Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister
Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister Chapter 15

The summer heat was getting stronger, and the high school entrance exam was approaching.

Lu Nian actually didn’t want to interfere with his choice.

Qin Si was about to turn sixteen, and their family couldn’t confine him like this forever.

Lu Nian knew that Qin Si had always wanted to leave their family and live a free life.

So, for him, with the experience from three years ago, she wouldn’t think about interfering again.

Moreover, Lu Zhihong’s attitude before also made her slightly worried.

After that dinner, Lu Zhihong had asked her about Qin Si twice in the past few days, asking about his current situation and which school he was preparing to attend.

Lu Nian whispered, “I’m not familiar with him. We haven’t been in contact for a long time.”

Lu Zhihong frowned slightly. “You also need to be more outgoing. These necessary interactions are essential.”

If she couldn’t even communicate with an orphan, how could she cope with complex social situations when she grew up?

Lu Nian didn’t say anything and ate silently.

Even though she had grown up and wasn’t as pale as she was when she was a child, her fair skin was still as white as snow.

Her face was still pointed like a melon seed, and though she was drawing, she remained delicate.

Her eyes were like autumn water, making her look so delicate and timid that Lu Zhihong couldn’t blame her.

As he grew older, he also felt his energy declining and his body not as strong as before.

But Lu Nian was really not a good candidate to inherit the family business.

Over the years, Lu Zhihong had realized this countless times and had regretted it, but now, what could he do?

After dinner, Lu Nian said she had homework to do and obediently went back to her room.

Seeing Lu Zhihong’s troubled look, He Tian said, “A few days ago, Dr. Zhao called and said there’s a new technology in the United States. Do you want to go and try it?”

She still looked as charming as she did years ago, but her tone was somewhat mocking.

Lu Zhihong had taken good care of himself.

Even though he was over fifty years old, he still looked refined and much younger than his actual age.

“It’s useless.” Lu Zhihong said.

Despite the air conditioning in the room, he still felt sweat on his temples.

He irritably unbuttoned his shirt collar. “Going there would just be a waste of time. If you want to go play, go play by yourself.”

“Lu Nian will be an adult in a few years.” he said. “She still looks like a child. Su’s daughter is about the same age as her, and she is much more mature and stable.”

He Tian casually said, “People are different.”

She looked up at the restless Lu Zhihong pacing in the living room, her red lips curling into a smile.

“If it had been Zhuo back then, you probably wouldn’t have so much on your mind now…”

Lu Zhihong interrupted her, his voice loud. “They’re all my children. What’s the difference if they come back?”

He Tian raised an eyebrow, knowing she had touched a sore spot, and didn’t say anything else.

After all, Lu Zhihong could only have Lu Nian as his bloodline in this life.

She watched coldly, a trace of mockery flashing in her eyes.

If he had known back then, he would probably have risked his life to find Zhuo, insisting on seeing his body to confirm his death.

Zhang Qiuping happened to be preparing to enter the room to put the fruit plate.

She heard this by the door, held her breath, and immediately turned back.

Fortunately, the young lady had already returned to her room.

Almost every time, the master and madam would have a quarrel because of this matter.

But, how cute the young master used to be, such a good child, and now, he’s gone.

She sighed silently.

Lu Nian returned to her room, closed the door, and slumped onto the bed, curling up into a ball.

She retreated into her own little world, and the lingering tension finally disappeared.

If… she told the truth.

She was afraid that Lu Zhihong would try to interfere with Qin Si through her.

After all, it could be said that the Qin Si in the original book was ruined by the people of the Lu family.

Now that he had finally grown up peacefully, there didn’t seem to be any signs of him going astray yet.

She hoped that Qin Si could continue like this.

However, after that unpleasant parting, she hadn’t heard from him for a long time.

Lu Nian returned the gift box to Zheng Miaoxuan with a sorry expression.

Zheng Miaoxuan asked disappointedly, “Did he say anything?”

Lu Nian recalled her argument with Qin Si and didn’t know how to answer Zheng Miaoxuan.

She didn’t want to lie, so she said truthfully, “He… I’m sorry, I might have made him unhappy at the time, which affected you.”

After hearing this, Zheng Miaoxuan didn’t seem so disappointed.

She put the gift away and said, “It’s okay, Lu Nian. Thank you for helping me. Next time, I’ll go find him myself. He should still be thinking about our high school section.”

Lu Nian shook her head silently.

She wondered why now, every time they met, it seemed to end in discord.

Lu Nian felt tired.

She remembered when they first met, when Qin Si was so cute.

At least she could understand him a bit, and she could tolerate some of his little temperaments.

Now, she only felt that she was getting farther and farther away from him.

During the high school entrance exam, the attached middle school was used as an examination site, and everyone had a three-day mini-vacation, which made them all very happy.

Lu Yang was now eighteen years old.

This year’s college entrance examination was in early June, and it was already over.

After wandering outside for a while, he returned to Ancheng and casually found a summer internship at the Lu family’s company.

Lu Zhihong valued him, but after all, he had just graduated from high school, so there wasn’t much for Lu Yang to do in the company.

Therefore, watching Lu Nian became his current daily routine.

“Are you all off tomorrow?”

The sun was scorching that day, and they had been let off in the afternoon to prepare the examination hall in advance.

The final exam was approaching, and there were many parents picking up their children.

In a few days, the scene of parents coming to send their children off would be even more lively.

Lu Yang said, “Don’t come out these two days. It’s too hot. You’re weak, and I’m afraid you’ll get heatstroke.”

Lu Nian nodded silently.

Because she knew that whatever she said to Lu Yang now, he would likely tell Lu Zhihong as soon as he turned around.

During the last exam of the high school entrance exam, the scorching heat had not subsided.

Qin Si walked out of the crowded crowd alone, carrying his school bag on one shoulder.

The boy’s figure was tall and slender, and his handsome face and slightly indifferent expression were very easy to recognize.

“Qin Si!”

A girl in a white dress waved to him from across the street, her face reddened by the sun.

He never expected Lu Nian to come.

Even more unexpectedly, she would… dress like this.

Lu Nian rarely wore dresses.

The soft white dress only reached her knees, making the girl’s gradually developed figure appear more prominent.

Her face was red from the sun, and her eyebrows and eyelashes were curved, making her look exceptionally lively.

He turned his head, not wanting to look more, and distanced himself from her again.

Lu Nian asked, “Are you unhappy that I came?”

Tch, he must be unhappy.

He didn’t even look at her.

Qin Si didn’t say a word and walked into a convenience store.

Lu Nian suddenly felt a cool sensation on her cheek.

The cold drink can she had just taken out of the refrigerator felt especially comfortable against her face.

She squinted, “So cool.”

He remained silent, making sure his fingers didn’t touch her cheek.

“I have something for you.” After a moment, Qin Si asked briefly, “Do you have time now?”

“Uh, not too far away. If I’m not back before six, Lu Yang will probably call me frantically or come to drag me home,” Lu Nian replied.

Not sure which part of that sentence pricked him slightly, the boy’s steps faltered slightly, then returned to normal.

He brought her to a small bar she recognized, the one Ming Ge used to run, where Qin Si had once stayed.

He didn’t let her get close to the bar, asking her to wait for him in the park opposite. Lu Nian sat bored on a park bench, swinging her slender legs.

She had been used to being a little girl, and in recent years, she rarely wore skirts to school, so she was still not very aware of it.

However, not long after, something suddenly fell down.

It was Qin Si’s school uniform jacket, large and wide, rudely thrown onto her legs.

Before Lu Nian could react, the boy had already walked away without a word.

Soon, he came back with a stack of papers.

As he approached, Lu Nian looked at the stack strangely. “What is this? Exam papers?”

“These are the expenses I’ve incurred living at the Lu family’s house over the years,” the boy paused for a moment, not saying ‘your house’, but using ‘Lu family’ instead.

“Including food, lodging, tuition… and some extra fees, plus interest.”

The white A4 paper was printed with densely packed numbers, making her dizzy.

It detailed the income and expenses for each year since he moved to the Lu family’s house, as well as interest, all adding up to a total.

“Your family should have the account book. You can go home and check.”

“I’m still a bit short now, but I’ll be able to pay it all off by next year,” he said, his eyelashes drooping, making his expression unclear. “By then, I’ll transfer it directly to your account.”

Private school fees were particularly expensive, and the Lu family’s residence was also in a prime location.

Even if only considering tuition and accommodation, it was not a figure that a sixteen-year-old could easily afford on his own.

Lu Nian was completely stunned at this moment, staring at him blankly, unable to say a word.

The boy’s handwriting was as sharp and cold as he was, with the amount owed and a cold signature at the end.

She even saw a few expenses that hurt her eyes.

Those were the gifts she had secretly bought for him over the years, thinking that Qin Si had accepted those gifts and had been happy for a long time.

Now, was this his way of completely cutting ties with her?

“You won’t come back in the future?” The girl’s soft fingers tightened around the edge of the paper, wrinkling it, as she quietly looked up at him.

The boy remained silent for a long time, then shook his head. “No.”

Lu Nian hung her head. “I always knew you didn’t like me.”

The boy didn’t say anything.

He looked at her, and the shadow reflected in his pitch-black pupils became increasingly attractive, making him feel more uncomfortable with each glance.

They were very close, perhaps for the first time, and also the last time.

In the end, Qin Si didn’t say anything.

What could he say? The last vestiges of his pride and arrogance wouldn’t allow him to say anything.

Lu Nian said softly, “But, I always thought that we could at least be friends.”

He remembered the time they had spent together.

When they first met, she was just a sickly little girl, left alone in the room, but they got along well, and she cherished that time.


He recalled the tumultuous and unbearable memories of his childhood, both known to her and unknown.

She could never imagine what he had experienced, including now, when he was still struggling, with no chance to catch his breath, only able to move forward quickly.

And she was born high and mighty, living a life of luxury as the young miss of the family.

Even his daily expenses, every paper and pen he used, were provided by her family.

What right did he have?

When he was young, many people called him illegitimate, and said all sorts of harsh words to him.

He had experienced all kinds of embarrassing and undignified situations…

Qin Si didn’t care about them, but in front of one person, he didn’t want to show any of this disgrace.

The young man had begun to vaguely realize the confused feelings in his heart.

With his proud and extreme personality, and his strong sense of pride during his teenage years, he refused to admit it, resisting it all—studying, taking on multiple jobs, working late into the night every day…

he didn’t give himself any chance to rest, as if paying off this debt would completely change his identity, erase those memories, and wipe out the strange emotions in his heart.

After a long time, Lu Nian slowly tightened her hand, tucking the Paper into her palm, and lowered her head. “I understand what you mean.”

She walked farther and farther away, her figure disappearing into the sunset.

He didn’t chase after her, as he had done before.

When Qin Si left the park, he didn’t know how long he had been standing there.

The moon had risen to its zenith, and the cold moonlight fell on the boy’s still somewhat thin shoulders, like water.

Ming Ge rarely saw Qin Si like this.

He was too mature for his age, seemingly able to handle everything without worry, seemingly capable of everything.

When Ming Ge dealt with him, he often forgot that he was still just a teenager.

“You’ve been pushing yourself so hard lately. Go get some rest now,” Ming Ge patted his shoulder, unable to help himself. “If you need money urgently…”

During this time, he had to study and had taken on several part-time jobs outside.

Students of his age couldn’t find good jobs, so the jobs were usually very hard.

He was also in charge of Ming Ge’s small bar accounts, sometimes not sleeping until two or three in the morning, and then rushing to school for early morning self-study.

Qin Si had grown up quickly, and during this time of madness, he had obviously lost a lot of weight.

Ming Ge thought he urgently needed money and offered to lend him some, but Qin Si stubbornly refused.

Sometimes he was so stubborn that Ming Ge couldn’t do anything about him.

Qin Si shook his head.

She didn’t want him to do those things.

Since he was a child, he had always vaguely felt that she was afraid he would “turn bad.”

Although he never thought he was any better, deep down he was already deeply ill.

It was just a worldly sense of good that he was willing to maintain the disguise for her to see.

The boy whispered, “I’ve done something.”

Ming Ge looked at him. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

“You’re still young.”

Sensitive and proud as he was, since Ming Ge had known him, he seemed never to show any emotions, indifferent to everything, and even more unwilling to admit that he had done anything wrong.

And now, for the first time, a hint of confusion appeared in the boy’s eyes.

He had so little, could he afford to make a few mistakes… And, did he really make a mistake?

“You, kid… You’ll definitely make it big in the future.” Ming Ge said with some drunkenness. “Why bother about this moment now?”

At that time, there would be nothing you couldn’t have.

Midnight was the busiest time for the bar, as usual, with music blaring and the smell of alcohol.

He sat in the corner, seemingly isolated from the world, in his own world.

The boy’s slightly long bangs hung down, the white smoke enveloping his clear-cut face.

It was the first time in his life that he looked so dejected, and the first time he had been so indulgent.

The alcohol numbed his brain, and his emotions burst out like a trapped beast, no longer under the control of reason.

I want to be with you, I want you to accompany me.

I… I don’t dislike you at all.

He murmured, “Don’t leave me.”

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