The Zombies Are Coming But I’m Laying Down At Home
The Zombies Are Coming But I’m Laying Down At Home Chapter 4


Even under the flickering dim streetlights, there were patches of blood everywhere. Vehicles are covered in blood and flesh. The zombies knocked on the windows and doors of vehicles who were blocking the road, and they would break the glass window to grab people inside the cars and bite them. There were many different sounds that could be heard that night such as the scream of a person asking for help and the snarl of zombies that seemed to be hungry.

Some people seemed to have abandoned their cars on the road and fled to knock on the doors of the nearby stores or homes next to them to ask for help.

There were two different scenarios of people. There were people inside their homes who would rather not open their doors and die out of hunger or people who were on the outside were going to die under the claws of zombies.

Fu Erdie went to her balcony to see the road outside. It was like there had been a massacre and the media would cover the incident but it was not the case. She assumed that in half a day, it would be completely blocked by abandoned vehicles.

The water and electricity at the house were still available and working. She took the opportunity to cook a large pot of rice that was enough for two days to fill her stomach.

Fu Erdie was not a picky eater. She cooked rice kimchi before she continued her plan.

While eating, she was calling her parents, grandmother and friends to check on them. But no one answered her calls.

In between washing the dishes after she finished eating, she suddenly received a call.

Fu Erdie instantly picked up the call. In her mind, she was sure that it was only between family or friends asking for help.

She double checked the call screen of her phone. The number was an unregistered number. Why did someone know her personal number? Many fake scenarios played in her mind before she spoke in a very small tone of voice, “Hello?”

According to research, the right approach to intimidate other people through calls was to use a low pitch voice or imitate the same pitch with a person on the other line.

She used that tone of voice because the other line’s voice was super low, too.

“Hey, it’s me.”

It was Zhao Xiaolu!

Fu Erdie suppressed the urge to cry out and replied, “Where are you?”

“I helped a store owner close the iron door and hide inside before zombies could react. I found out earlier that as long as we kept quiet and did not show ourselves, they would not attack us. Because these zombies could smell and see us. Since there was a wall between us and the outside, they could not hear or do anything. Though, from time to time, there were people from outside knocking on the door asking for help with zombies but we chose not to open it and help them or else many zombies would come to us. We would become dead. Try to come here, it’s safe!” said Zhao Xiaolu in a panicked and soft voice.

Fu Erdie looked out of the balcony.

She roamed her eyes around the ground floor and the road but she did not see any store near her.

Even she was clueless, “What could I do for you?” Then she picked up the hammer.

“I wanted to climb out of the utility room window.” Zhao Xiaolu’s alert eyes went to the front of the congested section of vehicles, “Do you see that jam packed vehicles? There was an SUV. The key was still there. The owner has been dragged out and bitten to death. I wanted to grab that car. Plus, bring some food, as much as you can, and come with me!”

Even though the light was dim, Fu Erdie could see the location of the car because the SUV was huge.

On normal days, she only needed to go downstairs, bypass the community gate, and turn a corner along the outside road to get there.

But now, she could not even get out of the door. Even if she tried to run desperately to escape, she could not bring much food. She needed to carry a large school bag with 20 bags of instant noodles which could fill their hunger for 10 days.

And if she would escape, she needed to find supplies and gasoline to fight the zombies.

Zhao Xiaolu knew that Fu Erdie had always been good at sports. She also works out every week after work. Her porcelain complexion skin was healthy, and she could run faster than a man who did not usually exercise. She could just jump off the bus when she found out what was wrong and hide in the place where Xiaolu was.

Fu Erdie decided to find Zhao Xiaolu to only give her trouble.

“I could not run fast. There were many zombies outside.” Fu Erdie made a decision and immediately acted, “I would hang a box of instant noodles down later. You know the location directly below my balcony, right? I will quietly….”

“Huh, what are you talking about?!” Zhao Xiaolu interrupted her, “I am not here to ask you for food! I was leaving the store now and I promised to take the boss with me. But I will also get all the food and tools I can from the boss’ store. There would be no shortage on your side!”

The grocery store owner was a woman in her early 30s. The store had hardware, frozen buns that could be steamed to sell in the morning, and stored vegetables and fruits.

The owner herself has a car, but the parking lot was 500 meters away and far from the congested road. The best option was to go to the SUV car that Zhao Xiaolu found earlier.

While it was still dark outside, two of them could quietly meet together without disturbing too many zombies.

“You should keep your voice down. Be gentle. Try not to move much so you could not attract the zombies. In that way, maybe you could come out.” reminded by Zhao Xiaolu to Fu Erdie.

Fu Erdie was persuaded by Zhao Xiaolu.

However, the problem was not the feasibility of escape, but the fact that she was really wasteful and could not help at all in the long run.

Fu Erdie could not drag her friend down.

“I won’t go out. I planned to hold onto my food supplies and wait for the rescue.” Fu Erdie lowered her eyes, suppressing her sour and painful voice, “You must escape smoothly.”

They were both silent for a long time.

Zhao Xiaolu broke the silence, “How long could you eat your supplies?”

Fu Erdie replied, “At least a month. If the water and electricity stop working, I could eat for two months.”

Zhao Xiaolu sighed. “Okay, be safe and stay at home. If the situation improves later or if I have some energy left, I would try to come to you. And, you don’t have to worry about Cen Xiyang. The security system of their building was good, the building was locked, and zombies could not get in outside. Everything inside haD already been dealt with by upper people. In addition, there was also a cafeteria in the building, so there will be no accidents for the time being. There was not much power, so I would hang up first. I would contact you later. “

“Okay, please be safe.”

She pulled up her phone’s binoculars feature. She could barely see two shadows with luggage on their backs. They were coming out of a corner and moving quietly toward where the SUV was.

The zombies passed and stopped by them several times, but they were attracted by the screams from elsewhere and they skipped the two in the shadows.

A distance of 50 meters, the two walked for eight minutes before finally getting on the road.

The roar did not stand out against the vehicles that roared by after passing the congested road next to them. And just like that, the car left the scene with blood.

Fu Erdie breathed a sigh of relief and rested her elbow on the window edge watching the SUV left.

“Oh, holy—” she suddenly remembered the scene outside. The zombies outside had a massive strength but their movements were relatively slow which was similar to the speed of ordinary people. Anyone who was fleeing could quickly run away.

It was just that people could not run because they consume physical strength, but zombies could keep up with them at a fast walking speed. There were also zombies who would appear in front of them which makes it impossible for normal people to escape.

The old man zombie she encountered yesterday was chasing after her at a very fast speed, which was obviously different from other zombies. Was it just fast that there were already second-order zombies?

Or is it some kind of zombie with speed abilities?

Fu Erdie turned on the surveillance monitor to see the situation outside.

There were three zombies wandering along the corridor at the entrance. Yesterday, the corpse of a zombie still fell on the ground which was terrifying.

Fu Erdie wanted to dry heave again.

She drank water to forcibly suppress it.

In any case, she wanted to give it a try. To fight for her life. Whether the zombie was powerful and fast or only the old man was special.

The three zombies were an old, middle-aged man and small men. Fu Erdie’s target was the thigh-high small man zombie.

She was not going to open her door and bring a zombie in to study. Instead, she would climb from her balcony to the next unit’s balcony and lure them inside the empty room to lock them up.

Although she knew it was dangerous. At least even at the end of her life, she fought. She just needed to wait for the dawn.

Every summer, the sun rises very early. The condition of the balcony could be seen clearly at six o’clock.

She tied the rope and moved to the next balcony door little by little in the high altitude outside.

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