Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister
Transmigrated as the Villain’s Sickly Younger Sister Chapter 31

She didn’t know what to say. Her mind was in a mess, and she didn’t reach out to take the pen.

The young man pressed his thin lips together and handed the pen to Tian Yue next to him, then turned and left.

Lu Nian finally reacted.

She couldn’t care about anything else and hurriedly ran after him, just wanting to catch up with that departing figure.


“Nian Nian, Nian Nian.” Tian Yue’s shout brought her back to reality.

…They were at school, in a crowded place.

If she went and pulled on Qin Si here, and people saw them…

She remembered the post on the forum and the stern eyes of Lu Yang and Lu Zhihong.

She froze on the spot.

Tian Yue shoved the pen into her hand, worried, “Nian Nian, are you okay?”

She vaguely knew that they must know each other.

Seeing them interact once or twice, they might even have a close relationship.

But seeing Lu Nian like this, she was too embarrassed to ask further.

Lu Nian stopped, shook her head, “Let’s go.”

She forced a smile.

She watched that tall figure disappear into the distance until she could no longer see him.

May came early this year, and the summer heat spread. On sunny days, it was already getting hot.

The third mock exam for seniors had ended, and next was the final college entrance exam next month.

Lu Nian felt more concerned about their results than the senior students themselves.

When her own results came out, she didn’t seem to care this much.

Fortunately, everything seemed stable.

“Well, Senior Qin seems to have taken two days off,” Tian Yue whispered to her, “Nian Nian, did you know about this?”

After all, with the college entrance exam so close, taking leave for no reason…

“I heard it from a girl in the neighboring class who likes him,” Tian Yue said. “The news should be accurate. No one in his class knows why. When they asked the class teacher, they were told he was on sick leave…”

Tian Yue stopped talking.

Seeing Lu Nian’s reaction, it seemed she really didn’t know.

This only made her question their relationship further.

If they were close, how could she not know such things? But if they weren’t close, their usual interactions and Lu Nian’s reaction now didn’t fit.

She had to hear about such things from others now.

Lu Nian took out her phone and called Qin Si, but it was turned off, as she expected.

Unexpectedly clear-headed, she immediately sent a message to Zhao Yayan, “Tell my family I’ll be having dinner at your place tonight.”

Zhao Yayan replied quickly, “?”.

Lu Nian responded, “Do me this favor, and I’ll owe you one.”

Zhao Yayan replied, “OK.”

Straightforward and reliable.

Lu Nian knew that despite his usual casual talk, Zhao Yayan was dependable when it mattered.

He always kept his promises.

With Zhao Yayan’s help, Lu Nian was relieved.

After school, she didn’t have to go home and didn’t see the car Lu Zhihong always sent to follow her.

In late spring, dusk arrived later.

Lu Nian remembered his home address. However, Qin Si’s whereabouts were often unpredictable.

She didn’t really know much about his daily life and could only hope he was at home now.

After walking a distance from school and confirming no one noticed her, Lu Nian hailed a taxi and gave the driver Qin Si’s address.

Once she got out of the taxi, she walked faster and faster.

The evening wind blew her long hair, and by the time she reached his house, her face was a bit red.

She then raised her hand and rang the doorbell.

Her heart was pounding with anxiety.

No one answered.

Her heart sank, and she pressed the doorbell again.

“Ring, ring, ring, ring.”

The girl stood straight, her thin back rigid as she kept pressing the doorbell.

Finally, a boy’s voice came from inside, “I told you not to come.”

It sounded weaker than usual but was full of hostility.

Lu Nian had never heard him speak to her like that, and she froze on the spot.

Her stomach twisted in pain.

After he said that, there was no more sound at the door.

Qin Si instinctively felt something was wrong.

Despite his discomfort, he opened the door.

No one was there, but he saw a small figure crouched on the ground, head buried in her arms, long hair hanging down, making her shoulders look even thinner.

The boy stiffened immediately.

His voice was a bit hoarse, “I mistook you for someone else.”

His fingers pressed against the door frame, long and slender, turning pale from the pressure.

He never expected to see her at this time and place.

Lu Nian had guessed he had mistaken her for someone else.

She wasn’t overly sensitive about it. Sniffling, she didn’t wait to be invited in and followed him inside, muttering under her breath, “You’re so mean.”

He clearly heard her.

His back stiffened, but he said nothing.

The house was cold and empty, with almost no signs of life.

The living room lights were off, only a dim light coming from his bedroom.

He rasped out, “It’s just a cold.”

Lu Nian turned on the living room lights, finally illuminating the room, and she saw him clearly.

Qin Si had lost weight. His lips were paler than usual, almost bloodless, but his expression was as indifferent and composed as ever.

He was always like this, Lu Nian knew, ever since they were kids.

No matter how badly he was hurt, how much he was bleeding, he would stubbornly hide his wounds, licking them alone, never needing anyone’s sympathy or pity.

“There’s nothing wrong,” he said. “You’ve seen it, now go back.”

He hadn’t finished speaking when he winced, reflexively clutching his stomach, but quickly let go.

He didn’t want to show his weakness in front of her.

A soft, warm hand touched his forehead.

She quickly withdrew her hand, but it was enough for Lu Nian to feel his abnormal temperature.

It was high, but not so high as to make him this uncomfortable.

She noticed his small movements and became even more angry.

“You have less than a month until the college entrance exam,” Lu Nian was furious, her voice trembling. “How can you be so careless about your health?”

“How are you going to take the exam in this condition?” she asked, voice filled with concern.

She had tried her best not to bother him these past few days, just to avoid disturbing his preparation for the college entrance exam.

Long ago, when they first met, young Qin Si often got himself all bruised and battered.

But it had been a long time since she had seen him so weak since he grew up.

When they were kids, Qin Si wouldn’t let her get close, being both cold and fierce.

Now, at least they could be considered friends… right?

“You have to go to the hospital with me,” Lu Nian insisted. “If not the hospital, at least to a clinic.”

She had searched on her phone before coming, and there was a private clinic not far from his place.

“If you don’t go, I won’t leave your house.”

He probably just wanted her to leave quickly, didn’t want her staying at his place, so she decided to do the opposite.

The two stood in a standoff, silence enveloping them. Lu Nian could almost hear her own heartbeat.

After a long pause, he lowered his eyes, grabbed his keys, and Lu Nian breathed a sigh of relief, quickly changing her shoes to follow him out.

The doctor at the clinic was an elderly man with a kind face.

Lu Nian described his symptoms, and the doctor had Qin Si take his temperature and asked some routine questions.

With her by his side, Qin Si was noticeably reluctant to talk, giving short answers that Lu Nian found very dismissive.

Even so, what she heard made her expression worsen.

Five minutes later, the doctor took back the thermometer, checked the temperature, and carefully observed the boy.

“Did you have a high fever a few days ago? The fever has gone down, but the symptoms haven’t fully subsided. And this chronic gastritis—do you eat three regular meals a day?”

Qin Si didn’t respond but didn’t deny it either.

Lu Nian left the clinic with him and asked, “Do you have any food prepared at home?”

Qin Si replied, “Yes.”

Lu Nian insisted, “Then tell me, what do you have?”

Qin Si remained silent.

She had intentionally asked the doctor what foods were good for nourishing the stomach and replenishing energy.

At a time like this, she didn’t trust him to eat takeout; it was better to buy food from a proper place herself.

Qin Si’s voice was still hoarse as he said, “You can go home now. I’ll get myself something to eat.”

Lu Nian was displeased. “I’m not going home.”

“I’ve already told people and my family that I’m staying at a friend’s house tonight,” Lu Nian continued. “If I go back now, it’ll just be troublesome.”

She spoke matter-of-factly.

Qin Si lowered his eyelashes but said nothing.

In the evening breeze, his profile looked particularly refined, his expression indifferent as he quietly gazed into the distance.

“I’m hungry. Wait for me,” Lu Nian said. “It’ll only take a few minutes.”

She went into a porridge shop and ordered yam millet porridge, steamed eggs, tofu, all light and stomach-friendly foods.

She also bought a cup of hot ginger milk, not knowing what Qin Si liked to eat.

She wasn’t skilled at cooking, often burning porridge, so she had to buy something outside.

“I bought a bit extra, so we can eat together.” She pulled out a long receipt from her pocket and looked at Qin Si.

“I know you don’t want to accept my things. If you want to split the cost, you can pay me back whenever.”

Qin Si remained silent and took the bag from her, walking upstairs side by side.

Lu Nian sat opposite him at the table, resting her chin in her hand, supervising him as he ate.

“And don’t forget your medicine,” she said, smiling, her bright eyes curving into crescents, a lock of her dark hair falling against her pale cheek.

He averted his gaze, trying not to look at her.

Lu Nian didn’t notice. She grabbed the medicine. “Where’s the hot water?”

“We have cold water.”

Lu Nian was incredulous. “???”

There wasn’t even a cup of hot water in this house?

She wondered how Qin Si had managed to survive all these years without taking care of himself.

“Patients shouldn’t move around,” she said. Having been a patient for so long, this was her first time taking care of someone else.

Irritated, she went to boil a kettle of water, mixed it with cold water, and brought it over for him to take his medicine.

However, having been a pampered young lady for so long, her self-care skills had sharply declined.

When she brought the kettle over, her hand shook, spilling a large amount of water on the floor.

Feeling clumsy, she quickly glanced at Qin Si.

He had fallen asleep on the sofa, seemingly unaware. Lu Nian sighed in relief.

There was a puddle of water on the floor. If she didn’t clean it up, Qin Si would probably end up doing it.

She didn’t want to tell him and decided to mop it up quietly.

But as she tried to clean up, she accidentally slipped on the water and fell right into his lap.

Lu Nian was stunned, feeling his warm, somewhat rapid breaths on her neck, her hair swaying slightly.

She felt a tingling sensation, her blood rushing to her cheeks, leaving her feeling weak and helpless.

Qin Si, surprisingly, didn’t push her away immediately.

Perhaps he was too weak.

“Get up,” he said, his voice hoarse and dry.

“I can’t get up,” Lu Nian said, trying to stay calm. “My legs are numb from standing in line for too long.”

Qin Si was speechless.

Illness might weaken a person’s self-control.

When she fell into his lap, his first instinct was to push her away, but his body didn’t cooperate.

For a moment, he wanted to abandon all restraint, to indulge in a foolish dream.

But his remaining willpower pulled him back.

“Promise me you won’t go out to work during this time and will take good care of yourself,” Lu Nian said, leaning in closer. “Then I’ll get up.”

His handsome face was close at hand, his chin delicate and thin, his lips slightly flushed, perhaps from finally having some hot food, making them look particularly attractive.

He looked different from usual. Normally, he would sarcastically mock her, saying things she didn’t want to hear, or habitually shutting her and everyone else out.

Perhaps because he was ill, as she looked down at him now, the usually aloof and proud boy seemed somewhat embarrassed, averting his gaze, “Even if you didn’t say it, I would.”

Lu Nian was satisfied and finally got up.

She added, “And then, you have to accept the packages I send you, answer my calls, and you can repay me later. Okay?”

Seizing the opportunity, seeing him like this, she wondered if his fever had made him dizzy because he didn’t argue back at all.

Lu Nian was in a great mood.

As night fell and the streetlights came on, Zhao Yayuan sent her a message, “If you make me stall any longer, I’ll have to say you’re staying at my place.”

After reading the message, she quickly put her phone away.

She had no choice but to go back.

“I really don’t want to be at home,” she muttered, “but besides home, I have nowhere else to go.”

She looked at him with big eyes, full of suggestion, “Next time I run away, can I come here? Can I stay in that room again?”

She could have offered to pay rent but was afraid it would anger him, so she left that part out.

Mentioning that room, Lu Nian didn’t notice his sudden stiffness and unease.

Seeing that he wasn’t answering, Lu Nian suddenly felt uncomfortable.

She got angry and said, “I know, maybe you did something bad in that room, didn’t you?”

She planned to ask him about it later, no matter what.

In the dim light, the tips of his ears were already red.

With everything that had happened tonight, he felt like giving up, covering his eyes with his long fingers, unable to say a word.

Lu Nian couldn’t see his expression, but she noticed his silence.

It was rare to see Qin Si flustered, and for it to be because of something like this, her mood was particularly complex.

“Alright.” She said, “Then I’ll just…” If he wasn’t comfortable, if he didn’t want her to come, she’d let it go.

He suddenly tossed something to her.

The boy looked away, his voice still hoarse, awkwardly saying, “A spare key. If you don’t want it, you can throw it away.”

It was a key.

Lu Nian picked up the small object, turning it over and over, almost doubting her eyes.

She spoke with a hint of laughter, “Throwing keys around, aren’t you afraid someone random might pick it up?”

Qin Si pressed his lips together, his expression inscrutable.

Lu Nian feared he might really take the key back.

She didn’t dare tease him anymore, quickly pocketing the key, “Then I’m going! I’ll call you, and you must answer, or I’ll come over.”

She waved the key, her lips curving, “I can come in now anyway.”

Leaving Qin Si’s home, she felt unusually happy, clutching the small key in her hand, her lips unable to stop smiling.

She had received many expensive gifts.

But none made her as happy as this small key.

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