The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start
The Villainess Forced the Heroine to Wed Me at the Start Chapter 58


58. Dad! Lu Fei is an amazing driver!

Lu Fei’s gaze seemed a bit vacant as if he couldn’t immediately process what Mu Ruoxue had just done to him.

In fact, Lu Fei had already noticed the change in Mu Ruoxue’s attitude towards him.

He wasn’t a block of wood, after all.

Although his practical experience was lacking, he was extremely knowledgeable in theoretical matters.

Ever since Mu Ruoxue started behaving somewhat unusually, he had his suspicions.

He remembered from the original work that Mu Ruoxue was portrayed as a naive girl when it came to matters of the heart, despite being a “green tea” character.

Having read the original work, Lu Fei could tell that Mu Ruoxue’s actions towards Lin Ran were not driven by love or hatred, but rather a strong interest in him.

Later on, due to family reasons, Mu Ruoxue’s rebellious attitude intensified, and her interest in Lin Ran was merely a byproduct of her rebellion.

Therefore, Mu Ruoxue’s initial feelings towards Lin Ran were not based on liking or love at all.

As for himself, Lu Fei never even considered that he would catch this little girl’s attention.

Could it be that he was just too outstanding, and Mu Ruoxue happened to notice him unintentionally?

No, that’s not it. Lu Fei speculated that this might also be partially due to the effect of the villain halo.

After all, he was not bad-looking to begin with, and being a natural member of the same group, plus an additional 10 degrees of goodwill, combined with Mu Ruoxue’s personality.

So, it wasn’t surprising for Mu Ruoxue to make such a move.

Lu Fei sighed and didn’t say much more about it.

Fortunately, this place is not within the range of the Mu family. Otherwise, if someone were to discover this and report it to Mu Changye, I wouldn’t be able to explain myself no matter how eloquent I am.


My daughter kissed you willingly?

And you just passively accepted it?

Haha, if I were to say this and explain it to Mu Changye, he might actually dare to stab him to death with a knife.

Let you take care of my daughter, Is this how you take care of my daughter?

Five minutes later, Lu Fei, driving a Bentley, finally arrived at the Mu family villa on the west bank of Shanghai.

Upon arriving at the Mu family, Mu Ruoxue remained in the car, not getting out immediately.

Lu Fei glanced over at Mu Ruoxue and noticed that her face was slightly flushed. She was bending down to put on her boots.

Mu Ruoxue also found the boots annoying for the first time. They were so easy to take off, but putting them back on required tying the shoelaces for such a long time!

After waiting for a while, Mu Ruoxue finished putting on the boots. She put on a seamless smile and ran into the villa.

“Dad, are you home?”

Mu Changye had been waiting in the living room for a while.

And Liu Mengxiang was sitting on a sofa nearby, seemingly keeping some distance from Mu Changye.

“Ruoxue, did you have fun at the Su family?”

Mu Changye couldn’t help but feel much better seeing his daughter, who was unharmed and had a smile on her face.

“I had a great time!” 

“I have to tell you, Lu Fei is amazing. He… he actually knows medical skills and managed to revive Grandpa Su. So many people were praising Lu Fei at that time!”

“And, on the way back, someone tried to overtake our car, but I asked Lu Fei to race him, and he left him in the dust.”

“That guy was so annoying, daring to overtake us with his purple Ferrari. Dad, you shouldn’t buy a purple car anymore. It would be better if we just got rid of the Ferrari in the garage. It’s just so annoying to look at!”

Mu Ruoxue seemed to recall some unpleasant memories related to racing, and she instantly developed a strong aversion towards the purple Ferrari.

Seeing his energetic daughter, Mu Changye couldn’t help but smile and readily agreed, “Alright, alright, I’ll get rid of it!”

With just a few words, they sealed the miserable fate of the purple Ferrari worth millions in Mu Changye’s garage.

And all of this seemed insignificant to Mu Changye.

“Lu Fei, you’re here!”

“Take a seat!”

Mu Changye greeted Lu Fei with a smile as he approached from behind.


Lu Fei nodded and calmly took a seat.

Observing Lu Fei’s demeanor and recalling his performance at the Su family, Mu Changye grew increasingly satisfied.

“You did well at the Su family. I told you before that I would give you a surprise!”

Mu Changye smiled faintly and spoke.

Meanwhile, Mu Ruoxue felt a sweet sensation in her heart when she saw her father showing such high regard for Lu Fei.

“Thank you, Family head. It’s my duty to do these things!”

“What belongs to you will be yours. I, Mu Changye, will never treat anyone unfairly!”

Mu Changye waved his hand emphatically.

“I see that you’re not young anymore, so I’ve arranged a marriage for you!”

Although Mu Changye’s words rang out, before Lu Fei could react, Mu Ruoxue’s reaction was the most intense.

“What? Dad, how could you arrange a marriage for Lu Fei?”

“Who is the person?”

Although Mu Ruoxue secretly hoped that her father would say it was her, she also understood that the chances of that were low.

However, she was still unwilling to accept it and wanted to grasp that slim possibility.

“Ruoxue, when will you change your impulsive nature? It was you who mentioned it before, Jiang Wenying from the Jiang family!”

After glancing at Mu Ruoxue, Mu Changye turned his gaze towards Lu Fei, wearing a look that said, “I am treating you well.”

“What do you think? Although Jiang Wenying is only the second daughter of the Jiang family, her talent far surpasses the entire Jiang family, from what I’ve heard.”

“Moreover, she’s known as the talented woman of the famous Jiang family in Shanghai. She’s a suitable match for you!”


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