Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game
Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game Chapter 101

* * *

Splish. Splash.

Where Van’s aura had swept away, there was a pool of thick blood. Standing tall, Cadel slowly looked around.

Except for the temporary garrison he protected, nothing of its original form remained.

No houses, no farmland, no monsters.

What [River of the Dead] created was not a simple wave of blood. It was a kind of ‘super-large sword aura’ created by combining the blood and a large amount of aura that Van’s great sword had so far contained.

With no means of defense, there was no way the monsters could have survived such an attack unharmed. As proof, the devastated village was littered with their fallen limbs.


The admiration sprang out of his mouth. It was just overwhelming. He realized that it was one of his own subordinates who had created this spectacle.

Cadel was immersed in the afterglow left behind by Van, forgetting for a moment the time that was running out. Then, by his side, Garuel approached.

“That’s incredible. You’re not going to see a berserker of this caliber anywhere.”

“My subordinates are special.”

“By the way…….”

Garuel’s gaze turned to the outside of the village, which had become nothing but a wilderness.

“I wonder if the use of this technique was discussed in advance with my men.”

Cadel’s head snapped up in surprise.

Discussed in advance. Cadel also didn’t expect that Van, who said ‘I think I can do it now’ with shining eyes, would use [River of the Dead].

What if the Twilight Knight Order, exhausted from their battle with the monster legion, were caught in the crossfire? Cadel couldn’t speak easily with the worry that was creeping up on him, so Garuel spoke instead.

“That’ll be fine. Just as Sir Cadel trusts his subordinates, so do I.”

He turned away, a breezy smile spreading over his handsome face.

“There doesn’t seem to be any sign of more monsters coming. I’ll go check on my men.”

“Sure. I’ll see if any remnants survive.”

After a brief conversation, Garuel moved toward the outskirts of the village. Once he was completely out of sight, Cadel, breathing heavily, checked the system window.

「Time remaining 02 : 08 : 46」

‘2 hours.’

An unexpected attack by a monster legion. They spent nearly three hours defending the core from them. If they couldn’t destroy the core here, the fierce battle would be for naught.

Faced with that fact, his heart made an ominous beat. He felt sick to his stomach and heavy as if he were drowning in mud. The unfamiliar sensation that someone’s life depended on it, the burden of it. Most of all, he was breathing hard and fast.


Lumen, who had escaped from the garrison belatedly, called Cadel. As if nailed to the seat, Cadel’s gaze was extremely rigid.

“Why are you looking so pale and tired again?”

Almost reflexively, Lumen reached out and touched the corners of Cadel’s eyes. The warmth of his touch melted the stiff muscles, and Cadel’s shoulders rose and fell steadily.

“We don’t have much time left, and we’re just getting started.”

“Is that what makes you anxious?”

“Uh. I feel like I’m going to die of anxiety.”

“Look, Leader.”

The fingertips that stroked down Cadel’s cheek cupped his tiny chin. With a slight tug, Lumen lifted his chin, revealing his trembling eyes.

Always confident and outspoken, but with a hint of anxiety and agitation every now and then. Lumen didn’t hate it.

“Just don’t give up. As long as you can see the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re anxious, crying, or angry. It doesn’t matter.”

Cadel nodded, his face more relaxed than before. Lumen removed his hand from Cadel’s face and patted him gently on the rounded shoulder.

“That’s the kind of leader I want. Stop making ugly faces and go look outside. I’ll be guarding the garrison.”

* * *

Cadel had been patrolling near the temporary garrison for about ten minutes when he spotted Van.

Van, who had been walking slowly from afar as if wearing a sandbag, raised his head as soon as he heard Cadel’s voice.


His face, crumpled in pain, blossomed in an instant, and he sprinted to Cadel’s side as if he’d never been in trouble before.

“Commander, I did it! For the first time, this power…… No, I’ve got my powers at my disposal!”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it all. Nice work, Van.”

Great skill required a great price. The newly awakened Van would have had to endure a recoil as strong as the power of the [River of the Dead].

Nonetheless, he persevered through the pain. Cadel was very proud of that.

He pulled Van’s bloodied face to his and hugged him tightly. Van rolled his eyes in confusion at the unexpected hug.

“Com, Commander?”

“Thank you. For fighting for me.”

“……It’s a natural thing.”

Biting down on the corner of his lips that hesitantly lifted, Van rested his forehead on Cadel’s shoulder. Feeling the warmth of Cadel’s body, despite the uncomfortable position, he cautiously opened his mouth.

“Everything I have is for Commander, so feel free to use it however you want. You can make a mess of it if you want, all I ask is that…….”

A sincerity he wished he could convey now. It was something he hoped would reach Cadel someday.

But before he could even bare his heart out.

“Hmm, I can’t sleep because it’s so stuffy. Are you going to crush me to death, Cadel?”

Lydon, who had been in Cadel’s arms the entire time, suddenly poked his head out, and Cadel, who pushed Van away as if he’d just remembered, checked on his condition immediately.

“Ah, sorry. I forgot because you were too light.”

“That’s mean! You just broke my heart. Will you kiss me then?”

“Want to sleep forever? Get inside.”

Cadel shook his head as he shoved Lydon in without hesitation. And in front of him, Van, unable to hide his despair, gritted his teeth and muttered.

“I’ll deal with that nuisance someday…….”

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