The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 33


33: This wine, it seems like I’ve drank from that glass before!

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Jiang Wenying’s heart was suddenly stirred.

This doesn’t sound like something a follower would say!

However, when she saw Wu Yong leaving with a dejected look, Jiang Wenying also looked extremely grateful toward Lu Fei.

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, he just walked right into trouble!”

Lu Fei said casually.

It seemed that in his eyes, a beautiful woman’s gratitude was not worth mentioning.

Seeing Lu Fei’s casual attitude in his words, Jiang Wenying couldn’t help but feel some strange emotions in her heart.

Immediately, Jiang Wenying’s attractive eyebrows raised, and she unclearly spoke,

“You speaking like that about your boss doesn’t sound like something a follower could say!”

Upon hearing Jiang Wenying’s slightly threatening words, Lu Fei responded with an indifferent question, “So what?”

Jiang Wenying looked at Lu Fei’s calm demeanor and said meaningfully, “Aren’t you afraid that this will spread and the Mu family will come after you?”

Lu Fei couldn’t help but chuckle inwardly, immediately understanding Jiang Wenying’s peculiar behavior. 

She had previously been like an icy female CEO, but now she seemed jealous like a little girl in love.

Lu Fei was familiar with the original work and knew that Jiang Wenying was not someone who liked to gossip. 

On the contrary, she was actually a very lonely person, who had basically never had any friends… no, it should be said that she had never had any true friends.

Therefore, when Lin Ran used some pledges of love, sweet words, and some means, he completely won over Jiang Wenying.

Lu Fei cooperatively said in a gentle voice, “How could that be? As long as you don’t say anything, that coward wouldn’t dare to go to the Mu family to verify. I believe you won’t speak carelessly!”

Upon hearing Lu Fei’s words, Jiang Wenying was shocked, as if a storm had been stirred up in her heart.

He… trusts me?

It seemed like no one had ever spoken to her like this before.

Jiang Wenying looked at Lu Fei’s dark eyes, and she could tell that there was no hint of insincerity or joking in his words.

He… really trusts me!

“Have a drink?”

Seeing Jiang Wenying standing there in a daze, Lu Fei raised the glass of red wine in his hand and gestured toward her.

Jiang Wenying hesitated, looking at the champagne in her hand that she had been holding for a long time but hadn’t drunk.

Lu Fei seemed to sense Jiang Wenying’s hesitation and slowly approached her ear, smiling and saying, “Don’t worry, drink up, I’m here!”

Feeling the warmth lingering in her ear, a blush quickly rose to Jiang Wenying’s face.

She then forced herself to remain calm and said, “I just don’t like champagne.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Fei raised an eyebrow, and he could tell that Jiang Wenying was being stubborn.

Immediately, he took the champagne from Jiang Wenying’s hand and handed her his own glass of red wine.

Then, in Jiang Wenying’s stunned gaze, he lightly clinked his glass with hers, which was originally his and then drank it all in one gulp.


Jiang Wenying didn’t expect Lu Fei to do this, and she felt inexplicably surprised.

“What about me? You don’t like champagne, but you can always drink red wine!”

“Don’t embarrass me!”

Lu Fei approached Jiang Wenying and said teasingly.

“Hmph, I am just thirsty, don’t get any wrong ideas!”

Jiang Wenying snorted but still drank the red wine that Lu Fei handed her.

Although she explained with her words, it gave people an inexplicable feeling of trying to cover up something.

“Oh, by the way, I think I’ve drank from this glass before. Do you mind?”

Lu Fei looked at Jiang Wenying’s stubborn expression and suddenly curled his lips, pretending as if he had just remembered.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Wenying’s face was instantly covered in blush.

Even if you already knew, why did you have to say it out loud!

I’m not stupid!!

As if the space had frozen at this moment, forgetting the piano music in the exchange meeting, she felt a bit flustered.

Jiang Wenying knew it, but she didn’t think about it too much.

Now that Lu Fei deliberately brought it up.

 Does that mean she indirectly kissed Lu Fei?!

Oh my god!

What should she do?

Should she warn him with words or slap him and scold him?

Why didn’t she resist or feel disgusted?

Instead…she couldn’t help but feel that it was quite interesting?


“I have something to do, excuse me for a moment!”

Not long after, she wanted to leave to calm down her mood.

Seeing Lu Fei reaching out his hand, Jiang Wenying instinctively moved her body back.

Unexpectedly, because she was too nervous, her high heels couldn’t stand firm, and she fell backward.

Just as she was about to fall to the ground,

Lu Fei acted in time, holding Jiang Wenying’s slender waist.

Her whole body was pressed against his hand, and Lu Fei didn’t even feel how heavy she was.

“Seriously? I was just trying to get your attention because you seemed lost in thought.”

“Let me tell you, I practically saved you from a fall, so don’t misunderstand me!”

Lu Fei looked at Jiang Wenying, earnestly shrugging off any sense of responsibility.

“You… I won’t misunderstand. Let go of me, I still have things to do!” 

Jiang Wenying felt that the current posture was too intimate, and she quickly struggled to get out of Lu Fei’s embrace.

Lu Fei suddenly felt that Jiang Wenying was much more fun than Mu Ruoxue, at least he could bully her a bit.

Unlike Mu Ruoxue, who was like a little demon, giving him a headache.


Jiang Wenying had just tried to stand up when she suddenly took a deep breath and felt a piercing pain in her ankle.

“Did you sprain your foot?”

Lu Fei frowned and looked at Jiang Wenying, who was frowning and then asked.

“I’m fine!”

Jiang Wenying broke free from Lu Fei’s hand, but the pain from her sprained foot was still unbearable for her.

Before she could take a few steps, her ankle had visibly swollen, and she was limping as she walked.

Sweat was already beading on her forehead, and every step was a struggle.


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