The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 46


46. Jiang Wenying and Mu Ruoxue’s eyes lit up!

“Oh, are you envious that someone else saved Master Su?”

“Are you going to say next that Master Su was originally saved by you, but it was only after Lu Fei took over for five minutes that he recovered?”

At this moment, someone looked at Lin Ran’s unacceptable expression and sneered.

“Why not?”

“It must be him who tampered with it. It’s possible that the poison in Old Master Su is related to him!”

Lin Ran retorted. He saw the mocking and playful expression in Lu Fei’s eyes, a look he was all too familiar with.

But he never expected that one day, he would see such an expression in the eyes of others.

Based on all these coincidences and unexpected events, this must be a scheme orchestrated by this follower named Lu Fei.

Perhaps he was the one who poisoned Master Su, which is why he wasn’t able to save him immediately.

Otherwise, what would a minor heart condition mean to him?

Lin Ran felt based on his reasoning, the truth must be like this, and he had to expose it.

The credit for saving Master Su belonged to him, and Lu Fei was just a despicable villain.

Lin Ran was about to open his mouth to explain when he was suddenly interrupted by a cold shout.

Su Wenbin, with an unpleasant expression, looked at Lin Ran and said calmly,

“Lin Ran, since Master Su has recovered, you should leave first. In the Su family’s banquet, we do not tolerate someone insulting our benefactor.”

Upon hearing Su Wenbin’s words, Lin Ran’s face stiffened, and his cheeks turned red.

“Patrirarch Su, you…”

Su Wenbin didn’t want to listen to Lin Ran’s nonsense anymore and directly interrupted him in a ‘polite’ manner,

“Lin Ran, don’t force me to ask you to leave. It’s not good for anyone if it comes to that!”

Lin Ran was infuriated by Su Wenbin’s words and shouted angrily,

“Hmph, you have no vision! One day, even if you beg me, I won’t even lift a finger to save anyone from your Su family!”

After speaking, Lin Ran didn’t have the face to stay here any longer.

He turned around and left.

Leaving behind a crowd of people discussing and watching Lin Ran’s furious departure.

“That guy really knows how to brag. Is he talking nonsense and actually believing it himself?” 

“Don’t even mention it. Even a businessman like me doesn’t have such audacity. He’s just spewing a bunch of lies and believing them himself!”

“This is what happens when young people lack skills and knowledge. They deceive their way into the Su family. It’s only because the Su family head has a magnanimous temperament. Otherwise, this young fellow wouldn’t even know if he could leave here alive!”

“That’s right, that’s right. He’s truly ignorant of his blessings, like a newborn calf unafraid of tigers!”

“In my younger years, I’ve seen a lot, but someone this arrogant is a first for me!”

As for Lin Ran’s drama, Lu Fei had no interest in paying attention to it.

He stood in place, smiling as he watched the Su family getting Old Zhang to conduct a general examination for Master Su.

This demeanor,

Differences highlight the effect!

One person is furious and losing face, and the other is calm and unaffected by external factors.

The contrast was evident.

But Lu Fei wasn’t just standing there smiling.

Instead, he focused his consciousness on the system.

At the moment he cured Master Su, a familiar and pleasing system notification sound rang in his ears.

“Congratulations, host, for changing the plot. You have obtained the reward: God-level driving skills!”

“Congratulations, host, for depriving the protagonist of 2000 points of luck.”

“Congratulations, host, for gaining +5000 Destiny Points!”

Suddenly, Lu Fei felt like his mind had gained a lot of knowledge about driving skills.

As she watched Lin Ran depart, Mu Ruoxue’s gaze shifted toward Lu Fei, who remained calm.

It was as if he wasn’t the one who had just treated Master Su.

He didn’t seem to care about the gratitude expressed by the Su family.

If it were anyone else, they would have been thrilled and unable to conceal their joy.

But with Lu Fei, she couldn’t sense a trace of delight. It was as if what he had done for Master Su was just a casual act.

Comparing this behavior to her previous fondness for Lin Ran.

She suddenly felt that Lin Ran wasn’t all that remarkable.

Initially, she was attracted to Lin Ran’s confidence, mystery, and carefree attitude. But today…

Mu Ruoxue didn’t know why, but her mind was filled with thoughts of Lu Fei.

At this moment, Jiang Wenying had already shifted her attention to the attention-grabbing Lu Fei.

She didn’t even spare a glance when Lin Ran turned to leave.

She suddenly felt that Lu Fei had a mysterious aura about him.

Every time she thought she had discovered something unique about Lu Fei, as if she knew him well enough, he would reveal even more surprises the next moment.

It was like an inexhaustible treasure waiting to be discovered.

Was this man really just an ordinary follower of the Mu family?

Or did he have another side that she was unaware of?

While the two women were lost in their thoughts, the results of Old Zhang’s examination were announced.

“This is an incredible technique, simply divine!”

“Master Su, apart from recovering from a serious illness and being slightly weak, your health is excellent!”

“Even your long-standing heart condition has been cured.”

“You’re as healthy as someone in their fifties or sixties!”

As these words echoed, the whole room erupted in commotion.

You see, Master Su is almost eighty years old, yet he’s as healthy as someone in their fifties or sixties.

What does this mean?

It means an extension of lifespan to a certain degree!

Wasn’t it worth the astonishment of everyone present?


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