Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game
Transmigrated into a Female-Oriented Card Game Chapter 153

「Quest success rate: 41%」

When the level of contribution rose so fast that it surpassed 40%.

“Mercenary Commander! Your subordinate is in a safe place. We’ll see to their condition as soon as the healers arrive, but let’s leave the gate to the knights. Now show me to the battalion captains.”

Sorin returned. By then, there were only six Red Men knocking on the gate. All had died at Cadel’s hands.

Sorin counted the corpses of the monsters that had been slaughtered in that short time. Of course, the magician was a talented person who specialized in wide-area skills, but it was especially remarkable that Cadel hadn’t done any damage to the gate in the process.

Magic aimed only at monsters perfectly. Even within the Empire, there were not many magicians who could have such fine control. Sorin’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly at the feeling of déjà vu again, but this time Cadel interrupted his thoughts.

“Sir Jeriel is near the magic circle, and Sir Dreyfe is to the east of the magic circle. I’m going to go to the magic circle where my subordinate is, so I need you to get Sir Dreyfe first.”

Cadel pointed in Dreyfe’s direction, and without looking back, he headed for the magic circle. Hastily melting the slippery ice, he stumbled a few times but never stopped running.

When he reached the front of the magic circle, there was a chill in the air that made it difficult to breathe and a powerful demonic energy.

The harsh blizzard and demonic energy mixed together to make it hard to see. Covering his face with his arms, Cadel tried to make out Lydon in the harsh conditions. But his fairy was nowhere to be seen. He caught glimpses of what he assumed was Sellev’s silhouette, but that was it.

“Now that it’s time to die, do you finally feel the need to hide? You f*cking fairy…….”

Sellev’s voice drifted closer and closer. Cadel realized he was in danger of being seen, but he didn’t back down. For now, he’d rather have Sellev’s attention on him.

But just then.


Without warning, something stepped out of the blizzard and grabbed Cadel by the waist. In an instant, he was on his feet. Reflexively holding his breath, Cadel’s vision filled with a familiar face.

“Ly, Lydon?”

Cadel’s eyes widened in horror as he took in the sight of a face covered in blood, and the body that held him tightly was covered in a thick layer of ice, completely devoid of body heat. Cadel panicked and cupped Lydon’s cold cheek, but Lydon didn’t respond to his gentle touch.

“Lydon, are you okay? Leave me down for now and go through the gate alone. The healers are on their way, so why don’t you go to Van and……. Lydon?”

Lydon’s gaze never left Cadel. Still no words, no familiar smile, and suddenly Cadel realized something was wrong.

His glassy eyes refused to see anything, including Cadel, and his flying altitude was unstable. He was flying blindly, holding on to Cadel as if possessed by something, even though he could have fallen at any moment.

‘Don’t tell me his consciousness is…….’

Cadel’s eyes twitched briefly.

Lydon had reached his limit. Unable to move or fight anymore, he sensed Sellev’s approach and summoned the last of his energy to protect Cadel.

His heart pounded heavily. Lydon’s wings slowed, and they were falling closer and closer to the ground, and Cadel spotted Sellev following them.

“Do you dare to leave this body behind? I will never let you go until you die in my hands. Tear them side by side!”

She, too, was covered in wounds, and while she was by no means unharmed, she was still in full force as she chased after Lydon.

Cadel clutched Lydon’s shoulders tightly as he leaned in, feeling the thick killing intent from Sellev’s body. The smell of blood close by, the faintest hint of breath. The thick aura of death continued to stir Cadel. The sight of Van’s face slumped in Sellev’s hands and the clouded eyes of the unconscious Lydon, pounding relentlessly at something within him, trying to awaken him.

“Who’s killing who right now…….”

Murderous intent.

He had never felt anything like it before, a creepy intensity that made his blood boil.

“You’re the one who’s going to die, *sshole.”

* * *

“What the hell is this magic…….”

Sorin succeeded in rescuing Dreyfe and Jeriel, who were protected by the wind and ice barriers, respectively. Given the critical condition of the battalion captains, he immediately handed them over to his men who were nearby. They were about to enter the battle against Sellev when the sky suddenly darkened.

In an instant, a dark cloud covered the sky. Thick thunderbolts struck from within, scattering the formation of the monster’s army.

Even though the thunderbolts seemed at first glance to fall indiscriminately, they completely missed the allies. Allies were never struck by lightning unless they deliberately jumped into the trajectory. That alone was amazing.

“How can he single-handedly create such a huge magic…….”

In the center of the battlefield, a great pillar of fire, reminiscent of a dragon’s breath, swirled. Lightning wrapped around the flexible body of the fire dragon as it discharged electricity all around it. Blinding flashes and searing heat filled the battlefield.

[Thunderflame Dragon]

The magic spell that drew all of Cadel’s mana attributes was firmly holding Sellev.

The dragon’s contorted body surrounded her, and as she glided high above the attack, the dragon closed in on her. She toyed with her opponent, overwhelmingly outmatched by any attack, but she could not break free from the pressure of the sprawling currents and fire dragon.

Sellev was perplexed. Her agitation was felt even by Sorin, who stood far away. Although she was the enemy, it was a completely understandable feeling.

‘What an amazing murderous intent.’

The glide of the fire dragon through the air, the ripple of the electric current, the massive explosion that scarred the tail of its trajectory. All of these attacks were directed at the one and only Sellev. It was a maniacal relentlessness, a frighteningly chilling momentum. The fire dragon opened its jaws to devour her, and with each blow, a thunderous roar rumbled through the air.

It was a sickening sight. The vastness of the current and the intensity of the heat made it impossible to make a rash approach, a battle in which even the most accomplished knight could not find an opening.


Sorin’s eyes flicked downward, momentarily distracted by the air fight between Sellev and the dragon, to find the dragon’s master, the mercenary commander, and behind him, an unconscious fairy. At first glance, he appeared to be in urgent need of medical attention, but he was within the range of the fire dragon and would be difficult to remove.

‘Did he have no choice but to occupy the middle of the battlefield to protect the fairy from Sellev?’

No one was able to throw themselves into the fire dragon’s range. The mercenary commander didn’t seem to be able to afford to protect the fairy and attack Sellev at the same time, so it seemed best to stay put and keep her tied down so she can’t target him.

‘Keeping them in the middle of the battlefield also severely limits their mobility.’

If so, he would have to help the mercenary commander get the fairy away. The only way to do that was to cut through the fire dragon and move the fairy outside the gate. Making his decision, Sorin quickly drew his longsword.

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    Here we go again, MC is going berserk, imagine if all elements abilities are opened won’t that be OP?

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    “Who’s killing who right now…”
    “You’re the one who’s going to die ***hole.”

    YOOOOOO HERE WE GOoooo hot, feral, “dont ever mess with me or my bf squad” Cadel is being served for LUNCH!!!! EAT IT UP EAT IT UP
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    Lydon grabbing Cadel to protect him is just….


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