickly attracted the attention of the crowd at the hotel entrance.

Inside the hotel, a receptionist seemed to have seen Bentley’s license plate early on.

The receptionist’s face did not show any dissatisfaction, but instead put on a respectful smile.

Early this morning, the Su family’s patriarch specifically instructed him to pay attention to a Bentley and even told him the license plate number.

The purpose was to be careful in receiving the person who came out of the Bentley.

Lu Fei and Mu Ruoxue got out of the car.

Beautiful men and women always attract attention.

Soon, many people passing by the hotel entrance cast curious glances at the two of them.

The receptionist saw the guests and instinctively picked up the communicator to report it, then greeted them with a smile.

“Esteemed guests, this way please!”

With Lu Fei and Mu Ruoxue, the receptionist respectfully led them to the exchange meeting.

“Master, the staff below reported that the Mu family’s daughter has arrived, and she brought a man with her!”

A butler-like person whispered to the Su family’s patriarch.

Inside the banquet hall, a middle-aged man with a smiling face and a slightly gentle demeanor held a glass, engaging in courteous exchanges with various guests.

This person was the Su family’s patriarch.

After hearing that someone from the Mu family had arrived, he quickly stopped socializing and whispered to the butler beside him,

“Let the Old man sit, I’ll go greet them!”

Not long after, Su Wenbin, who had not yet left the hotel, saw Mu Ruoxue, who was dressed exquisitely, accompanied by a handsome and calm-looking man.

“Is it Ruoxue? Haven’t seen you in a long time!”

“Who is this person next to you? Why didn’t you introduce him to Uncle Su?”

Mu Ruoxue put on a happy smile and said obediently,

“Hello, Uncle Su. I’m here to attend the banquet on behalf of my father!”

“This is my follower, Lu Fei!”

Standing next to Mu Ruoxue, Lu Fei nodded calmly toward Su Wenbin.

“Uncle Su, where is Grandpa Su? I want to personally give him a birthday gift. My father has repeatedly instructed me not to forget it!”

Mu Ruoxue snatched the gift box from Lu Fei’s arms and presented it as a treasure.

Su Wenbin looked at Lu Fei, Mu Ruoxue’s follower, and immediately sensed that this young man had an extraordinary temperament. How could he be just a mere lackey of the Mu family?

Of course, he wouldn’t ignore Lu Fei just because of Mu Ruoxue’s words. On the contrary, he inspected him. With such a demeanor, he must be someone out of the ordinary.

Moreover, where can you find a mere follower standing in the same position as a male companion? 

They were standing side by side. 

They were just missing holding hands!

“Mu, make sure to give the birthday gift to Grandpa Su, and it’s best to let him open it and look. Patriarch Mu has instructed me that Grandpa Su will definitely like this birthday gift!”

Lu Fei looked at Mu Ruoxue, but in fact, he was telling Su Wenbin.

He had poisoned the birthday gift before coming, and just a touch of it would allow the highly latent poison to enter the body.

Therefore, he kept giving Mu Ruoxue and Su Wenbin psychological hints, insisting that Grandpa Su must see the birthday gift.

If everything went according to plan, Lin Ran would definitely be at the banquet and find an opportunity to trip up Grandpa Su.

He would induce Grandpa Su’s heart disease, then step forward to save him and gain the Su family’s friendship.

But Lu Fei had to ruin his plan, and he would witness Lin Ran’s embarrassment firsthand.

The poison he had used could not be undone by simply curing the heart disease.

Only he could undo the poison, and he would enjoy watching the show when the time came!



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